Gangs of Waterdeep

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The Gem of the North
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A Dungeons & Dragons Next Campaign in the Forgotten Realms

Year of the Bow (DR 1354)

You are part of a criminal enterprise (call it a gang, call it a mob). Until recently, you were based out of Yartar, a small walled city of about 6000. Through troubles, trials, and tribulations, you became allies (and possibly even friends) during your time in Yartar, allying with one another to take total control over the criminal underworld in the small city of Yartar.

But after a while? It just wasn't enough.

Any other gang would have simply milked it for what it was worth, until someone betrayed someone else, etc etc. But not your crew. Instead of resting on their laurels, you've turned your sights toward a new and lovely target, a challenge worth your mettle.

According to one of your number - a sorcerer with a background among the noble families of Waterdeep - it is impossible to form large criminal enterprises in the City of Splendors. Many have tried, and all have failed.

But those losers? They're not you.

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  • Blackcoats: The gang of thugs and ruffians, known for their black coats.
  • Six Hands: A gang of dock hands and smugglers, who control most of the city's docks.

Non-Player Characters

Nobility of Waterdeep

  • House Adarbrent: A house of wanderers and travelers, with interests in shipping, navigation, cartography, and exploration.

The Streets of Waterdeep

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