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House Rules

Skills & Specialties

  • You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3. No single roll may benefit from more than three dice worth of specialties, either.


  • Exalted Backing Background, examining specific examples of Backing for various organizations throughout Creation. Incomplete
  • Silver and Jade, a rule set to reflect the fluctuation of Resources, and the system of investments meant to increase such, in Exalted. Incomplete



War of Ages

A rule set intended to replace the Second Edition Mail & Steel system.

Other Rules


Demesne Statistics

  • Found roughly every 150 miles. Each square on the Exalted map holds about 9 - 10 demesnes.


  • 01-25: Rating 1
  • 26-50: Rating 2
  • 51-75: Rating 3
  • 76-00: Rating 4
    • 10% of these are Rating 5


  • 01-70: Elemental Aspect
  • Elemental Aspect
    • 01-50: Aspect of Direction
    • 51-00: Other Elemental Aspect
      • North: 01-30 Water; 31-60 Earth; 61-90 Wood; 91-00 Fire
      • West: 01-30 Air; 31-60 Earth; 61-90 Fire; 91-00 Wood
      • Center: 01-25 Water; 26-50 Earth; 51-75 Wood; 76-00 Fire
      • East: 01-30 Fire; 31-60 Earth; 61-90 Wood; 91-00 Water
      • South: 01-30 Water; 31-60 Earth; 61-90 Wood; 91-00 Air
  • 51-00: Other Aspect
    • 01-30: Solar
    • 31-60: Lunar
    • 61-80: Sidereal
    • 81-95: Abyssal
    • 96-00: Other


    • All the demesnes on the Blessed Isle are capped with manses. About 75% of the demesnes in the Scavenger Lands are capped. The South has a ratio of about 40%, the North and East about 30% and the West about 25%.
    • Random Manse Generator [1]

Other Locales



The Scarlet Empire

Cult of the Illuminated

  • The Illuminated Doctrine, the philosophy and theology of the Cult of the Illuminated, as well as its religious practices.
  • History of the Cult of the Illuminated
  • Cult of the Illuminated Structure, how the Cult is structured and what roles its members occupy within it, as well as the kinds of undertakings and projects the Cult occupies itself with.
    • The Illuminated Heavens: Composed of the Illuminated Ones, the Gods of Day and the Inner Circle, the Illuminated Heavens are the Secret Masters behind the Cult of the Illuminated.
    • The Training Camps: Where the leadership and the Illuminated of the Cult are trained to be the most effective benefits they can to the Cult as a whole.
    • The Local Cells: Individual temples and outposts, they form the body of the Cult's membership.
    • The Cult Wanderers: Traveling mendicants and prophets, the wanderers act as messengers, missionaries and teachers of the Illuminated Doctrine.