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Workshops are generally gained as a reward in some capacity. The most important thing about a workshop is having a place to put it. The most common types of workshops are Facility Workshops, Shipboard Workshops, Homestead Workshops, and Industrial Workshops.

Basic Workshop

Upon acquiring a workshop, a character chooses the workshop’s focus. This is a particular skill for which it is optimized, and is one of the character’s career skills for which a workshop is relevant (generally Comput­ers, Mechanics, or Medicine). When making checks with the workshop’s focus skill, the character is always treated as having the right tools for the job. Further, a default workshop has space to store tools, equipment, and other helpful accoutrements up to 25 total encumbrance.

Facility Workshop

Set up in a hangar bay, mechanic's shop, or other sizeable but limited space, the Facility is usually attached to something else: a spaceport, a space station, a corporate facility, or even just a row of retail or service establishments. This type of workshop uses the Basic Workshop traits.

Shipboard Workshop

For Technicians without a stable home, a workshop on board a starship or vehicle may be the best option. Such workshops are often cramped and have limited potential for expansion but they are typically quite secure, and offer unparalleled access to new clients and jobs. A Technician can put a shipboard workshop only on a craft of silhouette 4 or larger.

Basic Workshop: A basic shipboard workshop takes up a spare storage compartment or cargo bay. It can only contain tools and supplies up to 20 total encum­brance, and it can accommodate three advanced benefits. At the GM’s discretion, the workshop’s owner can use one of the ship’s unused hard points to increase the number of advanced benefits it can sustain by one. When a PC acquires an advanced benefit for a spacecraft, the character may choose a Low-Grav Workspace as that advanced benefit.

Homestead Workshop

Locating a workshop on a planet can mean it is inac­cessible when on the move, but it comes with a lot of room for expansion. Depending on how large a space the workshop is housed in, there might be almost no practical limit beyond expense to the improvements that could be installed. Of course, these improvements are only accessible when work­ ing in the workshop in person, and there could be security concerns if the Technician is away too long.

Basic Workshop: A basic homestead workshop might be an attached room, a tool shed, or even a full separate building. It can contain tools and supplies up to 30 total encumbrance. It automatically has one Comforts of Home advanced benefit, and can accom­modate up to five additional advanced benefits.

Industrial Workshop

While Technicians who operate alone or with a small crew use private workshops out of necessity, those with ties to larger groups, such as corporations or crime syndicates, often have other options. Power­ful patrons might have access to their own facilities, which they can share with favored underlings. These workshops are often outfitted as befits the wealth and influence of their owner, but their use usually comes with the expectation that the patron gets a cut of the work done there.

Basic Workshop: A basic Industrial Workshop usu­ally consists of a building with workspaces for several assistants, a manufacturing facility that can handle the creation of prototypes, and organized storage space. It can contain tools and supplies up to 60 total encumbrance. It automatically has one Addi­tional Workspace advanced benefit, one Research Records advanced benefit, and one Spare Parts Bin advanced benefit, and it can accommodate any number of additional advanced benefits.

Advanced Benefits

Advanced or expansive workshops can offer addi­tional benefits to appropriate projects, or cover more types of work. Additional benefits include upgrading relevant checks, downgrading their difficulty, or reducing the cost or time spent on a proj­ect. Depending on a workshop’s location, there are certain limits to the effects of a workshop. By default, a workshop has the capacity for three advanced benefits. The workshop’s owner must acquire and install these in the workshop separately, through narrative efforts or, at the GM’s discretion, though time and labor. The following are examples of advanced benefits.

  • Additional Workspace: The character chooses one additional focus skill for the workshop. This advanced benefit can be selected any number of times, and its effects are cumulative.
  • Comforts of Home: When the PC suffers strain in the workshop, the character suffers 2 less strain, to a minimum of 1. This does not apply to strain suffered voluntarily. This advanced benefit can be selected any number of times, and its effects are cumulative.
  • Emergency Containment Measures: Downgrade the difficulty of checks with the workshop’s focus skill once. This advanced benefit can only be selected once.
  • Reclamation Equipment: Whenever the character fails a Crafting check in the workshop, half of the Mate­ rial Price is automatically reclaimed. With the proper use of Advantage-result.png or auxiliary equipment, the character can reclaim a maximum of the full value of the Material Price. This advanced benefit can only be selected once.
  • Research Records: The character may spend from any check Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png in the workshop using its focus skill to record data for later use. At the GM’s discretion, this grants additional Boost-die.png to similar future checks. This advanced benefit can only be selected once.
  • Spare Parts Bin: Reduce the rarity of any materials the character wishes to acquire for a crafting project in the workshop by one (to a minimum of 0). If this reduces the rarity of a material to 0, the character does not need to acquire it and is considered to affbady have it on hand. ThTs advanced benefit can be selected any number of times, and its effects are cumulate*
  • Low-Grav Workspace: Shipboard Workshop only. With access to a low- or zero- gravity work area as part of a workshop, a Technician can smelt metals and create pharmaceuticals with unique processes difficult to reproduce under the effects of gravity. The character adds automatic O to Mechanics and Medicine checks in the workshop. This advanced benefit can only be selected once.