Old Wolf Glade

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Old Wolf Glade
An old elm tree growing up out of a slightly elevated bit of terrain, made up of glacial-push boulders tumbled together and overgrown with vines and plants. The tree's lower half is pale and scratched, its bark sheared off by the claws of wolves digging at and marking the trunk of the tree. At the base of the tumble is an old wolf's den (currently home to the Astoria Basin Wolf Pack), with ample space for even a very large pack, and no less than two exits aside from the main entrance.
Locus •
Resonance: Wolf
• Touchstone: The pale bark of the claw-torn elm trunk.
Influence: The Old Wolf's Glades influence extends just a dozen yards or so, mostly within the natural glade of trees.
Spirits: The Serpent in the Elm, a serpent, seemingly made of vines, which reacts peaceably to the few it allows to see it. The Wolf Elm, the spirit of the elm is clearly old enough to be its own entity, although it seems largely quiescent. Wolf Spirits, at night, the stealthy movement of local wolf spirits can be seen through the surrounding underbrush.
• The sudden, disconcerting smell of blood, accompanied by mouth-watering, as though it were the finest hunger-inducing scent ever experiences.
• The sense of being watched from the shadows by stealthy predators constantly circling, circling.
• On nights where the moon is visible, the sound of many wolves howling.

Spirit Glade: In addition to being a locus, the clearing is also a Glade, a place of natural peace and positive emotion where violence is difficult to enact, requiring a Resolve check to fight or even argue and inflicting –2 to all attack rolls to those who succeed (-3 for spirits). Defenders gain +2 to defense or Resistance traits. Requires a site of natural perfection and peacefulness to form.
Warner Pelt, Astoria Basin Wolf Pack