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Map Key
  • 1: House Gauntyl Villa (Residence; A,2 with A,1)
  • 2: Myrna Cassalanter's Residence (Residence; A,2)
  • 3: House Eltorchul Villa & Academy (Residence; A,3 with A,2 + two A,1)
  • 4: House of Wonder (Temple; A,5 with two A,3)
  • 5: House Zulpair Villa (Residence; A,3 with A,3 + B,2)
  • 6: House Nesher Villa (Residence; A,2 + A,1 with B,1)
  • 7: Hlethvagi Anteo's Home (Residence; A,5)
  • 8: House Eirontalar Villa (Residence; two A,2 with B,2)
  • 9: Tespergates, House Tesper Villa (Residence; A,3 with two A,2 + B,1)
The Gem of the North
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  • House Gauntyl Villa (1): A house of mercenary lords, miners and expolorers, the fine villa of House Gauntyl shows its wealth with fine marble exteriors and statuary on the grounds. Lady Thicia is regarded as a lady of great taste, and she uses her house's villa to show that off to great effect, refusing to allow her life to be defined by the fighting and rough-necking her blood make their fortune from.
  • Myrna Cassalanter's Residence (2): To many, the arch socialite Myrna Cassalanter might be considered a sage - though unlike so many ink-fingered dust-beards, Myrna is the very height of fashion and at the center of any and all social functions of note. Her knowledge of Waterdeep's history, noble lineages, heraldry and (most important of all) knowledge of what the current rumors, scandals and gossip entail make her a powerful ally indeed.
  • House Eltorchul Villa & Academy (3): The Eltorchul family villa is not simply their residence - it is also the academy of a small collection of wizardly apprentices. Focusing on teaching the well-to-do and noble scions the wielding of wizardry, the Eltorchuls have established a fine reputation for their wizardry. While only one of the buildings of this villa (the westernmost one, with the view of the House of Wonder), its operations spill over into the whole of the villa, usually, in some way or another.
  • House Zulpair Villa (5): Shipping magnates and only very recently ennobled (1310 DR), the Zulpairs have only now begun to display some of the typical arrogance of Waterdhavian highnoses. Their home is directly south of the House of Wonder, with high forbidding walls surrounding it. House Zulpair is known to donate generously to Umberless' Cache every year.
  • House Nesher Villa (6): The foresters of House Nesher have a fine villa made almost wholly of duskwood lumber, lending the whole place a certain air of menace with its iron-like dark grey wood (though it is cheered significantly with its forest-green painted accents). On nights of the full moon, however, there is little as lovely as the Nesher villa, which seems to almost glow with silver luminescence. In their small easternmost building is the household mews, where their finest hawks are bred and raised.
  • Hlethvagi Anteos' Home (7): A somewhat antisocial man, Hlethvagi is a known warehouse-operator, carter and moneylender from his offices in the South Ward. The fat, wispy-bearded Hlethvagi is the sort of noble that Waterdhavian society hates: the ones that make the rest of them look bad. His home provides no such embarassment, however, as it is just as lavish as any of its neighbors.
  • House Eirontalar Villa (8): Sneeringly referred to as "Rangerhold" by Waterdhavian nobles, the villa itself is modest - large, and clearly once quite lavish, but there has obviously not been much effort to keep that up. With the exception of a few of the younger family members, the Eirontalars don't make much effort to merge with the highnoses of the city, so their villa is very nearly never host to galas or parties of any kind.
  • Tespergates, House Tesper Villa (9): Though they oft throw open their gates for big parties not just to their fellow nobles, but also to the common folk and outlanders, everyone knows better than to accept, for Tespergates is well and truly haunted. The tale of the two Tesper sisters who grew up learning magic in a family that hated it and killed them for their fear. Of course, the Tespers are beyond such small-minded fear today.


The House of Wonder
  • House of Wonder (4): Temple to Mystra. The ornate tower for the faithful of Mystra with her holy symbol in mosaics in the courtyard (the eight-spoked starburst surrounds the tower, which sits in the center of the symbol). Located just off Flint Street, Pharra's Alley nearby is named for the first high priestess of the temple. The House of Wonder was erected in 1215 DR.


  • Pharra's Alley: It is not uncommon to see apprentice mages from around the city carousing and socializing, often showing off their latest tricks, hoping to impress the priests of the House of Wonder nearby. It is also notorious for the Circle of Skulls, a group of nine outward-facing human skulls that occasionally manifest and either speak important secrets aloud or simply unleash fiery spells on passers-by. To this day, no one know what the manifestation is.