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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Book) • CaM (Cyphers and Masks) • DA (Desperate Allies) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • DoH (Disciples of Harmony) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Book) • EtU (Enter the Unknown) • EV (Endless Vigil) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FC (Fly Casual) • FH (Far Horizons) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • FLT (Friends Like These) • FO (Fully Operational) • KtP (Keeping the Peace) • LbE (Lead by Example) • LoNH (Lords of Nal Hutta) • ND (No Disintegrations) • NoP (Nexus of Power) • SaS (Ships and Speeders) • SM (Special Modifications) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance) • SoT (Stay on Target) • SS (Savage Spirits)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Enc Sourcebook
A99 Aquata Breather Small two-tank device connected to a mouthpiece used for breathing underwater. Provides two hours of air; cannot be recharged. 100cr/7 0 KtP50
Beast Call Simple audio-playback machine in hard impact plastic; programmable database that can add to the animal calls stored in the device. Beasts make a Discipline (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to resist the call. Computers (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to record and add a given beast's call to the database. 100cr/3 1 EtU48, SS48
Breath Mask/Respirator Face mask that allows breathing in hostile atmospheres, fitted with oxygen (or other gas) generators and filters. Starships are assumed to have at least one for every crew required to fly the vessel, and many have many more. Also a standard piece of equipment in a survival kit. 25cr/1 1 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore183
Candorthal Atmospherics Scout 5 Field Goggles Basic eye protection from bright light and airborne debris; no electronics. 5cr/0 0 DC59
Condenser Unit Unit with heating and cooling coil that can condense enough water to sustain a person for one day, and be used to cook food on. Battery lasts for six months. 300cr/2 2 FiB55
CorChemCo "Beastmaster" Chem Lure Pheromone-based generator containing an exhaustive bestiary database with genetic codes, paired with a DNA sequencer and chemical synthesizer, all about the size of a datapad. Can be programmed with new DNA if a sample is provided. Discipline (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) check to resist scent for beasts. 125cr/4 1 EtU48
CorChemCo Fire Paste Chemical putty with small charges that when ignited via remote causes the putty to catch fire; without additional source of fuel, a single cube burns for one hour. Can burn in any atmosphere but not underwater or in vacuum. 3cr/1 0 DC59
Corpora-Tech Thermal Cutter Designed for cold-weather expeditions, it is a device that projects a beam of concentrated heat to melt snow and ice. Charge lasts for roughly five minutes of continuous use and can remove one cubic meter of snow per minute, or dig through 10 centimeters of ice per minute. If plugged into a fusion lantern, can run indefinitely. Can also be used as a weapon: Melee • Damage 4 • Critical 4 • Engaged Range • Burn 1, Inaccurate 2. 125cr/3 2 NoP106
Crash Survival or Wilderness Survival Kit Kit that includes a thermal cloak, multi-tool or survival knife, distress beacon, two emergency comlinks, a spool of wire, ration bars, basic medpac, two respirators, water jug with filter, a glow rod, 50m of high-tensile microfiber line, ten ration packs, and an emergency flare gun. Most small ships have at least one of these per crew necessary to pilot them; all escape pods have one per passenger they can hold. 300cr/2 5 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore 183
Czerka BC-7 Environmental Cocoon Portable shelter that inflates into a small structure for a single individual with dense insulation and its own climate control system. Reduce difficulty of Resilience checks to resist extreme temperatures by 3. Remove up to Setback-die.pngSetback-die.pngSetback-die.png added to checks due to extreme temperatures as long as user remains within. 2000cr/4 3 DoH48
Degan Explorations Syntherope (20m) Spool of high tensile strength rope. 5cr/1 1 EtU48
Disaster Relief Kit Compact durasteel container with enviro seals allowing use as food or water container, or flotation device. Contains ration packs, limited first aid essentials, and a rugged microgenerator good for a week's worth of power for a personal-sized device. Can sustain the basic needs of up to four individuals of most known species for a week, or up to ten days with rationing. 250cr/2 2 EV50
Electro-snare Small power pack paired with proximity sensor and energy-discharge node. Survival (Difficulty based on surrounding environment) to set the snare; those approaching make a Perception (opposed by snare-setter's Survival). When triggered at Engaged range, it inflicts 10 Stun damage, plus 2 additional damage per Success-result.png gained on Survival check. 50cr/5 1 EtU48
Elysium Model 2 Atmospheric Processor Massive ziggurat that produces breathable atmosphere, clean water, and weather patterns from raw planetary materials. Roughly the size of a star cruiser, requiring a crew of at least one hundred engineers and techs to assemble (or droids in hostile environs). Often deployed on frontier worlds, and many Outer Rim settlements have such a processor somewhere in their environs. 4,500,000cr/7 FH47
Entrenching Tool Unfolding tool with sharp edges and spade head made from durasteel used to dig holes and trenches; may be used as weapon (Melee • Dam +2 • Crim 4 • Engaged • Does not take damage due to Threat-result.png or Despair-result.png 20cr/1 1 DC59, FiB55
FabriTech CN-15 Camouflaging Netting Photoreactive fibers and jamming circuitry provide countermeasures against visual and sensory detection. Adds Failure-result.pngFailure-result.png to checks made to detect items hidden by it. One roll conceals up to one Sil 2 item, two rolls for up to Sil 3, three rolls for up to Sil 4. 100cr/2 4 DC59
FabriTech CN-21 Camouflage Paint Paint with photoreactive pigments to hide things painted with it. Adds Failure-result.png to visually detect any item of Sil 1 or less painted with it. 40cr/2 0 DC59
FabriTech CX-2000 Holographic Ghillie Suit Drape with integrated projectors that analyze environs and project matching camouflage; increase Difficulty to all checks to locate the wearer by 1, as long as the wearer remains immobile. 800cr/8 1 DC59
Field Ration Pack Small bland but calorie- and nutrient-dense meals in a packaging with chemical heaters. Each packet is generally good for a single meal, with food palatable by most species. 5cr/0 0 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore183
Gandorthral Atmospherics FasClean Atmospheric Reactive Damper High-atmospheric deployment device that scrubs upper atmospheres of CO2 and other pollutants. Typically used in high population worlds, operating in clusters, or for planetary colonization, especially in worlds with high vulcanism. 200,000cr/5 300 FH47
Gandorthral Portable Survival Shelter Collapsable, one-person shelter with advanced life sustaining equipment: heat-exchanging textile manufacture, weatherproof, flameproof and able to withstand lightning strikes, integral water reclamation system. When stowed, about the size of a large backpack, and takes a minute to set up. 200cr/4 2 EtU48
Imperial Army Canteen Holds 1.5 liters of water and has a built-in filtration system. 7cr/1 1 DC59
Imperial Army Field Rations Brown goop rations that allow a soldier to survive on a single pac for a week. Thermal circuitry can heat the contents, though can be consumed cold. 10cr/2 0 DC59
InstaMist Generator Device that fills an area out to short range with heavy fog, adding Boost-die.pngBoost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Stealth checks and Setback-die.pngSetback-die.pngSetback-die.png to Ranged, Gunnery, and Perception checks. Fog lasts for three rounds, though windy conditions can reduce this time. Comes with five vapor cartridges.
Cartridges (10cr): May purchase cartridges that dispense firefighting mist, humidity-generating mists, or pest control agents.
150cr/4 5 KtP50
Kamperdine Clothing Specialists Body Glove Concealed body glove that regulates wearer's temperatures; may be worn under clothes or armor. Removes Setback-die.png from any checks due to temperatures outside wearer's comfort zone. 700cr/4 2 DoH48
Luma Flare Small rocket-propelled illumination device that can be programmed with trajectory and ignition commands. Gunnery (Difficulty-die.png) to fire it out to long range, hanging in place for five rounds before burning out.
Weapon: As a make-shift weapon, the luma flare is (Gunnery • Dam 6 • Crit 3 • Long • Blast 4, Burn 4, Disorient 2, Inaccurate 2, Prepare 2, Limited Ammo 1).
50cr/4 1 KtP50
Mon Calamari Organic Gill Jellyfish blob of organic tissue that allows underwater breathing for several weeks in the water before the gill begins to die. Prevents speech, but can be mitigated by the addition of a microphone in the gill. 200cr/5 1 SoR111
Nala Tree Frog A favorite Hutt delicacy. 15cr/5 (12 frogs) 1 LoNH110
Portable Electric Perimeter Fence Central power supply plus a set of stakes with repeater/booster modules that generate a field of coherent energy. Some posts can be activated/deactivated with controls set in the posts. Coming into contact inflicts 8 Stun damage, with Disorient 3. 800cr/5 6 EtU48
Portable Power Generator Generator that can recharge a depleted piece of equipment as a maneuver, or a droid or larger piece of machinery in an hour. Characters engaged with the generator can ignore the "Out of Ammo" effect of a Despair-result.png. 500cr/2 10 FiB55
Pretormin Environmental GX-8 Water Vaporator Delicate looking, spindly construct with a low-powered ion generator and powerful coolant system. Causes heavy condensation that is collected and purified in the base, and then often funneled elsewhere for storage. Typically produces one to three liters of water in a standard day. 2000cr/2 12 FH47
Pretormin Environmental WPR-60 Water Purifier Water purification system that can quickly and safely purify extant water from an environment, purifying enough water for one person to drink per day. 100cr/1 4 DoH48
Pretormin Plastent Tent that inflates and anchors in minutes, sleeping up to four. Removes Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png from checks to resist hostile environments, and downgrades the Difficulty of such a check once. 300cr/2 3 FiB55
Riding Tack Straps and other equipment used to ride or control a beast. Must be purchased tailored to the specific beast. Negates the penalties for riding and controlling a beast without harness or gear. 100cr/4 3 SS48
Rim Excursions Inc Tauntaun Pup Tent Sturdy and lightweight tent that holds three, with alumasilk weaving that can generate heat or cold and allow those inside to ignore all but the most deadly of temperatures. 20cr/2 3 DC59
Saladar Systems PED-21 Personal Distress Beacon Glow rod sized personal beacon that uses high powered, long range transmitter to broadcast a short, constantly repeating emergency message across all common search-and-rescue frequencies. Can be programmed to repeat its message in up to twelve preprogrammed languages, and lasts for 72 hours, with the ability to be manually triggered or triggered by monitoring systems (such as biomonitors). Searching for the source of an active beacon gains Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to all checks as part of that search. 50cr/1 0 EtU48
Spacesuit Lightly armored environmental suit worn to protect from temperatures, extreme radiation and vacuum, tailored to the physiology of specific species (often with adaptor packs for those with non-common needs). Usually comes with three to five hours of water and breathable gas mixtures, and frequently outfitted with small, multi-directional maneuvering thrusters, spotlights, comlinks, magboots, power couplings for hand tools, and the like. Includes an emergency repair kit for quick fixes of tears, leaks, and bad gasket seals. 100cr/1 4 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore183
SurvivalEquipment Inc. Field Kitchen Case-packed heat induction cooking range/oven, selection of cooking vessels and utensils, water-purification, food sterilizer, and a flash-freezing/vacuum-sealing system for preservation. Includes nutritional database pad. Takes about 30 min to set up. Gain Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Knowledge (Education) or Survival tests to prepare foods. 500cr/4 5 EtU48
SurvivalEquipment Inc. "Flashfire" Camp Stove Compact, lightweight camp stove; high output multifuel burner, fuel cell, integrated canister that acts as pot, pan, kettle, and caf distiller. Integrated canister can be removed to allow burner and fuel cell to be used with other cookware. 60cr/4 2 SS48
SurvivalEquipment Inc. "Survivalist" Mess Kit Mess kit consisting of pots, pans, plate, insulated cup, and eating utensils, all in one compact unit, all covered with nonstick coats. All parts stack into one another, and comes with a strapping system allowing easy carrying and stowing. 10cr/3 0 SS48
SurvivalEquipment Inc "Viscera" Field Dressing Kit Polymer case of dressing saws, knives, and hooks, plus portable vacuum packer, sturdy gloves, and 10m of strong and thin synthetic rope. Includes datapad with anatomical studies of various prey animals with butchery diagrams, sanitation instructions, etc. Add Boost-die.png to Survival checks to clean and harvest meat. 300cr/5 3 EtU48
TaggeCo Food Preparation System Collapsable "plate" with thermal circuitry that can be used to prepare food. Powered by solar energy, but hot plate surface can be used to cook with fire paste or wood fire. 20cr/1 3 DC59
Tent Simple shelter for one to six people (depending on style), and frequently set up as a package that includes internal self-assembling memory supports. 100cr/1 4 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore183
Thermal Cloak Wrap that provides protection from extreme temperatures, negating up to Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png from temperature extremes. 200cr/1 2 AoRCore187, EoECore 183, FaDCore183
Tri-Planetary Atmospherics A99 Custom Biome Generator Sophisticated device used to generate specialty biomes in starship, space station, or building rooms. Equipped with powerful chemical analyzers and synthesizers, all integrated into typical ventilation and temperature systems. 9000cr/4 45 FH47
Water Purifier Container that treats water with chemical filters, ionization, and ultraviolet treatment to render potable enough water to sustain a sentient for one day, taking ten minutes for a full cycle. 50cr/2 1 SS48
XV-09 Chemical Restraint Harness Brace fitted with a chemical injector to pacify dangerous beasts. Survival (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to affix harness; reduce Dif by 1 with a successful Knowledge (Xenology) check; Threat-result.png results in one or more negative side effects from drug dose; Threat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.png or Despair-result.png result in a catastrophic reaction to drugs. With harness in place, gain Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Survival checks to control creature, and creature gains Boost-die.png to any Discipline checks. 1200cr/5 2 SoT45

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