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Class III droids are skilled in social sciences and service functions, with core programming based around interacting with sentients.

Messenger Droids
Cybot Galactica M4-series Messenger Droid
6500 credits • Rarity 6
Half a meter tall with a blocky pentagonal body containing a small, highly secure compartment on the side. A large holoprojector lens acts as its faceplate and it moves by high-powered repulsorlift. Equipped with a holoprojector and the ability to store a single message of up to five minutes long. They also possess long-range comlinks and a sophisticated navigation suite that connects to the HoloNet. They are programmed with stealth subroutines, allowing them to move largely unseen.
Source: CaM51
Incom Q-Signal-series Messenger Droid
50,500 credits • Rarity 6
Essentially a stripped-down starfighter piloted by a savant-level droid bran, they are built to deliver encrypted data and physical specimens through hyperspace to predetermined coordinates.
Source: CaM51
Performance Droids
Cybot Galactica SDMN-series Session Droid
4000 credits • Rarity 5
Ubiquitous and available with an incredible number of module entertainment-assisting hardware, the SDMN-series droid is designed to aid with performance of all sorts. Skilled in social situations, performance and entertainment, and the technical skills to accomplish its programming
Source: FH49
Protocol Droids
Arakyd Industries RA-7-series Protocol Droid
12,000 credits • Rarity 6R
Humanoid, with bulbous heads and massive multifaceted eyes. Gawky and awkward in movement, with dully and dry personalities, with just a hint of aloofness that tends toward exasperation with everyone and everything around them. Commonly used and overhauled to serve the Imperial Security Bureau.
Source: CaM51
Cybot Galactica 3PX-series Protocol Droid
7750 credits • Rarity 4
Designed to pull away from humanocentric features, and instead incorporating facial traits from a broad cross-section of species, the 3PX-series of protocol droids have an extensive cultural and linguistic database selection. These are favored by the Rebel Alliance, who see the design as indicative of their non-humanocentric goals.
Source: DA54
Cybot Galactica 5YQ-series Protocol Droid
5500 credits • Rarity 3
Intended as a protocol droid with a broader base of knowledge, the 5YQ is essentially a trivia-droid, with a little bit of knowledge about nearly everything. Capable of operating in nearly any part of the galaxy, they're widely regarded as simply not as effective as other protocols.
Source: DA55
Cybot Galactica LRD-series Envoy Droid
15,000 credits • Rarity 5
Programmed for greater independence of thought than most protocols and featuring expanded loyalty directives, envoy droids are able to speak in their master's stead. Though some consider the sending of an envoy droid to be a snub, having a capable negotiator stand in during certain meetings is preferable to the endangerment of agents or the disruption to schedules of important personages.
Source: DA57
Cybot Galactica M-3PO-series Military Protocol Droid
12,000 credits • Rarity 5R
Though technically classified as a protocol droid, the M-3PO-series manages logistical and analytical efforts for soldiers. With a protected chassis and programmed for military discipline in all instances, these droids assist commanders and quartermasters. They are also notorious for taking charge of other droids whose discipline is less prepared for the chaos of battle, commanding them with efficiency and orderliness. On the downside, they are notoriously inflexible when it comes to regulations and protocols they are programmed with.
Source: DA56
TC-series Protocol Droid.jpg
Cybot Galactica TC-series Protocol Droid
10,000 credits • Rarity 4
Officially registered as an off-shoot of the 3PO series, TC protocols are very nearly superior in every way. Increased attention to programming has given them more stable and helpful personalities and a top-of-the-line TranLang III communications module puts it far in advance of those droids who are simply programmed with languages, as the module enables a droid to decrypt and translate an entirely unfamiliar language after only a few words spoken.
Source: DA55
Industrial Automaton LOM-series Protocol Droid
8500 credits • Rarity 5
Though they were deliberately designed to evoke insectoid species for ease of communication and interaction with species such as the Gand or Verpine, the market eventually discovered that the LOM-series of droids were quite capable in their own right.
Source: DA58
Roche J9-series Worker Drone
7000 credits • Rarity 3
Poorly marketed as a protocol droid by the verpine corporation Roche, most buyers saw the name and assumed the J9-series was simply another labor droid. Though very skilled at translation, many sentients find the slightly buzzing, insectoid voices of the J9 off-putting. Worse, the misunderstood purpose led to many J9-series droids purchased and put to work in simple labor work, causing them to become somewhat bitter at their mis-assignment.
Source: SoR111
Roche SIAK-series Protocol Droid
10,000 credits • Rarity 4
Following the failure of the J9-series, Roche produces the SIAK-series protocol droid, which has been a stand-out success in all ways. Soothing vocalizations, businesslike but pleasant tones, and the ability to converse on a wide variety of topics for hours, as well as a solid hand at negotiations, the SIAK-series is an all-aroudn success.
Source: SoR111
Serv-O-Droid CZ-series Communications/Business Droid
9000 credits • Rarity 4
A prime example of extreme specialization from a Type III droid, the CZ's suite of languages and cultural customs is smaller than those of other protocol droids, and it tends to lack species from beyond the Core Worlds, but it possesses an exhaustive array of business and mercantile protocols from even very obscure markets. It also boasts a long-range comlink that enables it to observe markets across a whoel planet, or even to access the HoloNet for galactic projections (this comlink can also serve as a long-range distress beacon or homing device, a function some Rebel cells have employed quite successfully). They are also top-notch negotiators.
Source: DA55



xx credits • Rarity x
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