Troubled Legacy

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The Company of the Chalice (Player Characters)

  • Maithe, Mistress of the Tower of Mists, Journeyman of the Watchful Order, a human wizard, child of Leira (played by Joe)
  • Tomtom Tommyknock, a halfling rogue and Harper, child of Arvoreen (played by Jack)
  • Alvar Hearthkeeper, Owner of the Journey's End, a half-elf monk, child of Tempus (played by Adam)
  • Casaadi Wynding, Summerstrider of the Emerald Enclave, a human druid, child of Myrkul (played by Marianne)
  • Ahvain Firesong, Journeyman of the Watchful Order, a elf sorcerer, child of Corellon Larethian (played by Cameron)

Watch Order: Maithe + TomTom • Vanauth + Alvar • Casaadi + Ahvain

Travel Roles: Maithe (Track), Tomtom (Stealth), Alvar (Navigator), Casaadi (Watcher), Ahvain (Watcher); Vanauth (Watcher)



The House of the Hidden Face
The Tower of Mists
Silverthorn Tower
House of Doors

Major NPCs

The Orphans
Maithe's Apprentices


Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors
Emerald Enclave
The Harpers

House Rules

Divine Inspiration
New Magics

Forgotten Realms Setting Resources

The Calendar of Faerun and Festivals in Waterdeep.