1354 DR South Ward of Waterdeep

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Southern Ward, known as South Ward to all natives, is the first ward seen by most visitors who enter the city through the South Gate or the River Gate with the caravans. As much of its business caters to the caravan trade, it is sometimes called Caravan City with its plentiful forges, smithies, stables, warehouses, and sheds (with coaches and carts for hire). Many common and poorer folk dwell in South Ward, though the caravan trade allows for some local merchants to attain near-noble status (at least in monetary terms). It is often dusty and grimy from the traffic from overland trade, but this area and its people are mostly friendly and industrious, catering to every need of visitors and merchant-traders. Tourists and visitors rarely idle around to look into wagons and warehouses (unless it is their business to do so), but the presence of guards (both privately hired and those in the watch) is obvious and lends much to the feeling of security about the trade goods and the businesses herein.

One of the smallest wards in the city, South Ward had probably the least to do with the internal politics (both social and monetary) of the city beyond the overland trades. South Ward is, for the most part, the ordinary or commoners' side of Waterdeep. The main streets within the ward are the Way of the Dragon and the High Road. The Way of the Dragon forms the southern and western boundaries of South Ward, and the Troll Wall is the eastern boundary. The northern boundary consists of a mix of streets and alleys: Telshambra's Street, a little bit of the High Road, Sahtyra's Lane, Caravan Court (all of which is deemed to be in South Ward), and Belzer's Walk.


South Ward's primary buildings tend to be tall, old stone, mud brick, and timber warehouses. Crowded among them are three- or four-story tenements, nearly all with shops at street level. Trees and even bushes are few, being detriments to the constant traffic; the ever-present dust and mud that accompany caravans are plentiful, but the buildings and foot traffic areas are kept clean. Everywhere in South Ward the rumble of cart wheels can be heard, just as the wastes of the draft animals are the predominant odor on the breeze. The many stables are often just covered pens, though some are sheltered by multifloored buildings over them (like inns or warehouses).

Watch of South Ward

Wardsman: Janel Entzar (Castle Waterdeep • 5th Floor)

  • Caravan Court Watchpost: Rorden: xxx • 3 patrols
  • Central Dragon Watchpost: Rorden: xxx • 6 patrols
  • Waymoot Watchpost: Rorden: xxx • 6 patrols


Noble Villas

  • Phaulkonmere Villa: Noble villa

Private Homes

  • Home of Rokkek Ingerr: Private Home

Mage Residences

  • Flurmastyr’'s House: The modest domicile of an old wizard alchemist and his beautiful apprentice Shalara. Rumor has that Shalara has been busy of late with apprentices of her own, much to the dismay of her many suitors.
  • Kolat Towers: Private Home of Powerful Mage: Kolat



  • Tehmak's Coaches: Shop (Coach-maker) (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Nueth’s Fine Nets: Shop (Nets) (4c) (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Berendar's World of Words: Printer (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Pelauvir’s Counter: Shop (General Goods) (3c). A general store with moderately-priced essentials and sundries in stock at all times. (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Brian the Swordmaster's Smithy: Smithy. Fames for its well-crafted (though high-priced) swords and armor.
  • The Old Monster Shop: Shop (Monster Curios) (4c). A place where monsters of all shapes, sizes and most states of being (no undead) can be procured.
  • Redbridle Stables: Stables
  • Nelkaush the Weaver: Textiles Shop
  • Prestar’s Furniture: Furniture shop
  • Hlakken Stables: Stables
  • Bellister’s Hand: Goods Shop
  • Bellister’s House: Goods Warehouse
  • Orm’s Highbench: Trading Company
  • Althal's Stables: Stables
  • Flame of Hope: Shop (Candles)
  • Berendarr's World of Words: Shop (Books)
  • Hlethvagi's Coins: Service (Moneylender)
  • Essimuth's Equipment: Shop (General Equipment)
  • Amrani's Laundry: Shop (Laundry)
  • Piatran's Clothiers: Shop (Garments)
  • Hemmerem's Stables: Stables
  • The Garrulous Grocer: Shop (Grocer)
  • Krabbellor Silversmiths: Silversmith
  • Laran's Cartographers: Shop (Maps)
  • Waukeen's Wares: Shop
  • Ingerr & Ingerr Warehouse: Warehouse
  • The Daily Trumpet Building: Printer (Broadsheets)
  • The Medusa's Glare: Sculptor's Shop



  • The Safehaven Inn: Inn
  • House of Good Spirits: Vintners' Distillers' & Brewers Guild, Inn, Tavern (2c•5p•2a). A brewery, winery and inn noted for its wide variety of liquors and strong drink from across the Realms. Its specialty is Waterdhavian zzar, and it serves as the guildhouse for the Vintners' Guild as well.


  • The Midnight Sun: Tavern
  • The Spouting Fish: Tavern (3c•2p). A loud, rambunctious tavern that owes its success to its relentless street-cryer advertising and its location by South Gate.
  • The Red Gauntlet: Tavern (2c•3p) Mercenary and caravan guard tavern. (Northwest Waymoot)
  • The Sword's Rest: Tavern (3c•4p). A tavern for strong drink, strong arms and thick skulls (for when that burly fighter cracks a mug over your head - which is often!).
  • The Full Cup: Tavern (2p•1p)
  • Tymora's Blessing: Tavern. A seedy dive frequented by caravan drovers and noted for all-too-frequent brawls.
  • The Beer Golem: Tavern


  • The Jade Dancer: Festhall (4c•4p) A festhall well worth the high price for its entertaining dancer-escorts and excellent drinks. (Northwest Waymoot)


  • None

City Buildings

  • South Gate: City Gate
  • East Torch Tower: Sentry Tower
  • Watchpost: Local Watch Post


  • The Stone House: Carpenters', Roofers' & Plasterers' Guild. An easily spotted eyesore, thanks to the garish styles and materials used in its construction.
  • House of Good Spirits: Vintners' Distillers' & Brewers Guild. A brewery, winery and inn noted for its wide variety of liquors and strong drink from across the Realms. Its specialty is Waterdhavian zzar, and it serves as the guildhouse for the Vintners' Guild as well.
  • Coach & Wagon Hall: Wagonmakers' & Coach Builders' Guild
  • Saddlers’ Hall: Saddlers' & Harness-Makers' Guild
  • Builder’s' Hall: Guild of Stonecutters & Masons. A lavishly crafted and tended stone building with a row of statues around the front.
  • The Road House: Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen
  • Metalmasters’ Hall: Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers. A gray granite blockhouse with a smoky forge dominating one entire end of the building.

Notable Alleys & Courtyards

  • Blacklock Alley, named after a long-suffering obelisk placed at its center that, the locals believe, brings good luck and heals the pure of heart;
  • Caravan Court, an open, packed-dirt courtyard and general assembling area for caravans that is always noisy with both draft animals and whip-happy drovers (and a ready supply of elderly spectators);
  • Mouse Alley, considered a sacred spot by those who worship Mystra, where Ahghairon pursued and caught the goddess while she was disguised as a mouse.
  • Ilisar’s Alley, once known as Grave Alley for the itinerant poor buried there, and now rumored to hold dangerous undead spirits and the hidden wealth of a local tailor whose name now adorns the alley;
  • Rednose Alley, an alley lined by empty warehouses that plays host to young drifters and thieves eager to rob passersby (out of need or boredom) and dole out the bloody noses which give the alley its name
  • Ruid’s Stroll, the short avenue from Caravan Court to the Trollwall Tower that, while often safe due to constant guard and watch traffic, is haunted by the hooded ghost of the mage Ruid, whose touch causes deathly chills to those he meets on foggy nights.