D&D5e Downtime

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Player's Handbook


  • Crafting: Creating items and goods.
  • Practicing a Profession: Working for another, for which you are paid.
  • Recuperating: Recovering from poison, illnesses, or lingering injuries.
  • Training: Learning new Skills (500 days), Tool Proficiencies (250 days), or Languages (250•125•80 days), or learning from a Mentor.

Dungeon Master's Guide


  • Building a Stronghold: Constructing a building (must own land)
  • Carousing: Partying and gambling.
  • Crafting a Magic Item: Creating an item of magic (must have schema)
  • Gaining Renown: Working for your Faction to gain Rank.
  • Performing Sacred Rites: Performing and observing religious rites to gain the blessings of the gods.
  • Selling Magic Items: Finding a buyer for a magic item.
  • Sowing Rumors: Creating new rumors and spreading them around town.

House Rules