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Once, the Tapestry was a place of magic and fear. Terrible beasts, witches, and other villains haunted thread and realm, preying on the unwary. You should know -- you were such a villain.

Then, one day, that world was taken from you. Quite suddenly, all of the monsters and magic in the Tapestry were locked away in an endless, labyrinthine Prison. Stripped of your powers, it was all you could do to survive those dark, twisting tunnels.

Yet now, an unknown span of years later, you and a small group of other inmates have somehow broken free. Your durance in the Prison has changed you, and your magic is a flickering candle compared to the roaring bonfire you once wielded. Further the twisted nature of the Prison has confused your memories of that place, and the world before your incarceration. What will you do now, in this strange, modern world to which you are naught but a legend?


Chronicle Reference Pages
  • Current Issue: The Knights of the Lock & Key
    • Face: Sir Hector Hedgeworth
      • HC: Edge Warden of the Lock & Key.
  • Impending Issue: The Jail Breaks
    • Face: Theadonna Monroe
      • HC: Prophetess of the Skull King.

Player Characters

  • Corby, the Once-and-Future Raven King; played by Joe
  • Helhet, Son of Thrarm, Heir of the Dominion & God-King of Black Lake; played by Chillos
  • Riddle, the Hound of Olric; played by Mandy
  • Jack, the Devil at the Crossroads; played by Keith

Notable Characters

  • Hassim al-Jadar: The common identity of Roos Ga'rub, Thief Lord of the Forty Thieves, laying claim to Sarbenia.

Some Various Realms of the Tapestry

Thread-Map of the Tapestry
  • Aubenwrath: A realm in which the citizenry insisted their youths wear veils and scarves to hide their beauty from the Minstrel of Crows.
  • Fort Prick: The broken ruins of a fortress in a wood choked by blackthorne tendrils. Legend has it that these are remains of the castle from which the Beauty Who Slept was stolen.
  • Shambler’s Catch: A blackthorne-ridden swamp which, legend has it, is a holy pilgrimage site for thorne-crones.
  • Vorarl, The Magocracy of: The kingdom of Sorcerer-King Olric, the Covetous.
  • Vashtinral, The Commonwealth of: An impoverished, agricultural kingdom threaded to Vorarl. Birthplace of Clay Riddle, the Hound of Olric.
  • Yranmure: A nomadic realm in which the tribesfolk tattoo the faces of newly-initiated children in their twelfth year to aver the gaze of the Youth Snatcher.

The Eastern Lands

A loose alliance of small, pastoral, threaded realms including Beldenshire, Hanar, and Sargeras. It is a tradition in these lands to steal the mirrors of prideful young maids and smear them with raven’s blood, lest the Mist-Cloaked Man take them away to his wintry tower.

  • Beldenshire: A pastoral realm wherein hedges of whitethorne encircle the villages to make them safe from the winter mists of the Blackthorne Lord.
  • Hanar: A forested realm conquered by the Empire of Black Lake under the rule of Helhet Tum.
  • Sargeras: A forested feif in which the midwives mark the faces of newborns with a knife to keep them from ever being beautiful enough to draw the Corby Man’s eye.

The Empire of Black Lake

  • Black Lake, The Empire of: Home of Helhet Tum, former God-King and heir to the Dominion.
  • Hanar: A forested realm conquered by the Empire of Black Lake under the rule of Helhet Tum.
  • Nameless Hills, The: A barren expanse of hills threaded south of Black Lake. Its “strange folk” were exterminated by order of Helhet Tum in a military action of the Empire of Black Lake.
  • Nur: A mountainous realm threaded to the Empire of Black Lake. Its barbarian natives, the Autumn Tribes, invaded Black Lake and weakened the gods of the Dominion before ultimately being driven back into their mountains by Emperor Helhet Tum.
  • Sendar, The Commonwealth of: A city-state conquered by the Empire of Black Lake under the rule of Helhet Tum.

The Deserts of Sarbenia

  • Northern Sarbenia: A prosperous, arid state at the northern end of the Sarbenic Desert. Home to the scholars of the Bright College.

Legendary Locales

  • Mistyholt, The: The fae tower of the Raven King. Seemingly threaded to every realm and none, it was accessible only through a strange weave of winter mist and clutching blackthorne. In this tower, the Raven King treated his stolen charges to a never-ending winter revelry.

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