Shattered Covenant

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The North
The Savage Frontier
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A Storm King's Thunder Campaign in the Forgotten Realms
Year of the Scarlet Witch (DR 1491)

The rumbling thunder of giantish foot tread. Earth-shaking roars expressing titanic fury. In the distance, impossibly large silhouettes move with purpose.

These are the signs of the shattering of the Ordning, and the fury of the giantish folk. Something has caused a great upset among the normally-reclusive titans who sequester themselves in the deep and distance places of the world, tending to their own society and ways. But now they have emerged to rain boulders and terror on the heads of the so-called "small folk" of the North.

In such times, even a ragtag band of misfits and miscreants might be of use to the powers that be. And with victory, they might even be heroes.

Player Characters

Watch: Scalefist + Akheron • Quel + Ymanda • Two-Keys + Pyrvaris

Ludvig "Twokey" Trindle, Gnome Rogue
Played by Topher
Jarvin "Scalefist" Bealyx, Dragonborn Barbarian
Played by Dave
Pyrvaris of Clan Trueforger, Dwarven Genasi Druid
Played by A.J.
Quel Melarn, Half-elf Blade
Played by Josh
Ahkeron of Clan Darkfell, Dwarven Fighter
Played by Chillos

Player Notes

Current Milestones


9th level: 36 milestones
10th level: 45 milestones
11th level: 55 milestones

Player Roles: Tasks for players to assist the campaign.

Campaign Information

  • The Darburl: The group patron for the PCs.
  • Rumors: Rumors discovered during the course of the campaign.
  • House Rules: Alternate mechanics for the campaign
  • Jotunruning: Lore on the runes of giantkind.




Non-Player Characters

  • Rivals: Rivals (per the Downtime mechanic) of the group
  • Faction Characters: Characters involved with the various Factions the PCs are part of.


Language & Writing

Other Lore