Class I Droid

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Class I Droids are knowledge-focused, skilled in mathematics, physical, and medical sciences.

Banking & Mercantile Droids
Merendata KLC-series Exchequer Droid
10,000 credits • Rarity 5
Marketing and mercantile droid, with pleasing voices and handsome bipedal humanoid design. Includes a powerful market-tracking computer system with constant holonet connection monitoring stock markets throughout the galaxy. Skilled at negotiation.
Source: EtU56
Military Analyst Droids
MerenData RM-series Military Intelligence Droid
43,000 credits • Rarity 7R
Small kite-shaped droids with an armored, flat-topped head, and burly arms tipped with heavy weapons. Move about via a baffled repulsorlift engine that makes little noise or energy signature. Their personalities are laconic, and tend to develop strange philosophical or artistic streaks. Specialize in military intelligence, particularly post-battle analytics and the study of enemy tactics and strategy; they are commonly dispatched to war zones to gather data.
Source: CaM51
Science Droids
SoroSub 87-RM-series Scout Collector
6000 credits • Rarity 6
Large boxy droid, 2.5 meters high, hovering on repulsorlifts. Built around a cryo-storage device, with servo-arms on sides. Designed to work with a 87-RM Surveyor, identifying specimens of potential interest, and cataloguing and storing specimens brought down by the Surveyor. Very strong and knowledgeable in xenobiology, quite perceptive.
Source: EtU56
SoroSub 87-RM-series Wanderer Scout Surveyor
2500 credits • Rarity 6
Human sized, sphere with eight spider legs, designed to quickly traverse terrain, give chase to native species and stun them with built-in stunner. Skilled at stalking, perceptive, and quite fast and agile.
Source: EtU56



xx credits • Rarity x
Source: xx