House Daytower

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House Daytower
Ever We Watch
Status: Minor (Status 4)
Seat: The Daytower
Current Lord: Lord Meribald Daytower
Current Lady: Marsella Daytower
Realm: Dorne
Heir: Allyria Daytower
Liege: Lord Angelo Deltario
Cadet Branch: House Daytower of Widow's Rest
Vassals: None
Maester: None
Ancestral Weapon: None
Founder: Unknown
Founded: Andal Invasion
House Traits
Defense: 19 (9 Unspent)
Influence: 21
Lands: 32 (3 Unspent)
Law: 15
Population: 13
Power: 37 (3 Unspent)
Wealth: 21 (3 Unspent)

The oldest and arguably most loyal of House Deltario's bannermen, House Daytower are best known for their command of the Daytower, a massively tall watchtower-lighthouse on the western coast of the Sea of Dorne. Once, the head of the household bore the title "Knight of the Daytower". Their current liege, Lord Angelo Deltario, convinced Sunspear to raise his Bannerman to that of a minor Lord.


  • House Fortune Rolls: -1D3; (-5 Law; +1 Food Agriculture; +1 Timber)
    • Wealth Increases: +1; Population Decreases: -1 (Reduced)

Wavepeak Hills

Smelling of the salt air and the nearby sound of waves crashing against the shore, the olive-heavy Wavepeak Hills are well-named. The land slopes downward sharply toward the sea, so that standing on nearly any of the hilltops results in a fine view of the ocean nearby. A stream flows down from out of the nearby mountains, often seeing timber barges laden with the valuable woods from Cedar Vale. It has two estates: Daytower Strand, where the Daytower itself is, and Eliath Crossing. (Hills; Coast, Grasslands, Stream; Lands: 12 pts)

  • The Daytower: Tower. The Daytower is a tremendously old watchtower-lighthouse, warning of the many off-shore piles and hidden shallows that can tear apart those ships whose captains do not know what to look for. (Defense: 10 pts)
  • Olive Harvesting: Food Agriculture Estate Holding. The peoples of Wavepeak Hills have cultivated and harvested olives for many, many years, and provide their goods to much of northern and eastern Dorne. (Wealth: 5 pts)
  • The Daytower Fleet: Veteran Warships (x2). The Daytower Fleet is an old and traditional force maintained by the Lighthouse Knights. The fleet at current boasts ten fully functional warships, two of which remain at the Daytower, three of which remain at Dawn's Point and the other five of which are either on patrol or in drydock. The flagship of the Daytower Fleet is //The Vigil//. (Power: 24 pts)
  • The Lighthouse Horse Archers: Veteran Light Horse. A force of twenty horse archers tend to patrol the lands of House Daytower and are ready at all times to answer the call of their liege lords. Agility 4, Marksman 4, Animal Handling 3 / Discipline 3, Defense 7, AR:2 / F4 M5L (Power: 10 pts)

Cedar Vale

Tucked away in the moutains between the shore and the Boneway is Cedar Vale, a mountain valley that nestles in it a small wood of cedars, stubby oak, pines and rarer trees (such as pistachios, cinnabar and olives). Protected from severe weather by the mountains on all sides of it, it receives plenty of rain from those clouds that blow in off the ocean. (Mountains; Light Woods, Stream; Lands: 13)

  • Cedar and Pine Lumber: Timber Estate Holding + Lumber Mill Improvement. The ample cedar and pine trees of the Cedar Vale provide a brisk living for its several estates. The domain maintains a series of lumber mills along the stream that leads down to the Wavepeak Hills and thence to the ocean as well. (Wealth: 10 pts)

Dawn's Point

  • Townhouse: Townhouse Lifestyle Wealth Holding. House Daytower maintains a well-appointed townhouse in Dawn's Point, the seat of House Deltario. This provides them the opportunity to be near their liege lords regularly without imposing on their hospitality. (Wealth: 2)

Members of the House

  • Lord Meribald Daytower: Lord of the Daytower. Golden-haired and moving towards fat, Lord Meribald is well-regarded as a charitable and goodly man. He is also humorously notorious for his clumsiness, frequently not paying attention to his environs; fortunately, he is very good natured about it. Though Lord Meribald may be mediocre with blade, shield and lance, he is an incredible sailor and ship captain. (43 years)
  • Marsella Daytower: A crofter's daughter who won Lord Meribald's affection, Marsella is a heart-faced beauty who is unfortunately deeply common - she is fond of coarse humor and is often scolded by her husband and daughter alike for picking at and biting her nails. She tends to just laugh off their shock. Nonetheless, she runs a fine household. (36 years)
  • Allyria Daytower: Black of hair and temper, Allyria is a beautiful young woman with her eye set on high prospects: the young lord of House Deltario. A lover of music, she can often be heard whistling some snatch of music or another while tending to her tasks. Allyria is frequently embarrassed by her mother's unrelenting commonness, and doesn't hesitate to scold her in such situations (although never when her father or uncle are around). (17 years)
  • Wynton Daytower: A short boy for his age, Wynton has his father's sandy-blonde hair. Known for his (sometimes too blunt) honesty, Wynton is a squire for Ser Banmund Skye, a knight in service to House Deltario and Master-at-Arms at Dawn's Point Castle. Unfortunately, that is a problem - the boy can barely restrain his dislike for animals, particularly horses. (14 years)
  • Minisa Daytower: Dark haired, but with a ruddy complexion she inherited from her father, Minisa is an intelligent girl, driven by a desire for learning. She has wrung all the education she can out of her kin, and has begun to insist to come along to trips to Dawn Point in order to harass the maester there. Unfortunately, Minisa's face, neck and chest is quite scarred from a childhood pox. (10 years)
  • Melesa Daytower: Little Melesa, delicate of frame, is Hosue Daytower's youngest girl. She has only recently discovered the existence of other religions besides that of the Seven, and routinely proclaims herself to worship those gods, as well, even though she doesn't really know anything about them. (6 years)
  • Cortnay Daytower: A wee, red-faced toddler, Cortnay is usually bruised or banged up, thanks to already demonstrating his father's lack of awareness with his environs. (2 years)
  • Ser Gormon Daytower: Brown-haired and handsome, with a lightly-bearded square jaw, Ser Gormon has always been a lady's man. Just arrogant enough to draw the eye of women who like that kind of thing, but a generous lover, Ser Gormon always intended to simply serve his House as Master-at-Arms and take paramours where he found them. Recently, though, an unexpected pregnancy with an innkeep's daughter has swayed his mind, ending in a quick marriage to the young woman, who has just now come to join the household. (37 years)
  • Walda Daytower: The innkeeper's daughter, now well-rounded with child, is an olive-skinned beauty, a true Sandy Dornishwoman. Though squeamish around blood and somewhat oblivious of her surroundings, she is a hard worker, and a boon to Marsella. She and the mistress of the House have become fast friends, and both are quite looking forward to the birthing. (21 years)
  • Ser Mortimer Daytower, the Hammer of Dawn: A knight of House Deltario, the youngest brother of Lord Meribald and Ser Gormon, who now resides as the master of the castle Widow's Rest. (28 years)

Retainers of the House

  • Septa Rylene: A pale slip of a woman, Septa Rylene has helped raise House Daytower's young for more than thirty years. Inevitably followed by one or more of the House hounds, Rylene is quite the chatterbox, always with a sweet-intentioned word to everyone she meets, doling out compliments and well-wishes to adults, and candied ginger pieces and pats on the head to children.


  • Ascent: +5 Inf, +3 Lands, +2 Power, +2 Wealth
  • Madness: -2 Defense, -6 Influence, -2 Lands, -3 Law, -6 Pop, -4 Pow, +3 Wealth
  • Infrastructure: +6 Influence, +3 Wealth
  • Glory: +4 Def, +2 Inf, +1 Law, +4 Pow
  • Madness: -1 Def, -1 Inf, -1 Lands, -2 Law, -2 Pop, +3 Pow, -2 Wealth


  • Book 2 - Chapter 3: House Daytower Gains +2 Power
  • Book 2 - Chapter 4: House Daytower Gains +1 Influence
  • Book 2 - Chapter 5: House Daytower Gains +2 Wealth and +2 Lands.
  • Book 3: Lord Angelo has Ser Meribald made Lord Meribald of the Daytower. Influence Raised to 21.
  • Interlude: +1 Wealth, +1 Defense