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Game Proposals

Having just moved to the Atlanta area, I've drawn a whole lot of my games to a close, in one form or another. Because I'm not the sort who can go for too long without a game, it's time to start thinking about just that topic. So, for your consideration, these are the games I'm thinking of running!

  • The War of Storms: In the Hundred Kingdoms, ancient heroes return. The player characters are Exalts of neighboring kingdoms who must band together to defend their homes and lives from an outside threat, which comes from the terrifying places of the world. This is an Exalted, Second Edition chronicle for Solar Exalted characters.
  • Three Shadowrun Proposals: A trio of game proposals for a short Shadowrun campaign.

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  • Templars: To the rest of the World, the Naos Group is a small philanthropic and academic organization of little account. But they are more than that, for in truth, they know of the World of Legend, and are dedicated to the retrieval and preservation of the things of the ancient world. Forgotten magics, the relics of heroes and gods, and even the creatures of yore all fall within the Naos Group's aims. Something, however, has changed. In recent days, the powers of Legend have grown stronger in the World once more, and the gods have chosen their Scions. These events have not gone unnoticed by the Naos Group, who have approached those Scions they can find, and made them an offer: If the Scions will help accomplish the goals of the Naos Group, the organization will put its resources at their disposal. This is a chronicle for Scion.
  • Legacy of the Vermilion Serpent: Into the chaos of the Second Age, six Solar Exalted are Chosen. Driven by fear, those around them drove them out, and put them to flight. Some were hunted by their loved ones. Others were pursued by soldiers, mercenaries, bounty hunters or even by the Dragon-Blooded themselves. All have taken flight. Each of them met one of the Serpent Monks, men and women from the remote Monastery of the Serpent King, a peaceful order of itinerant ascetics. These Serpent Monks offered the one thing the young Solar Exalted needed most: Sanctuary. Now, they have come to the Monastery of the Serpent King, and the small town of Mahanaga, which sits at the foot of the monastery. An Exalted chronicle for beginning Solar Exalted characters.
  • The Gate of Gods: To the west of Portland lies the little town of Astoria. Here, a young cabal has claimed the town as its territory. Now, these young mages - having lost their mentors - must figure out what to do on their own, as new forces come into wakefulness in their domain. This is a chronicle for Mage: the Awakening, using the new World of Darkness system.
  • Wheel of the Year: Six little Changelings, having taken advantage of chaos on the Estate, have fled for the Hedge, each with but one thought in his or her mind: the image of the regal Lady Liberty. Now they've arrived in New York City, and they've got to find out how to fit into the Wheel Court of New York and make allies before the Master of the Estate finds them once more.
  • The Wreckage of the Queen Argentia: En route to the strange nations across the ocean, the crew and passengers of the Queen Argentia run afoul of a terrible, unexpected storm. Only a few survive, washed up on the shores of a strange island, with no idea of where they are, or how they are getting home.
  • The Anago Chronicles details the adventures of a small pack of young Lunars aboard the Sublime Huntsman, a strange hammerhead-shaped ship of (non-Artifact) First Age design. The West has always been a place of danger, but something new has begun showing up. Rumors speak of the "Writhing," a strange disease of some kind, which attacks small, outlying communities. People become feverish and strange-acting, until they are killed by bellyfuls of writhing, slick, glistening eels. Entire villages have been decimated by the Writhing. Stranger still, a few seasons after such destruction, the entire islands themselves are just gone, without a trace. The Sublime Huntman is connected, somehow, to the Writhing. In fact, its little god - a confused, old mariner-spirit with vague memories of the First Age - speaks of the Writhing as part of its purpose for existing, speaking of it as the Anago. Sublime Huntman doesn't truly remember everything - its mind is muddled by extreme age, slumber through the centuries, and the general disrepair of the ship itself.

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