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Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Kanz Sector (Halo Frontier)
System Gandrian Nebula
Suns Koba (gas giant)
Orbital Position 2nd
Moons none
Coordinates M-4
Rotation Period 16 standard hours
Orbital Period 138 local days
Planetary Information
Class Small Terrestrial
Climate Subarctic
Atmosphere Type I
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Tundra, with volcanic, forest, bog
Societal Information
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Diverse
Primary Language Galactic Basic Standard
Government Theocracy (Sokrinti Disorthodoxy)
Population 72 million
Major Cities Codexant's Rest (50 million, capital); Rinfas (7 million), Egoryn's Sanctuary (5 million), Tilidath (5 million); myriad other small settlements across globe (4 million)
Major Imports Technology
Major Exports Agricultural, medical
Affiliation Galactic Empire (nominal)
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Lost in a Nebula: Located away from any hyperspace routes as well as being shrouded by the gravitic silhouette of the Gandria Nebula, add +Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to all Astrogation checks to plan a course to or from Gandria.
Knowledges Outer Rim Difficulty-die.pngx • Education x • Lore x • Underworld x • Warfare x • Xenology x
Rarity Modifier x
Other Mechanics x

One of the oldest colonies in the Halo Frontier, Gandria began as a mission-colony of the Sokrinti Hegemony, but a certain native species of hallucinogens found its way into the food supply. This led to a variety of ecstatic religious experiences that eventually caused the theology of Gandria to veer sharply away from the Hegemony's orthodoxy, causing the formation of what is referred to as the Sokrinti Disorthodoxy by Gandrians, or the Gandrian Heresy by mainline Sokrinti Hegemonists.

Though not everyone who lives in Gandria is an adherent of the Disorthodoxy, everyone with any kind of political power or wealth certain is. Gandria's native economy is strongly agricultural and medical, owing to the native plantlife of the tundra and the subarctic bogs of Gandria.

The Sokrinti Disorthodoxy

A heretical offshoot of the Hegemony, the Disorthodoxy owes its existence to native hallucinogens, which have today been filtered out of the food supply and deliberately concentrated to provide a sacramental experience for all adherents of the faith during high holy days (observed on different days by different Bishoprics).

Divided into Bishoprics, or sub-sects, that all hold different facets of the faith as important, but agree upon their collective theology. Gandrian theocratic citizens all belong to one or these Bishoprics, who provide civic bureaucratic and employment functions for their citizens. They are effectively organized like corporations, save that their focus is (ostensibly) theological rather than capitalistic. Non-adhering citizens still work for these various Bishoprics, but they are permitted to seek work among any of them. Because of the stigma for non-adherence, however, such jobs tend to be menial or dangerous.

Codexant's Rest

Capital City • Population 50 million


Named for the saint-figures in the Sokrinti faith, this is where the colonists from the Hegemony first landed and settled, beginning to build. Today, "the Rest" is a sprawling megapolis on the cold tundra south of Gandria's equator.

  • Home to the central temple-headquarters of the Sokrinti Disorthodoxy, the Sanctuary. Home and bureaucratic headquarters of the Codexant, as the chief theocrat of the Disorthodoxy is called.
  • Also where each of the Bishoprics are headquartered, in tall towers throughout the city.
  • Built on hot springs which once served as geothermal power for the city in its early years. They are now a major tourist attraction, most of them being built into therapeutic spas for the populace, with a few extremely expensive ones that attract off-world tourists of wealthy means.

The Koba System

Planet Type Moons
Bogari Toxic Hothouse 0
Gandria Terrestrial 0