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Sources: AoRCore (Age of Rebellion Core Book) • CaM (Cyphers and Masks) • DA (Desperate Allies) • DC (Dangerous Covenants) • DoH (Disciples of Harmony) • EoECore (Edge of Empire Core Book) • EtU (Enter the Unknown) • EV (Endless Vigil) • FaDCore (Force and Destiny Core Rulebook) • FC (Fly Casual) • FH (Far Horizons) • FiB (Forged in Battle) • FLT (Friends Like These) • FO (Fully Operational) • KtP (Keeping the Peace) • LbE (Lead by Example) • LoNH (Lords of Nal Hutta) • ND (No Disintegrations) • NoP (Nexus of Power) • SaS (Ships and Speeders) • SM (Special Modifications) • SoF (Suns of Fortune) • SoR (Strongholds of Resistance) • SoT (Stay on Target) • SS (Savage Spirits)


  • Each crystal has a Hardpoint rating. Installing that crystal takes up that many Hardpoints on the lightsaber hilt it is installed in. There is no roll to install crystals.
Crystal Type Damage Critical Special Modifications Hard Points Price Rarity
Barab Ingot 8 3 Breach 1, Burn 1, Sunder Burn +1 (x2), Vicious +1 (x2) 2 15,000 8
Corrupted Crystal 6 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 2, Dark Side Generation Crit -1 (x1), Damage +1 (x2), Vicious +1 (x1) 2
Cracked Crystal 7 3 Breach 2, Sunder, Vicious 1, Shatters Crit -1 (x1), Vicious +1 (x1) 2
Dantari Crystal 7 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Recovery Crit -1 (x1), Damage +1 (x2) 2 12,000 9
Dragite Gem 7 3 Breach 1, Disorient 1, Sunder Disorient +1 (x2), Concussive +1 (x2), Damage +1 (x1) 2 14,000 7
Etaan Crystal 6 2 Breach, Sunder, Reposte Damage +1 (x2), Crit -1 (x1), Innate Talent (Parry) (x1), Innate Talent (Reflect) (x1), Vicious +1 (x1) 2 12,000 9
Ghostfire Crystal 6 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Penetrating Damage +1 (x2), Defensive +1 (x2) 2 14,000 9
Ilum Crystal 6 2 Breach 1, Sunder Crit -1 (x1), Damage +1 (x4), Vicious +1 (x2) 2 9000 10
Kimber Stone 9 - Stun Damage Concussive 1 (x1), Damage +1 (x2), Disorient +1 (x2) 2 6500 8
Krayt Dragon Pearl 9 1 Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 1 Damage +1 (x1), Vicious +1 (x3) 2 15,000 10
Lorrdian Gem 7 2 Breach 1, Defensive 1, Sunder Defensive +1 (x1), Deflection +1 (x2) 2 9600 8
Mephite Crystal 8 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Force Detection Crit -1 (x1), Damage +1 (x3), Vicious +1 (x1) 2 10,000 10
Nishalorite Stone 7 3 Breach 1, Sunder, Direction Sense Disorient +1 (x2), Innate Talen (Planet Mapper) (x2), Vicious +1 (x1) 2 12,500 8
Sapith Gem 7 2 Breach 1, Sunder Breach +1 (x1), Crit -1 (x1), Damage +1 (x2) 2 18,000 10
Seeker Crystal 7 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 2, Seeker Damage +1 (x2), Seeker range Medium (x1) 2 16,000 9
Solari Crystal 7 2 Breach 1, Sunder, Defensive 1, Reflect Discount, Depower Damage +1 (x1), Defensive +1 (x1), Reduce cost of Improved Reflect by Threat-result.png 3 16,000 9
Sorian Crystal 6 3 Breach 1, Sunder, Parry Strike Damage +1 (x3), Disorient +1 (x1), Innate Talent: Parry +1 (x1) 2 16,000 9
Training Emitter 6 - Stun Damage - 2 100 6
Varpeline Crystal 8 3 Breach 1, Sunder, Vicious 1, Maiming Damage +1 (x1), Vicious +1 (x2) 2 14,000 9
  • Barab Ingots: Barab ingots originate on the world of Barab I in the Outer Rim, and create lightsaber blades of a clear, rippling translucence.
  • Corrupted Crystal: Corrupted crystals were once other, naturally occurring crystals, but were in the possession of Force users when they fell to the Dark Side, corrupting the crystal into a crimson hue. When generating Force Points, gain DarkForce-result.png to each check. Crystal reverts to normal type if you raise your Morality to 70+
  • Cracked Crystal: A shattered kyber shard from one of any number of sources, in a variety of colors. If you generate a Despair-result.png using this stone, it shatters and is rendered useless.
  • Dantari Crystal: Originating on the world of Dantooine in the Outer Rim, Dantari crystals create lightsaber blades of green, blue, purple, pink, or yellow. When making a Force Power Check as part of a Combat Check, you may spend EitherForce-result.png to recover 2 Strain.
  • Dragite Gem: Found on M'haeli in the Expansion Region, Dragite gems create lightsaber blades of green, orange, or yellow.
  • Etann Crystal: Found deep in the caverns of Etai, these resonating Crystals react violently to other energy - emitting a deafening crack and bright flash when parrying a Lightsaber or Blaster Bolt. When the wielder uses the Improved Reflect or Improved Parry Talents to gain an automatic Hit, increase that hits damage by 2.
  • Ghostfire Crystal: Found among several Outer Rim worlds, these crystals produce a dim and translucant blade which makes no sound. You may spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png during Combat Check to prevent your opponent from using the Parry Talent to reduce Damage.
  • Ilum Crystal: Harvested from the crystal caves on Ilum, in Wild Space, Ilum crystals create green, blue, or yellow lightsaber blades.
  • Kimber Stone: Found on N'zoth in the Core Worlds, Kimber stones create electrical-seeming lightsaber blades of blue-white hue.
  • Krayt Dragon Pearl: Taken from the skulls of krayt dragons native to Tatooine, these pearls create uncanny lightsaber blades of a pearlescent shimmering white.
  • Lorrdian Gem: Taken from the planet Lorrd in the Outer Rim, Lorrdian gems create lightsaber blades of blue or violet.
  • Mephite Crystal: These crystals are found in a variety of places: Ossus and Mygeeto in the Outer Rim, as well as Halm in the Mid-Rim. They create lightsaber blades of green or blue. Force Sensitives can automatically detect the presence of this Crystal in the Force while in Short Range.
  • Nishalorite Stone: Found on worlds with unusually strong magnetic fields, these produce blades of a dark grey or blue-black subdued color, which crackles and pulses. As the blade is turned to the magnetic north of a planet - the blades energy intensifies. This can also be used to detect artificial sources of magnetism. Characters with this Crystal gain a Advantage-result.png on all checks to locate their position, navigate terrain, and find power sources.
  • Sapith Gem: Lost Lwhekk, beyond the Outer Rim, provides the Sapith gems, which create stunning blades of silver, grey, or white.
  • Seeker Crystal: A crystal that aids its user's searches. Gain Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to Perception or Vigilance checks to find hidden foes in Short range.
  • Solari Crystal: A brilliant solar-hued crystal that helps to protect those aligned with the Light side of the Force. Reduce the cost to use the Reflect talent by 1 Strain. Should your Morality ever fall below 50, this gem loses power until you elevate your Morality once more.
  • Sorian Crystal: No one really knows where the Sorian crystals comes from, which create lightsaber blades of a white core, with shifting prismatic radiance at the blade's edges. These blades surge suddenly when making contact with objects. When the Parry Talent is used with this Lightsaber, the next Combat Check made against that opponent gains a Boost-die.png
  • Training Emitter: The training emitters used by the Jedi Order create pale blue, yellow, and green lightsaber blades that inflict no lasting harm.
  • Varpeline Crystal: A super-dense mineral found in the Outer Rim, these crystals create vibrant blades ranging in color from White to Gold - and emit a sharp ringing when they strike. When spending a Triumph-result.png to Inflict a Critical Injury, you may spend a second Triumph-result.png to automatically inflict the Maimed Critical Injury.