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So I'm thinking long sword of warning.

My mentor was gifted it when he became a full knight in silver by the elf Ilimatar Moonshield.

My adventures took me to the vault of sages to learn more about its history.

Thirty of these swords were made by Jahanadra of Myth Drannor for a task force of rangers and wardens combating xxx known for their stealth and damage resistance.

Collectively the thirty swords are known as Aegimista'kerym which in Espruar means "the swords of the forest guardians"


  • Joe: I dig it! I went ahead and filled in some of those blanks.

And then also thinking that the vault was a buzz with the black staff apprentices which lead me to go there because where better could I preserve the art.

  • Joe: Perfect, yes.

Also the full plate dc 18 everbright treated and shield+2ac • Disadvantage on stealth • Does that reduce movement at all?

  • Joe: It does not reduce movement, no.

Also I think I'm sold on mystran hex.

  • Joe: Yeah, it's a pretty solid choice.

So looked through phb and tackled the equipment. I'm open to suggestions. Really I got basics plus finery pot o heal and holy water.


Tails deck- begin Reliquary (star of seven) silver star containing a lock of Mystra's hair (reportedly) Chain shirt -apprenice gear Long sword - apprentice gear Shield sigil of Mystra enameled onto it Long sword of warning - uncommon magic/ gifted at knight hood Everbright full plate - knighthood benifit Warhorse Chain barding Explorers pack

650gp 3 sets fine clothes 45gp 1 costume (snow tiger masquerade) 10gp 2 travelers clothes 4gp Healers kit 5gp Holy water 8 flasks 200gp Ink and book selection of pens 35gp Potion of healing 6 300gp Signet ring of silvery moon 5gp Sealing wax 1gp