Dragonkin: Season I--First Blood

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In the time before time, when the worlds were still new, the Original Gods gave birth to creation's first set of twins. Tiamat and Bahamut were created as the embodiment of magic; twin dragons of godly power--one black, one platinum. These divine siblings grew in size and ability--inseparably close and fiercely protective of one another.

As they developed into ancient dragons, Bahamut took notice of his sister's cunning nature and thirst for power. Tiamat began to grow cold and distant; usually, she and her brother spent equal time with the Original Gods, but as fate should have it, it was Kol Korran who captivated Tiamat's imagination with his grandiose tales of adventure throughout the worlds. Legend tells us of the fall of Kol Korran the God of Communication, Commerce, and Thievery; as Kol Korran's inner tensions with his dark alter-ego Heren grew in potency, Tiamat's cold and distant nature turned more pointed and argumentative; her only moments of softness or tenderness being when her and her twin/lover were mating--for the Original Gods craved mounts as glorious and as powerful as the twins themselves.

Through Bahamut's kindness, Tiamat gave birth to 10 dragons; five of them Chromatic and five of them Metallic. To fulfill the wants of the Original Gods, each of these first dragons were paired with them. Following this, these first dragons mated, and began to populate the worlds with many other dragons; both metallic and chromatic.

During the Splitting of the Gods, Tiamat argued relentlessly with her brother, telling him of the weakness and lack of ambition present those who created them. When the Original Gods split into the Children of Light, and the Children of Darkness, so too did the closeness and heart-bond between Tiamat and Bahamut break and dissolve. It was at this point that the Great War of the Gods began: Tiamat and the Chromatic Dragons joining the Children of Darkness--Bahamut and the Metallic Dragons joining the Children of Light. Dragon against Dragon, Light against Dark.

The Great War raged across the multi-verse; eventually spilling onto the material world. The Children of Light did there best to shield mortal life from carnage of the war, but the Children of Darkness only sought to subjugate and dominate the material world and it's denizens for their own diabolical ends. In reaction to centuries of war, a group of humanoids petitioned The Children of Light for assistance. Being busy with protecting their own realms and what parts of the material world they could, The Children of Light heard the prayers of mortals, but could not sacrifice any additional power or resources to help. Bahamut heard their pleas, and devised a way to help them defend themselves.

Player Characters

  • A-Ri'el (Rigel): Star Elf Warlock played by Ryan
  • Aeolus Broadleaf: Firbolg Druid of the Radical Fey played by Kurt.
  • Grayvon Azamar Sorcerer played by Donna
  • Omaer Arbannon:Arranorian Drunken Master played by Eric
  • Star Tabaxi Swashbuckler played by Dan
  • Steve the Drag Queen: Delightfully Faggoty Bard played by Metabearon

NPCs of Note

Important Information


  • D&D 5th Edition House Rules: These are the optional rules we will be utilizing during this campaign.
  • Online die Roller: This is what I usually use during game when I want to be dice free. It also keeps record of your dice rolls, making for easy review.