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Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)
Love & Respect
Resident Advisor: Stella Jalo. An Astoria local, the widow of an APD cop killed in the line of duty. Everyone in the ATOs calls her "Mama J," and she's widely regarded as the coolest and most chill of the Greek society RAs. She's also the first
Members: 19 (4 seniors, 5 juniors, 4 sophomores)
Chapter President: Deacon Alders. Engineering Major (Senior), Baseball player. Deacon's known around campus as kind of stuck-up dick, but also as someone who takes the running of the ATOs very seriously, and does his job well.
Standing Members: Bradley Humes, Brody Higgins, Caleb Huffman, Sebastian King, Tyler Doress, Carter Smythe, Justin Baratiak, Eric Clasen, Roger Vinings
New Members: Henry Mulgrew, Kaleb Jackson, Scott Garcia Torres, Emett Lahey, Pieter Kostina, Nick Marchant, Eddy Tsung
House: ATO House, Greek Row, University of Astoria
Status: Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)
New Chapter Brother (•): You are new to your chapter, if not the fraternal organization as a whole. You gain a bonus equal to the dots in this Merit to all social rolls with worldwide members of the fraternity who know you are a member, both students and alumni.

Standing Chapter Member (••): You have been part of your chapter for a while, and are regarded as a good and upstanding member of that chapter. Your time with the fraternity puts you in good contact with other Greek Societies on campus. You gain one dot of Allies (Greek Society).
Chapter President (•••): You are a leader in your chapter, acting as its president and representing it to the larger fraternal body as a whole. You are in touch with an impressive array of useful individuals, in the form of both your brothers, other fraternity members and alumni. You gain the Fixer Merit.
Board Member (••••): You sit on the fraternal board of operations. Most members who reach this status are alumni. As a member of the governing body of the ATO, you know a wide variety of useful individuals in many walks of life. You gain three dots of Contacts to reflect these friends.
Fraternity Chairman (•••••): You are the chairman of the fraternity board of operations. Your position has won you a number of benefits. Good business deals seem to fall into your lap, increasing your Resources by one dot (though not higher than ••••). Additionally, you also gain two dots of Allies to reflect influential people who owe you favors.

The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity (or "Aytoes" in school lingo) have made their place in the university's Greek society history, though probably not for the reason they wanted. It was an ATO who committed suicide the first year of the chapter's existence, leading the university to revising the charters for all their Greek societies to require Resident Advisors in each of the Houses. Under the current president, the ATOs have worked hard to redeem that reputation with public works, although a recent tragedy at the Bonfire Party has dealt the chapter another setback in terms of their reputation. Already people are starting to whisper about the "ATO Curse".


The ATOs have a reputation as housing athletes and engineers. The majority of their membership play on sports teams, and they have the reputation as the "jock" fraternity on campus. As such, they've got an accompanying reputation as the "rough and tumble" guys, and a (mostly) undeserved reputation as bullys and assholes.

Rush Events

For Rush, the ATOs often sponsor big kitchen walk-through buffet dinners, and laid-back parties. They are also the ones to usually organize sporting events - usually pitting their membership against that of other fraternities - with free admission as events.

Winter Rush 2013

kitchens to buffet-style dining, inviting those who are interested (and anyone else, really) to show up for some good free food while it lasts.

  • Graffiti Party: Friday, Jan 11th. A mixer where everyone shows up in simple white t-shirts and similar clothing, and markers are provided aplenty, with the goal being to get others to mark up one's shirt - phone numbers, flirtatious comments, etc.
  • Movie Night: A projection movie set-up is put together in the Activity Room, showing recent movies all night. Popcorn and beer are available.
  • Court Hockey Night: A night where the ATO hosts a court hockey game against one of the other fraternities. This year it is facing down Pi Kappa Alpha.
  • Kegs & Eggs Party: A part where "admission" is an unprepared breakfast food of some kind - usually eggs, loaves of bread, bacon and the like. The goal is to stay up all night partying, and then cook a massive breakfast as the sun comes up.
  • Basketball Night: A night where the ATO hosts a basketball game against another fraternity. This year they are faced off against Delta Omicron Sigma.
  • Redneck Ball: A costume ball, where everyone is expected to show up in their "redneck best." Cheap beer and terrible country music feature.
  • Mardi Gras Fund Raiser: A fund raiser where anyone can buy lengths of beads at the door for $5 a pop. Those beads are then supposed to be "traded" throughout the night (and while the fraternity doesn't officially endorse any displays of nakedness in order to facilitate such trades...).
  • Greek Row Open House: The last two weeks of Winter Rush, the Greek Row houses are open from 10am to 8pm, encouraging anyone interested to drop by and visit the houses. The goal here is twofold: to see them in their normal day-to-day operation (although they are always cleaner than usual), and to submit a petition to be accepted into that fraternity. Members of the fraternity are expected to work in two-man shifts during these Open House hours, showing guests around and answering questions they may have.


President (Status •••)

Deacon Alders
Chapter President (Status •••); Engineering Major (Senior); Baseball
Deacon is a senior who is the current president of the fraternity. He's well-known as one of the baseball team's best players. As fraternity president, he has a large room to himself.
Season One: Though he's got a (well earned) reputation as a douchecanoe, he's proven to be a valiant supporter of Stella in the wake of the Bonfire Night. He's been at the periphery of a lot of the supernatural goings-on at the University.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 1 & 2), University of Astoria (Student Center, Athletics Center, Innis Hall, Library)

Standing Members (Status ••)

Bradley Humes
Brother (Status ••); Athletics Major (Senior), Baseball
Boisterous and the unquestioning leader of the fraternity's partiers, Bradley is the sort who was obviously born for the Greek life. He is a second-generation ATO, and his father contributed a fat portion of funding that paid for the ATO house's furnishings (something he never lets anyone forget).
Season One: Bradley led the small clique of baseball players who contributed to making Danny's life hell.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 8), University of Astoria (Athletics Center, Main Quad, Other frat houses), Crossroads
Brody caleb.jpg
Brody Higgins & Caleb Huffman
Brothers (Status ••); Currently General Science Majors (3rd Year Seniors); UofA Republicans, Social Gaming Club
Brody and Caleb are childhood friends that are rarely ever seen apart from each other. They spend most of their time on the couch in the ATO house watching television or playing video games. They are both third generation ATO and third year seniors having attended Wayne State University in Detroit, MI prior to transferring to UofA when it first began enrollment. They have changed their majors seven times since they began college and their parents don't seem to mind continuing to float the bill so long as they retain their ATO family pedigree.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Rooms 3 & 4), University of Astoria (Student Center, Library, Richmond Science Center, Athletics Center)
Sebastian King
Brother (Status ••); Biology (Pre-Med, Junior), Soccer, Track and Field.
Sebastian's parents are major donors to the UofA and frequent guests at university functions. Sebastian is expected to follow in their philanthropic footsteps and is President of UofA's Student Council. His own interests run toward food, and he is a master barbecuer. He also organizes competitive eating events on campus, the chief of which is this year's third annual Blazing BBQ Bacon Burger Apocalypse.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 12), University of Astoria (Student Center, Richmond Science Center, Athletics Center)
Tyler doress.jpg
Tyler Doress
Brother (Status ••); Engineering Major (Junior); Ballroom Dancing Club, Habitat for Humanity, Bowling Club
Tyler transferred to UofA from PSU last year. He is highly sociable but tends to be a quiet observer more than a contributor. He is a very active participants in the clubs he belongs to and always eager to lend a helping hand in fraternity events. He maintains a perfect 4.0 GPA, though he is rarely ever seen studying. Tyler has a girlfriend named Jin Ae that he has been dating long distance for six years. She lives in Korea and they met through World of Warcraft.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 7), University of Astoria (Student Center, Library, Innis Hall)
Carter Smythe
Brother (Status ••); Engineering Major (Sophomore); Cross Country, Rugby, Wrestling (Captain)
Carter is a young former Eagle Scout who is attending university partially on a Scouting scholarship. He's an upstanding young man: a star rugby player and wrestler, good at academics, a faithful church-goer who does work with service organizations like Habitat For Humanity during his summers. He also helps run the campgrounds for the local Boy Scouts, as well. Carter was thrilled when Warner, someone from his old troop who'd been (to his mind) unfairly removed from the Scouts, showed up at the university, and they've struck up a tentative friendship again. Since Henry's passing, Carter has become the new wrestling team captain.
Season One: Carter came to be a minor rival for Henry, competing against him for the role of wrestling captain.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 21), University of Astoria (Student Center, Library, Innis Hall, Athletics Center)
Justin baratiak.jpg
Justin Baratiak
Brother (Status ••); Athletics Major (Sophomore); Baseball, Cross Country
Justin juggles working full time for the Astoria Trolley and a full load of courses on top of baseball and cross country. This being the case, he has precious little spare time. He lives in a tiny off campus apartment with his aunt. He frequently spends what little free time he can find at the ATO House where he decompresses with his friends or studies in the frequently abandoned study hall.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 11), University of Astoria (Athletic Center), Crosswalk Apartments, Astoria Trolley (work).
Eric Clasen
Brother (Status ••); Mechanical Engineering Major (Sophomore); Rugby, Coast Guard ROTC
Eric is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree under a Coast Guard ROTC scholarship. Absolutely mad for Rugby he decided on the University of Astoria so that he could play and not have to leave the Oregon Coast to go to college. Eric seems to split his time between studying, partying at the ATO house, and working out at the Athletic center.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 13), University of Astoria (Athletic Center, Innis Hall).
Roger Vinings
Brother (Status ••); Computer Major (Freshman); Swim Team
Though the frat house nominally has maintenance to deal with such things, Roger immediately took up that responsibility when he was inducted into the ATO last year. Though this is his second year as a freshman, he started in Winter term last year, and rushed the frat that term.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 24), University of Astoria (Innis Hall, Athletics Center).
Pieter Kostina
Brother (Status •); Agriculture & Business Dual Major (Freshman)
The nephew of an ATO alum who worked to get the young man in the fraternity, Pieter grew up in Volgograd, Russia. Though he is bilingual, his speech is still somewhat heavily accented - he's only been in the United States since his senior year in high school. He's bright, if a little shy.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 17), University of Astoria (Delphis Hall, Columbia Hall), his uncle's house in Portland, OR.

New Members (Status •)

Kaleb Jackson
Brother (Status •); Marine Biology Major (Sophomore); Swim team, Coast Guard ROTC
Known throughout the frat house as "Grumpy Cat" for his general demeanor and bad attitude, Kaleb goes through life with a glare on his face. Though he doesn't have many immediate friends in the frat or out of it, he is dedicated to it as a whole - unsurprising given the fact that his father is ATO as well, and donated about half of the funds used to furnish the downstairs.
Season One: A trouble-maker to his core, Kaleb has been revealed to be a homophobe, a potential date-rapist, and in general, a hell of an asshole.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 14), University of Astoria (MERTS Campus, Patriot Hall, Richmond Science Center).
Scott Garcia Torres
Brother (Status •); English and Music Major (Sophomore), Wrestling, Boxing, Dance.
A California transplant, Scott is a driven young man who keeps busy athletically and academically. His frat brothers see him as a withdrawn and taciturn tough guy, but he is actually a brony who is afraid to come out to his frat. He is an aspiring playwright and musical writer who keeps his scripts of musical vignettes for the ponies a closely guarded secret published online under the pseudonym Hoof Cadence.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 23), University of Astoria (Towler Hall, Alder Hall, Athletics Center)
Emmett Lahey
Brother (Status •); Major Undeclared (Sophomore); Swim Team, Rugby
Emmett has come close to declaring his major several times, vacillating from Communications to Philosophy to Linguistics, but he hasn't settled yet. He's a Portlander whose parents died while he was a teenager, and he often returns to his aunt's winery for the weekend, bringing friends along for the trip. He sometimes eschews his studies in favor of coastal owling and feels more comfortable in the woods because a childhood accident left him with severe claustrophobia. He shares his adjoining bathroom with Scott Garcia Torres.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 22), University of Astoria (Athletics Center)
Nick Marchant
Brother (Status •); Undeclared Major (Freshman); Wrestling
Another freshman who is part of the fraternity because his father was, Nick always seems a bit overwhelmed at the university experience. Though he's got something of a reputation as a bit of a follower, he's also a great guy to have around at parties. For some reason, he also seems to have quite a way with the ladies.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 19), University of Astoria (Richmond Science Center, Towler Hall, Student Center).
Eddy Tsung
Brother (Status •); Education Major (Freshman); Cross Country, Baseball
An Astoria local, Eddy has a half-assed intention of becoming a high school teacher, but is far more interested in his athletics program, hoping to find a place in professional baseball at some point.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (Room 20), University of Astoria (Athletics Center, Kant Hall), his family home in the Alameda/WestLex neighborhood of Astoria.

Pledges (Status 0)


Fraternity House Staff

Stella Jalo
Den Mother
The resident advisor, Stella is a local who oversees the part-time cleaning and cooking staff, and acts as a "den mother" for the boys of the ATO.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House (RA's Rooms), Kaffe
Jimeno "Jimmy" Levya
Assistant Cook at the ATO Frat House
Jimmy is the dinner cook and Steve's backup guy. He is a young guy in his early twenties and were it not for the difference of stations and life situations he could easily be mistaken for one of the fraternity boys.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, his City Center apartment (shared with a roommate)
Julie Anderson
34 year old brunette, Astoria native. Julie runs her own housecleaning business. In addition to a handful of elderly Astorians and rental properties Julie cleans the ATO chapter house every Monday and Thursday. Julie is single and industrious with a matter of fact and professional demeanor. She's one of those people who it's hard to imagine what they're like outside of work.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, any number of businesses and residences, her Navy Heights house
Deloris "Lori" Miller
Assistant Chef at the ATO Frat House
A 30 year old mother Lori typically works cooking three days a week in the evenings unless Steve or Jimmy need more time off.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, her City Center apartment.
Steve Reader
Head Chef at the ATO Frat House
Chef Steve is a former line cook and Harley rider. He is in his mid thirties with a broad muscular physic and tattoos. Steve cooks breakfasts each morning, plans the menus, and does some of the shopping. Steve is also working on building a catering business and typically doesn't work evenings.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, his Warrenton apartment


Dan Montoya
History Major (Sophomore); Cross Country, Basketball
Dan was very gregarious and made a point of getting to know just about everyone that he encountered on anything like a regular basis. He was also the go-to guy for brothers who were having problems with history or writing work in general. Dan lost his life after being bitten by a wolf at the Bonfire event, and two days of subsequent fever.
Henry Mulgrew
Brother (Status •); Mass Communications Major (Junior); Wrestling, Cross-Country & Rugby
Henry was killed in the middle of Fall Term, struck by a car while he was intoxicated in Warrenton.