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More than twenty years ago, the clone troopers aboard the Eruditius on routine assignment in the Outer Rim, received the command sequence for what has since come to be called Order 66: the execution of the Jedi Order. They watched in horror as the lightsaber-wielding peacekeepers in command of the vessel were the first to be cut down, followed quickly by the other Force-sensitives aboard the mighty war vessel.

Through some combination of providence, subterfuge, double-dealings, and outright treachery, though, this small band survived. They arrived hidden away in various places of the corporate-owned freighter permitted to depart the chaos aboard the Eruditius, a freight-ship abound for the entirely obscure Halo Frontier in the Kanz Sector. Once there, they went their separate ways, slipping into lives of obscurity and desperation with only one thing in common: these were not the lives any of them imagined for themselves.

Now, it is twenty-two years later, and the ripples of that massacre reach out to them. Though they have seen one another here and there over the intervening years, it has only been in the past year or so that they've found one another again, in desperate times. And as they get to know one another once again, can it be a coincidence that a familiar face from that fateful night has been seen once again, this time aboard the Halo Station?

Player Characters

Campaign Experience: 180


Character Value Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses
Tr'll 49 Curiosity • Indecision
Hastara 51 Bravery • Recklessness
Bas Yagg 50 Compassion • Weakness
Zosa Vuren 50 Discipline • Intolerance


d100 Roll Character Value Obligation
01-10 Tr'll 10 Contract (Slayn & Korpil)
11-15 5 Revenge (Worldseeker Corporation)
16-25 Hastara 10 Obsession (Nightsister Artifacts)
26-30 5 Project (Upgrade the Okugoba)
31-35 Bas Yagg 5 Blackmail (Vinon Pellaeon)
36-40 5 Favor (Slayn & Kopril)
41-45 5 Oath (Do No Harm)
46-50 Zosa Vuren 5 Service (Cham'eha Krin)
51-55 5 Family (Sick Mother)
56-65 DZ-LL 10 Bounty (Sought by Vinon Pellaeon)
66-73 8 Memory Lock
74-78 5 Revenge (Vinon Pellaeon)
79-00 NONE
Total 80

Halo Station
Gandria Nebula: GandriaArvoth
DoniaHarea IIKobagariKruzimLekanton • Lyn'KatiRedaSacayaTzotha
AmaltannaAyceezeeBimmielEreesusJerneKol AtornKol HuroNordNoremacThovinack
Outside the Sector
Void of Chopani: Parvassis
  • Tr'll, a Verpine Technician Mechanic/Warleader; played by Kurt
  • Hastara Xeqedi, Dathomiri Warrior Aggressor/Racer; played by A.J.
  • Bas Yagg, a Besalisk Medic; played by Chillos
  • Zosa Vuren, a Lasat bounty hunter; played by Dan
  • DZ-LL, or "Diesel", a Lothal-series astromech; played by Charley

Property & Resources

Non-Player Characters


  • NeuValis BioTech: A Thovinack-based (one of the Veragi Worlds) biotech corporation that does heavy research, the results of which they often license or sell to other corporations for a great deal of money. They have several research facilities in the Halo Frontier, notably in the rich biomes of Lyn'Kati, Kruzim, and Tzotha, as well as higher-brow research firms on Kobagari.
  • Slayn & Korpil: Halo Frontier Operations: The local branch of the galactic verpine corporation, Slayn & Korpil.
  • Tiliq Mining Consortium: A local corporation that specializes in the building of mining and refinery operations.
  • Worldseeker Corporation: A Bothan-owned corporation of navigators, explorers, and suppliers of such.

Underworld Groups

Chronicle References

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