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  • Your Career gives you starting Skills.
  • Your Specialty gives you starting Skills and a Talent Tree.
    • Your first Specialty must be either one of your Career Specialties, or a Universal Specialty.
    • As you gain XP, you may purchase more Specialties; Universal and Career Specialties are cheaper to purchase, but you can purchase any Specialty.

Edge of Empire

Bounty Hunter

Hunters and trackers. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Heavy), Streetwise, Vigilance.

  • Assassin: You're an instrument of policy, using your tracking skills to find and end the lives of your targets. Skills: Melee, Ranged (Heavy), Skulduggery, Stealth
  • Gadgeteer: You're a connoisseur of tech, specializing in high-tech gear and gadgets to push the odds in your favor. Skills: Brawl, Coercion, Mechanics, Ranged (light)
  • Martial Artist: You specialize in close-quarters combat and unarmed violence. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Coordination, Discipline. (No Disintegrations)
  • Operator: You are an aggressive pilot, specializing in following targets anywhere. Skills: Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) (No Disintegrations)
  • Skip Tracer: You are a street-savvy tracker, most at home in dense urban environments. Skills: Cool, Knowledge (Underworld), Negotiation, Skulduggery. (No Disintegrations)
  • Survivalist: You're a master of the wild, hunting your quarry no matter how deep into the wilderness they run. Skills: Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Resilience, Survival.


Citizenry and specialists. Skills: Charm, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Negotiation, Streetwise.

  • Doctor: You possess the gift of healing, knowledgeable as you are in the medical sciences. Skills: Cool, Knowledge (Education), Medicine, Resilience.
  • Entrepreneur: Yours is the burden of vision, motivated by profit and using bribes and payouts to get things done. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Negotiation. (Far Horizons)
  • Marshal: Yours is the burden of peace, a dedicated law officer, prepared to do what it takes to defend justice. Skills: Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), Ranged (light), Vigilance. (Far Horizons)
  • Performer: Yours is the burden of art, disrupting and distracting with dazzling skill and beauty, accomplishing goals with subtlety and misdirection. Skills: Charm, Coordination, Deception, Melee. (Far Horizons)
  • Politico: You possess the gift of leadership, bringing people together and building community. Skills: Charm, Coercion, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds)
  • Scholar: You possess the gift of knowledge, bringing your education and research to practical purposes. Skills: Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Underworld), Knowledge (Xenology), Perception


Searchers and venturers. Skills: Astrogation, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Piloting (Space), Survival.

  • Archaeologist: You've got the thirst for discovery, combining curiosity about the past with two-fisted daring. Skills: Athletics, Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore). (Enter the Unknown)
  • Big-Game Hunter: You've got the thrill of the hunt, with a survivalist's skills and the training to take down truly powerful creatures. Skills: Knowledge (Xenology), Ranged (Heavy), Stealth, Survival. (Enter the Unknown)
  • Driver: You've got the need for speed, knowing the ins and outs of all forms of planetary vehicles. Skills: Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary). (Enter the Unknown)
  • Fringer: You focus on discovering new possibilities, knowledgable in the Outer Rim, part negotiator, part astrogator, all opportunist. Skills: Astrogation, Coordination, Negotiation, Streetwise
  • Scout: You focus on discovering new planets, an explorer of the frontiers and undiscovered worlds. Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Piloting (Planetary), Survival
  • Trader: You focus on discovering new markets, finding ways to turn your discoveries into profit. Skills: Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Underworld), Negotiation

Hired Gun

Mercenaries and hit men. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Discipline, Melee, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (light), Resilience, Vigilance

  • Bodyguard: You're a personal defender, skilled at keeping clients alive. Skills: Gunnery, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Heavy)
  • Demolitionist: You're a force of destruction, skilled with explosives, grenades, and bombs. Skills: Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Skulduggery. (Dangerous Covenants)
  • Enforcer: You're a ruthless thug, with connections to the underworld. Skills: Brawl, Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), Streetwise. (Dangerous Covenants)
  • Heavy: You bring overwhelming firepower to the sitation, specializing in heavy guns and armaments. Skills: Gunnery, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience. (Dangerous Covenants)
  • Marauder: You're an up close and personal fighter, skilled with melee weapons of all sorts. Skills: Coercion, Melee, Resilience, Survival
  • Mercenary Soldier: You're a master of war, with experience on fields of battle. Skills: Discipline, Gunnery, Leadership, Ranged (Heavy)


Criminals and con men. Skills: Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery.

  • Charmer: You're the smooth operator, with charm and the gift of gab to get the job done. Skills: Charm, Cool, Leadership, Negotiation. (Fly Casual)
  • Gambler: You're the wild card, with luck on your side and the nerve to use it. Skills: Computers, Cool, Deception, Skulduggery. (Fly Casual)
  • Gunslinger: You're the quick draw, aiming to be the fastest in the Outer Rim. Skills: Coercion, Cool, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Ranged (Light). (Fly Casual)
  • Pilot: To you, it's a galaxy of destinations; your ship is part of you, an extension of your wit and will. Skills: Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space)
  • Scoundrel: To you, it's a galaxy of marks; part con artist, part gunslinger, you don't care for laws or people telling you what to do. Skills: Charm, Cool, Deception, Ranged (Light)
  • Thief: To you, it's a galaxy of treasures; you're the covert operative, skilled at taking what doesn't belong to you. Skills: Computers, Skulduggery, Stealth, Vigilance.


Engineers and tinkerers. Skills: Astrogation, Computers, Coodination, Discipline, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary)

  • Cyber Tech: You pursue self-improvement at any cost, focusing on cybernetics and medical technology to achieve it. Skills: Athletics, Mechanics, Medicine, Vigilance (Special Modifications)
  • Droid Tech: You pursue the creation of sentience, specializing in upgrading and building droids. Skills: Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Leadership (Special Modifications)
  • Mechanic: You're good at making stuff work, skilled at repairs and keeping tech and vehicles in working order. Skills: Brawl, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery
  • Modder: You pursue obsessive innovation, constantly tweaking and upgrading gear to get more out of it. Skills: Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Streetwise (Special Modifications)
  • Outlaw Tech: You're good at making things better, installing mods and working up weird work-arounds. Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Mechanics, Streetwise
  • Slicer: You're good at making the data flow; you're a hacker and electronics whiz. Skills: Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Stealth

Force & Destiny


Peacemakers and advisors. Skills: Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Negotiation

  • Arbiter: You focus on negotiation and mediation through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Xenology), Lightsaber, Negotiation, Perception (Disciples of Harmony)
  • Ascetic: You focus on developing mental acuity and focus through the Force. Skills: Athletics, Discipline, Resilience, Vigilance (Disciples of Harmony)
  • Healer: You focus on the healing arts through the Force. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine
  • Niman Disciple: You focus on the Niman style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes defense (Willpower). Skills: Discipline, Leadership, Lightsaber, Negotiation
  • Sage: You focus on knowledge through the Force. Skills: Astrogation, Charm, Cool, Knowledge (Lore)
  • Teacher: You focus on teaching and the education of others through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Leadership, Perception (Disciples of Harmony)


Protectors and stewards. Skills: Brawl, Cool, Discipline, Melee, Resilience, Vigilance

  • Armorer: You focus on the craft of armaments through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Outer Rim), Lightsaber, Mechanics, Resilience (Keeping the Peace)
  • Peacekeeper: You focus on peace through the Force. Skills: Discipline, Leadership, Perception, Piloting (Planetary)
  • Protector: You focus on preservation through the Force. Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Ranged (Light), Resilience
  • Soresu Defender: You focus on the Soresu style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes awareness (Intellect). Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Lightsaber, Vigilance
  • Warden: You focus on weakening enemies through the Force. Skills: Brawl, Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (Underworld) (Keeping the Peace)
  • War Leader: You focus on military victory through the Force. Skills: Leadership, Perception, Ranged (Light), Survival (Keeping the Peace)


Oracles and recondites. Skills: Charm, Coercion, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, Vigilance

  • Advisor: You focus on wisdom through the Force. Skills: Charm, Deception, Negotiation, Streetwise
  • Alchemist: You focus on giving life to the inanimate through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine, Resilience (Unlimited Power)
  • Magus: You focus on forbidden knowledge through the Force. Skills: Coercion, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Medicine (Unlimited Power)
  • Makashi Duelist: You focus on the Makashi style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes dueling (Presence). Skills: Charm, Cool, Coordination, Lightsaber
  • Prophet: You focus on insight and counsel through the Force. Skills: Charm, Coercion, Deception, Leadership (Unlimited Power)
  • Seer: You focus on sight through the Force. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Survival, Vigilance


Rangers and explorers. Skills: Knowledge (Xenology), Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Heavy), Survival, Vigilance

  • Ataru Striker: You focus on the Ataru style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes speed and quick resolutions (Agility). Skills: Athletics, Coordination, Lightsaber, Perception
  • Executioner: You focus on the dealing of death through the Force. Skills: Discipline, Melee, Perception, Ranged (Heavy) (Savage Spirits)
  • Hermit: You focus on asceticism through the Force. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Xenology), Stealth, Survival (Savage Spirits)
  • Hunter: You focus on pursuit of your quarry through the Force. Skills: Coordination, Ranged (Heavy), Stealth, Vigilance
  • Navigator: You focus on finding direction through the Force. Skills: Astrogation, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, Survival (Savage Spirits)
  • Pathfiner: You focus on exploration through the Force. Skills: Medicine, Ranged (Light), Resilience, Survival


Infiltrators and spies. Skills: Computers, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth

  • Artisan: You focus on invention through the Force. Skills: Astrogation, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics
  • Investigator: You focus on solving mysteries through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Streetwise (Endless Vigil)
  • Racer: You focus on precise control of vehicles through the Force. Skills: Cool, Coordination, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) (Endless Vigil)
  • Sentry: You focus on bringing justice through the Force. Skills: Coordination, Lightsaber, Stealth, Vigilance (Endless Vigil)
  • Shadow: You focus on stealth through the Force. Skills: Knowledge (Underworld), Skulduggery, Stealth, Streetwise
  • Shien Expert: You focus on the Shien style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes precision (Cunning). Skills: Athletics, Lightsaber, Resilience, Skulduggery


Combatants and fighters. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Cool, Melee, Perception, Survival

  • Aggressor: You focus on fear through the Force. Skills: Coercion, Knowledge (Underworld), Ranged (Light), Streetwise
  • Colossus: You focus on resilience and toughness through the Force. Skills: Brawl, Discipline, Melee, Resilience (Knights of Fate)
  • Juyo Berserker: You focus on the Juyo style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes a carefully controlled rage that toes the line to the Dark Side. Skills: Coercion, Discipline, Lightsaber, Melee (Knights of Fate)
  • Shii-Cho Knight: You focus on the Shii-Cho style of lightsaber combat, which emphasizes power and directness (Brawn). Skills: Athletics, Coordination, Lightsaber, Melee
  • Starfighter Ace: You focus on piloting through the Force. Skills: Astrogation, Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Space)
  • Steel Hand Adept: You focus on the Teras Kasi style of Steel Hand martial arts. Skills: Brawl, Coordination, Discipline, Vigilance (Knights of Fate)

Age of Rebellion


Pilots and drivers of the Alliance. Skills: Astrogation, Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light)

  • Beast Rider: You have a way with beasts, capable when riding just about anything that can be ridden. Skills: Athletics, Knowledge (Xenology), Perception, Survival (Stay on Target)
  • Driver: You are steady at the wheel, skilled in the use of planetary vehicles and weapons. Skills: Cool, Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary)
  • Gunner: You are always on target, a marksman with heavy vehicular weapons of all kinds. Skills: Discipline, Gunnery, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience
  • Hotshot: You are the loose cannon, a jockey always willing to take the big risk. Skills: Cool, Coordination, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) (Stay on Target)
  • Pilot: You are bound for the stars, with incredible skill piloting flying vessels. Skills: Astrogation, Gunnery, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space)
  • Rigger: You are a vehicular innovator, who is always tinkering with the vehicles in your care. Skills: Gunnery, Knowledge (Underworld), Mechanics, Resilience (Stay on Target)


Organizers and leaders of the Alliance. Skills: Coercion, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Perception, Ranged (Light), Vigilance

  • Commodore: You are a leader from the bridge of a large vessel. Skills: Astrogation, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Outer Rim)
  • Figurehead: You are a leader intended as a symbol to draw the public eye and inspire. Skills: Cool, Leadership, Negotiation, Knowledge (Core World) (Lead by Example)
  • Instructor: You are a leader of a class or instruction team. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Education), Medicine, Ranged (Heavy) (Lead by Example)
  • Strategist: You are the leader who takes the long view and plans many moves ahead. Skills: Computers, Cool, Knowledge (Warfare), Vigilance (Lead by Example)
  • Squadron Leader: You are the leader of a squadron of combat vehicles. Skills: Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space)
  • Tactician: You are a leader of a unit of soldiers on the ground. Skills: Brawl, Discipline, Leadership, Ranged (Heavy)


Ambassadors and negotiators of the Alliance. Skills: Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Lore), Knoweldge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Leadership, Negotiation

  • Advocate: You are a kingmaker, advising and counseling those in power. Skills: Coercion, Deception, Negotiation, Vigilance (Desperate Allies)
  • Agitator: You rouse the masses, building support among the people for your goals. Skills: Charm, Discipline, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Negotiation
  • Ambassador: You court support, bringing allies and enemies alike to your side. Skills: Charm, Discipline, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Negotiation
  • Analyst: You connect the dots, extrapolating trends from the data. Skills: Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Warfare), Perception (Desperate Allies)
  • Propagandist: You encourage others to see from a certain point of view, swaying hearts and minds with rhetoric and passion. Skills: Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Warfare), Perception (Desperate Allies)
  • Quartermaster: You manage the resources, making sure your side has what it needs. Skills: Computers, Negotiation, Skulduggery, Vigilance


Technicians and engineers of the Alliance. Skills: Athletics, Computers, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Perception, Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light), Vigilance

  • Droid Specialist: You're skilled in artificing the artificial, building droids and programming AI. Skills: Computers, Cool, Mechanics, Melee (Fully Operational)
  • Mechanic: You're skilled in making things go, keeping vehicles and gear running. Skills: Brawl, Mechanics, Piloting (Space), Skulduggery
  • Saboteur: You're skilled in making things explode, undermining technical and mechanical assets. Skills: Coordination, Mechanics, Skulduggery, Stealth
  • Sapper: You're skilled in constructing and destroying facilities and large scale building projects. Skills: Athletics, Knowledge (Warfare), Mechanics, Survival (Fully Operational)
  • Scientist: You're skilled at making new things, using research and development. Skills: Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Lore), Medicine
  • Shipwright: You're skilled at designing and building ships for war. Skills: Gunnery, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Piloting (Space) (Fully Operational)


Fighters and warriors of the Alliance. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Knowledge (Warfare), Medicine, Melee, Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy), Survival

  • Commando: You strike the target, using combat training and grit. Skills: Brawl, Melee, Resilience, Survival
  • Heavy: You unleash untold devastation, using heavy weapons and aggressive combat tactics. Skills: Gunnery, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience
  • Medic: You save the team, using reflexes and medical training. Skills: Knowledge (Xenology), Medicine, Resilience, Vigilance
  • Sharpshooter: You take the shot, using stealth and marksmanship. Skills: Cool, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Ranged (Light)
  • Trailblazer: You move through unseen paths, using the terrain and misdirection as a weapon. Skills: Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, Stealth, Survival
  • Vanguard: You bring an unrelenting onslaught, striking hard and first. Skills: Athletics, Cool, Resilience, Vigilance


Infiltrators and espionage agents. Skills: Computers, Cool, Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Warfare), Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth

  • Courier: You're skilled at ensuring delivery, getting messages and packages to where they need to go. Skills: Athletics, Deception, Streetwise, Vigilance (Cyphers and Masks)
  • Infiltrator: You're skilled at finding the secrets, through stealth and cunning. Skills: Deception, Melee, Skulduggery, Streetwise
  • Interrogator: You're skilled at ensuring you get the answers, one way or another. Skills: Charm, Coercion, Medicine, Perception (Cyphers and Masks)
  • Scout: You're skilled at finding the way, through observation and experience in the wilds. Skills: Athletics, Medicine, Piloting (Planetary), Survival
  • Sleeper Agent: You're skilled at ensuring your mark trusts you. Skills: Charm, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Education) (Cyphers and Masks)
  • Slicer: You're skilled at finding the data, through hacking and electronics mayhem. Skills: Computers, Knowledge (Education), Knowledge (Underworld), Stealth

Era Books

These are taken from the Collapse of the Republic, Dawn of Rebellion, and Rise of the Separatists sourcebooks.

Clone Trooper

Cloned soldiers of the Galactic Republic. Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Cool, Discipline, Medicine, Ranged (Heavy), Ranged (Light), Vigilance (Collapse of the Republic)

  • Arc Trooper: Advanced Recon Troopers who are the front line of the Republic clone troopers in any situation. Skills: Coordination, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary), Stealth (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Clone Commander: The command staff who oversee clone troop operations and act as its upper leadership. Skills: Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Perception (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Clone Officer: The formation commanders of individual clone troop units. Skills: Cool, Leadership, Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Warfare) (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Clone Pilot: The combat pilots of the clone troopers. Skills: Gunnery, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary), Piloting (Space) (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Clone Trooper: The rank-and-file soldiers among the clone troops. Skills: Gunnery, Perception, Ranged (Heavy), Resilience (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Clone Veteran: The clone troopers who are experienced in battle. Skills: Melee, Resilience, Skulduggery, Survival (Collapse of the Republic)


Force-wielding mediators charged with keeping galactic peace. Skills: Athletics, Cool, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Lightsaber, Piloting (Space) (Collapse of the Republic)

  • General: Jedi military commanders during the Clone Wars. Skills: Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Piloting (Planetary), Vigilance (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Knight: Fully acknowledged Jedi. Skills: Cool, Leadership, Lightsaber, Negotiation (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Master: One of the enlightened sages and leaders of the Jedi Order. Skills: Charm, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Education), Perception (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Padawan: The Jedi apprentice-in-training. Skills: Coordination, Knowledge (Education), Mechanics, Vigilance (Rise of the Separatists)


Considered part of every Career.

  • Death Watch Warrior: You are an initiate into the Mandalorian Death Watch, fanatical warriors seeking to reclaim a lost heritage. Skills: Coercion, Mechanics, Piloting (Planetary), Ranged (Light) (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Force Adherent: You are a believer in the Force, likely part of one of many traditions of non-Force-wielders who still revere it. Skills: Melee, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Vigilance (Dawn of Rebellion)
  • Force-Sensitive Emergent: You are newly awakened to the Force. Skills: None (Force Rating 1) (Age of Rebellion)
  • Force Sensitive Exile: You have gone away from civilization to both hide from your enemies and to seek enlightenment. Skills: None (Force Rating 1) (Edge of Empire)
  • Force Sensitive Outcast: Neither Jedi nor Sith, you pursue other ways of the Force. Skills: None (Force Rating 1) (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Imperial Academy Cadet: You have been trained at the Imperial Academy. Skills: Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Piloting (Space), Ranged (Light) (Dawn of Rebellion)
  • Nightsister: You are one of the Force-using witches of Dathomir. Skills: Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Stealth, Survival (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Pirate: You are a buccaneer of the spacelanes, using fear and violence to get what you want. Skills: Coercion, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Skulduggery (Dawn of Rebellion)
  • Recruit: You have received active training in Alliance tactics, rather than simply being recruited and put right to work. Skills: Athletics, Discipline, Survival, Vigilance (Age of Rebellion)
  • Republic Navy Officer: You have served with the Republic Navy, rising to a position of leadership there. Skills: Astrogation, Discipline, Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Republic Representative: You have served in the offices of one of the Senators or as a diplomat for the Republic. Skills: Charm, Cool, Knowledge (any one), Negotiation (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Scavenger: You have scoured the battlefields, looking for what you could take and use. Skills: Mechanics, Perception, Streetwise, Survival (Rise of the Separatists)
  • Senator: You are a Senator of the Republic, representing your people. Skills: Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Education), Negotiation (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Separatist Commander: You are a military leader of the Separatist cause. Skills: Coercion, Knowledge (Warfare), Leadership, Vigilance (Collapse of the Republic)
  • Ship Captain: You're the captain of a vessel and crew, and a natural leader. Skills: Charm, Leadership, Negotiation, Piloting (Space) (Dawn of Rebellion)