SW Lightsaber Crafting

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Two-Handed. Change a weapon to a two-handed version, increasing weapon damage by 1 and encumbrance by 2.

Hilt Type Price/Rarity Check Difficulty Time Profile
Standard 100 credits/4 Mechanics Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png 6 hours Lightsaber • Dam by crystal • Crit by crystal • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 5 • One-handed
Precision 150 credits/5 Mechanics Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png 12 hours Lightsaber • Dam by crystal -1 • Crit by crystal • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 3 • One-handed, Accurate 1
Defensive 300 credits/6 Mechanics Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png 12 hours Lightsaber • Dam by crystal -1 • Crit by crystal • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 3 • One-handed, Defensive 1
Double-Bladed 300 credits/5 Mechanics Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png 12 hours Lightsaber • Dam by crystal • Crit by crystal • Engaged • Enc 2 • HP 4 • Two-handed, Linked 1, Unwieldy 3, Attachments & crystals cost double
Pole 150 credits/5 Mechanics Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png 12 hours Lightsaber • Dam by crystal • Crit by crystal • Engaged • Enc 2 • HP 4 • Two-handed, Cumbersome 3, Defensive 1


Results marked with an asterix can only be chosen once.

After making the crafting check, the craftsman may purchase one additional Advantage-result.png per rank of the Skill used in the crafting by taking an equal number of Threat-result.png. These are unique in that they do not cancel one another out.

Result Effect
Success-result.png Success*. The item is constructed successfully.
Additional Successes. Reduce crafting time by 2 hours per additional success.
Advantage-result.png or Triumph-result.png Practice Makes Perfect. You learn something valuable, and gain Boost-die.png on the next check you make with the same skill before the end of the session.
Lightweight. Reduce lightsaber encumbrance by 1 (min 1).Two-Handed. The hilt is extended to permit use by two-hands. When using the lightsaber in two hands, increase damage by 1.
Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png or Triumph-result.png Lessons Learned. Reduce the difficulty of your next crafting check by 1.
Disguised. Add Setback-die.png to other characters' checks to identify the lightsaber hilt as such while it is not ignited.
Counterweight*. Increase the lightsaber's Encumbrance by 2. It loses the Unwieldy quality and gains the Cumbersome quality at the same value.
Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png or Triumph-result.png Efficient Construction*. A sizeable portion of the material is unused or can be reclaimed from the crafting process: reduce the Material Price needed to craft the item by 50%.
Crossguard*. The lightsaber hilt gains a crossguard, gaining Defensive +1. The wielder can spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png or Threat-result.png to disarm a foe.
Customizable*. Increase the lightsaber's hard points by 1.
Delicate Balance*. THe lightsaber loses the Cumbersome quality and gains the Unwieldy quality with the same value.
Personalized Design*. When the crafter wields this weapon and makes a successful check with it, they add an automatic Success-result.png to the results. All other wielders add Threat-result.png to attempts to wield this lightsaber.
Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png or Triumph-result.png Weapon Schematic*. Create a schematic that permanently reduces the difficulty of checks to create weapons of this template by 1, to a minimum of Simple (–).
Inbuilt*. The hilt is constructed as part of another item, such as a tool or weapon. Choose an appropriate item of Encumbrance 1+ and increase its encumbrance by that of the lightsaber hilt. By using a maneuver, the wielder can detach the lightsaber hilt and ignite it, or return the hilt to the item.
Energy Bleed. Increase the lightsaber's Stun quality (gain at rating 2 for first purchase).
Triumph-result.png Superior Craftsmanship*. This lightsaber gains the Superior quality.
Personalized Inlay*. Reduce the difficulty of any checks to modify a lightsaber crystal in this lightsaber.
Triumph-result.pngTriumph-result.png Integral Attachment. Add +1 hard point to the weapon, then install one applicable weapon attachment that requires 1 or fewer hard point. No check is required to obtain the attachment, and it costs 0 credits.
Triumph-result.png Learning Experience. Failed Check. This craft learns valuable techniques in the attempt, gaining Boost-die.png on the next attempt made to craft a hilt. They also do not need to purchase new materials if the hilt type attempted is the same as the previous one.
Threat-result.png or Despair-result.png Exhausting Effort. Upon completing construction of the weapon, you suffer 3 Strain.
Heavy. Increase weapon encumbrance by +1.
Threat-result.pngThreat-result.png or Despair-result.png Difficult to Customize. Increase the Difficulty of checks to modify attachments on this weapon by 1.
Difficult to Repair. Increase the Difficulty of all checks to repair this weapon by 1.
Oddly Weighted. The lightsaber gains the Cumbersome 2 quality, or increases that Quality by 1.
Threat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.png or Despair-result.png Wear and Tear. The tools used to craft this weapon are worn down or destroyed, and are damaged by one step.
Awkward Grip. The lightsaber gains the Unwieldy 2 quality, or increases that Quality by 1.
Misaligned Emitter*. The lightsaber requires a maneuver to ignite rather than an incidental. It can still be powered down as an incidental.
Threat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.pngThreat-result.png or Despair-result.png Erratic*. Once per combat encounter, the GM may spend Despair-result.png from any combat check with the lightsaber to cause the energies of the blade to ripple and collapse, flaring out, damaging the hilt and injuring the wielder. The lightsaber takes one step of damage and the wielder suffers 2 Wounds.
Fragile*. Whenever the weapon becomes damaged, upgrade any minor damage to moderate.
Poor Focusing Lens. The lightsaber's Accurate quality is reduced by 1. If the lightsaber has no ranks in Accurate, it instead increases its Inaccurate quality by 1.
Despair-result.png Faulty Inlay*. Increase the difficulty of checks to modify any lightsaber crystal installed in the hilt.
Tragic Accident*. During the process of crafting the hilt, the crafter's focus slips at a key moment, and they and any assistants suffer a Critical Injury.
Despair-result.pngDespair-result.png Unstable*. The GM may spend Despair-result.png from any combat with the lightsaber to have it sputter and become inoperable until it is repaired with a Mechanics (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) check.
Despair-result.pngDespair-result.png Horrible Accident. Failed Check Not only has the crafter failed to fashion a working hilt, but the resultant accident when it is ignited destroys the materials and causes the wielder to suffer a Critical Injury (rolled at +20). With an additional Despair-result.png, the kyber crystal used in the construction is destroyed as well.