Pyrvaris of Clan Trueforger

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Pyrvaris Trueforger
Race: Dwarven Genasi, Class: Druid • 8th
Background: Noble, Alignment: Neutral
Patron Deity: Dumathoin
Factions: Darburl, Emerald Enclave 2 (Renown 4)
Ability Scores
Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 12 (+1);
Intelligence 13 (+1), Wisdom 20 (+5), Charisma 14 (+2)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: INT & WIS
Skills: Arcana (INT), History (INT), Insight (WIS), Nature (INT), Persuasion (CHA)
Tools: Herbalism Kit, Dragonchess Set
Languages: Common, Druidic, Dwarven, Jotun, Primordial, Undercommon
Armor: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Clubs, Daggers, Darts, Javelins, Maces, Quarterstaffs, Scimitars, Sickles, Slings, Spears
Attacks: Forgeheart Cudgel - +9; 1d8 Bludge +1d4 Fire +6

Armor Class: 17, Initiative: +0, Speed: 40ft
Hit Points: 58, Hit Dice: 8d8

Personality Traits:

“xxx” -xxx


Racial Traits

Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. Your ties to the Elemental Plane of Fire make your darkvision unusual: everything you see in darkness is in a shade of red.
Fire Resistance: You have resistance to fire damage.
Reach to the Blaze: You know the produce flame cantrip. Once you reach 3rd level, you can cast the burning hands spell once with this trait as a 1st-level spell, and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Class Traits

Druidic: You know Druidic, the secret language of druids. You can speak the language and use it to leave hidden messages. You and others who know this language automatically spot such a message. Others spot the message’s presence with a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check but can’t decipher it without magic.
Ritual Casting: You can cast a druid spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and you have the spell prepared.
Spellcasting Focus: You can use a druidic focus as a spellcasting focus for your druid spells.

Readied Spells

Cantrips: Control Flame, Druidcraft, Firebolt, Guidance, Produce Flame, Shillelagh
1st Level: Absorb Elements, Burning Hands, Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Longstrider, Protection from Evil and Good
2nd Level: Animal Messenger, Bestial Reawakening, Find Traps, Heat Metal, Lesser Restoration, Natural Attunement, Pass Without Trace, Prayer of Healing, Scorching Ray
3rd Level: Call Lightning, Fireball, Revivify, Sleet Storm
4th Level: Aura of Life, Fire Shield, Wall of Fire

Specialty Traits

Summon Wildfire
2nd-level Circle of Wildfire feature
You can summon the primal spirit bound to your soul. As an action, you can expend one use of your Wild Shape feature to summon your Wildfire Spirit, rather than assuming a beast form.

The spirit appears in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within 30 feet of you. Each creature within 10 feet of the spirit (other than you) when it appears must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take 2d6 fire damage.

The spirit is friendly to you and your companions and obeys your commands. See this creature's game Statistics in the Wildfire Spirit stat block, which uses your Proficiency Bonus (PB) in several places. You determine the spirit's appearance. Some spirits take the form of a Humanoid figure made of gnarled branches covered in flame, while others look like Beasts wreathed in fire.

In Combat, the spirit shares your Initiative count, but it takes its turn immediately after yours. The only action it takes on its turn is the Dodge action, unless you take a Bonus Action on Your Turn to Command it to take another action. That action can be one in its stat block or some other action. If you are Incapacitated, the spirit can take any action of its choice, not just Dodge.

The spirit manifests for 1 hour, until it is reduced to 0 Hit Points, until you use this feature to summon the spirit again, or until you die.

Wildfire Spirit
Small elemental, any chaotic alignment
Armor Class 13 (natural armor)
Hit Points: 35
Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover)
STR 10 (+0) DEX 14 (+2) CON 14 (+2), INT 13 (+1) WIS 15 (+2) CHA 11 (+0)
Saving Throws Skills Damage Immunities: Fire
Condition Immunities: Charmed, Frightened, Grappled, Prone, Restrained
Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., Passive Perception 12
Languages" understands the languages you speak
Soul Bond The following numbers increase by 1 when your proficiency bonus increases by 1: the spirit’s skill and saving throw bonuses above, the bonuses to hit and damage of its Flame Seed, and the bonus to damage of its Fiery Teleportation.
Flame Seed Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, range 60ft., one target you can see. Hit: 1d6 + 3 fire damage.
Fiery Teleportation (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest).
The spirit and each willing creature of your choice within 5 feet of it teleport up to 15 feet to unoccupied spaces you can see. Each creature within 5 feet of the space that the spirit left must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or take 1d6 + 3 fire damage.

Enhanced Bond
6th-level Circle of Wildfire feature
The bond with your Wildfire Spirit enhances your destructive and restorative Spells. Whenever you Cast a Spell that deals fire damage or restores Hit Points while your Wildfire Spirit is summoned, roll a d8, and you gain a bonus equal to the number rolled to one damage or Healing roll of the spell.

In addition, when you Cast a Spell with a range other than self, the spell can originate from you or your Wildfire Spirit.

Blazing Revival
14th-level Circle of Wildfire feature

The bond with your Wildfire Spirit can save you from death. If the spirit is within 120 feet of you when you are reduced to 0 Hit Points and thereby fall Unconscious, you can cause the spirit to drop to 0 Hit Points. You then regain half your Hit Points and immediately rise to your feet.

Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a Long Rest.

Background Traits


  • Mobile: Your speed increases by 10 feet. When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn’t cost you extra movement on that turn. When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not.


  • Coins: 0 cp • 66 sp • 0 ep • 2721 gp • 0 pp • Other coins:
  • Gems: 1 Pearl (100gp ea) 1 Diamond (300gp ea)

Magic Items

  • Forgeheart Cudgel

Weapon, uncommon This carved blackwood cudgel still has natural roots that seem to have grown wrapped around a chunk of iron ore. It is a +1 club. Additionally, when targeted by a shillelagh cantrip, in addition to the normal effects of that spell, it becomes a +2 weapon and inflicts an additional +1d4 fire damage on a successful strike.

Gained from Darkleaf, the dryad of the Blackwood.

  • Corpsman's Shield

Armor (shield), rare (requires attunement) Covered in runes, this shield was developed by the dwarves of ancient Delzoun in their wars against goblinoids; it helps you aid wounded allies. When you use a spell or item to help an ally adjacent to you regain hit points, that ally regains 1d8 additional hit points.

  • Ghost Step Tattoo
  • Barrier Tattoo

Hornlight Lacquers (Business)

Shop (Durneth Lacquer) • 1 Skilled worker • Wealthy

  • Based out of Mornbryn's Shield
  • Partnered with Whurric Hornlight, an alchemist who makes a lacquer out of the strange durneth mosses of the area. This lacquer is used to coat the inside of containers and even wagons in order to mask magical auras.
  • Business selling the lacquer on a larger scale than Whurric's local business model.
  • Monthly Cost: 700gp
    • 240gp Lifestyle (Wealthy for Pyrvaris + Whurric) + 60gp Worker + 50gp Rent (Large Shop), Double Cost for Wealthy Quality
  • Benefits
    • Business covers Wealthy Lifestyle for Pyrvaris
    • On the last day of each month, make a Business Roll to determine profit or loss for that month. This check is made at a -10% and any profits or losses are doubled (both due to Wealthy quality business).


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: Forgeheart Cudgel - +1 Club - Target w/Shillelagh spell to +1d4 Fire on successful strike, Shield
  • Worn: Volcanic Glass Scale Armor
  • Belt: Healing Potion x1, Rope of Climbing, Decanter of Endless Water
  • Backpack: War Pony, Rod + Spear (Druidic Focus), Herbalism Kit, Dragonchess Set, Signet Ring, 2 Person Tent, Rations x12, Mirror (Steel), Pack Saddle, Fine Clothes x3, Traveler's Clothes x5, Bedroll, Blanket x2, Block and Tackle, Crowbar, Grappling Hook, Healer's Kit, Ink, Flask of Oil x10, Miner's Pick, Hammer, Shovel, Iron Spikes x10, Climber's Kit

Stored Equipment

  • x


  • xxx: (x gp/day). x

Faction & Organization Lore



The following are locations and people you know are associated with the Darburl, and to whom you can go should you be in the area. Other areas may have Darburl representatives, but they are not currently known to you. (Mothers & Fathers are leaders in the organization; Aunts & Uncles are lieutenants, each usually with a specialty of some kind.)

  • The Delimbiyr Vale: Daggerford: Mother Arcric, the halfling barkeep at Tyrmora's Cup.
    • Nightstone: Uncle Dunlis Arcri, stablemaster at the inn in Nightstone.
  • The Dessarin Valley: Westbridge: Father Thentilyr, a half-orc who runs a local slaughterhouse
    • Triboar: Aunt Klethja Thentilyr, a gnome farmer at the Goldshine Farm, who specializes in recruitment.
    • Yartar: Uncle Discretion Thentilyr, a tiefling fence and smuggler, who operates a message and package courier service
  • The Sword Mountains: Leilon: Mother Thentilyr, a dwarf woman who runs an eatery
    • Waterdeep: Aunt Alindue Thentilyr, a festhall opera singer who specializes in contacts
  • The Silver Marches & Delzoun:' Everlund: Mother Dlarhund, a genderfluid half-elf innkeep
    • Sundabar: Uncle Kentar Dlarhund, a dwarven washerman
  • Neverwinter Wood: Helm's Hold: Father Dlarhund, a rotund human fighter who teaches combat skills
  • The Frozenfar: Mirabar: Father Arcri, a young human finesmith

Emerald Enclave


Emerald Enclave NPCs
The Enclave is made up of a great many folk who are nomadic, or who spend their time traveling. As such, they tend to have fewer strongholds or outposts. Those that they do have tend to be quite well-known, however, among its membership.

  • Delimbiyr Vale: The Blackwood: The druids, dryads, and werebears of the Blackwood, near Daggerford, are all largely members of the Enclave, and they consolidate efforts to protect the natural lands of the Vale.
  • Dessarin Valley: Goldenfields: The vast temple-farm dedicated to Chauntea the Earth-Mother has long had the protection and support of the Enclave, who consider its model for agriculture and living close to the land to be a high ideal for all settled folk.
    • Mornbryn's Shield: A small settlement high on a ridge overlooking the Dessarin and Surbrin Rivers, the forests nearby to which are home to the unicorn Auferthos. The great unicorn (Faction Rank 4) rarely emerges from her sylvan glades, instead sending her herald, the human ranger Ylentha, as her messenger.
    • Triboar: Just outside of Triboar is a shrine to Gwaeron Windstrom which acts as a meeting place for many of the Enclave who come through the area. Many make camp on the grounds of the shrine.
  • The Frozenfar: Fireshear: Just outside the town of Fireshear is the home of Delsharra Keldabar, a dwarven griffon-tamer. She opens her home to any of the Enclave who come into town, and is even willing to train folk how to ride them and even provide griffons to Enclave members and their compatriots who need to quickly travel within a few hundred miles (around 400 or so) of Fireshear.
  • The High Forest: Shadowtop Cathedral: Home to the treant-druid Turlang, who is one of the seniormost members of the Enclave, Shadowtop Cathedral can only ever be found by Enclave members who openly display their token. Much of what concerns the North inevitably finds discussion here, and Turlang and the other senior Enclave members decide a great deal of Enclave policy for those in the North.
    • Tree Ghost Uthgardt Encampments: The Uthgardt tribesfolk who wander the High Forest have, in recent days, made alliances with those who bear the stag-and-leaf of the Enclave, such that those who bear that mark (and their traveling companions) are welcomed as guests in Tree Ghost encampments, including the holy Grandfather Tree spirit mound sacred to the tribe.
  • Neverwinter Wood: Southwest Woodlands: This part of the Neverwinter Wood is home to a circle of druids who consider Neverwinter Wood their responsibility. They maintain a small compound of rough-hewn lodges to accommodate guests and provide space to plan and discuss.
  • The Silver Marches: Everlund: The temples to Corellon Larethian, Mielikki and Shiallia always bear an open welcome to the Enclave, with some of their clergy bearing the stag-and-leaf themselves.
    • Silverymoon: Like in Everlund, the temples to Mielikki and Shiallia, and the shrine to Lurue, are closely aligned with the Enclave, including having several of their number among its number. Additionally, an inn in the New Ward, called the Shield & Shillelagh, is operated entirely by the Enclave, where its members are given free room and board, with healers to tend to their wounds in the inn's peaceful garden courtyard if necessary.
  • The Sword Mountains: Waterdeep: In the South Ward, the lavish Phaulkonmere Villa is maintained by two noble Houses allied with the Enclave: the Waterdhavian Tarms and the Cormyrean Phaulkons. The noble families have given over the operation of Phaulkonmere to the Enclave for its agents, who find the deep green of its large gardens a welcome succor to the chaos of the city.


Age 40

  • Second-born to Dalbin Trueforger and his wife Thorja, originally of Clan Foehammer.
    • Doratia is his older sister (age 51), she is a warrior of Gauntlgrym (LN, friendly to Pyrvaris)
    • Oviz is his younger sister (age 32), very successful apprentice to father overseeing Trueforger mines (N)
    • Valdin is his younger brother (age 25), took an injury during the mine collapse in 1489 and walks with a crutch (N)
  • Parents were from Citadel Adbar originally, and were sent to Neverwinter to manage Trueforger trade interests in the city.
  • 1451 DR: Mount Hotenow erupts. Dalbin and a very pregnant Thorja escape with Doratia and some other dwarves through the subterranean tunnels.
    • As they flee alongside a great crevasse, it fills with magma and threatens to overrun them.
    • Thorja goes into labor, and Pyrvaris is born, his genasi heritage obvious even then.
    • Dalbin, Thorja, Doratia, and the newborn Pyrvaris take refuge in old dwarven mines for a few months before returning to a decimated Neverwinter, to help with the rebuilding.
  • 1474 DR: Desperate to get away from her horrible, overbearing (and as it turns out abusive) father, Oelyn Zeglyr (then 17 years of age) convinces Pyrvaris to run away to stay with her in a small coastal house. The two become lovers.
    • While there, Pyrvaris and Oelyn's rowboat is capsized by the surfacing of two storm giants, Queen Neri and Princess Serissa. The giants save them, and Serissa befriends Oelyn and Pyrvaris.
    • Though Queen Neri must return to her duties (stopping back in occasionally to check on them all), Serissa remains with Oelyn and Pyrvaris, shrinking down to small folk size through the use of a magic item her mother lends her.
    • Later Serissa's father shows up, furious at her consorting with small folk, and Serissa is forced to leave.
    • A few weeks later, Brerriam Zeglyr (Oelyn's father) arrives at their coastal cottage, with a troop of Neverwinter guards, who arrest Pyrvaris for kidnapping!
    • Pyrvaris is found guilty and serves hard labor for three years. He finds out that it was his older sister Doratia who told House Zeglyr where they could be found, although she is stricken that the human nobles convict her younger brother of such a crime.
  • 1484 DR: Gauntlgrym is re-taken by King Bruenor Battlehammer, and Clan Trueforger lends their support to the effort, including the presence of Doratia Trueforger as a fighter at the battle itself.
    • The Trueforgers drawn on ancestral lore to lay claim to part of rebuilding and managing the Great Forge of Gauntlgrym. They also lay claim to a swathe of mines.
    • Both of these things dramatically increase the standing of the Trueforgers here, giving them a position as one of the preeminent Clans of Gauntlgrym.
  • 1485 DR: Oelyn's husband dies; she escapes the uncertainty of her future to Gauntlgrym, where she comes to stay with Pyrvaris.
    • In order to allow her to remain there, the two marry.
  • 1489 DR: Pyrvaris marries Nalric Wyrmslayer after their union was arranged by their clans.
    • A terrible mine collapse results in the deaths of many Trueforger workers.
      • When investigators determine that it was because the mines were expanded too quickly, without proper security, the Trueforgers are shamed in Gauntlgrym society and fined a significant portion of their wealth to pay weregild to the families of those who died.
      • The remaining Trueforger workers quit the mines, and the Trueforgers cannot get any more workers, thanks to their tarnished reputation.
  • 1490 DR: Desperate to get workers, Dalbin makes a deal with the Darburl.
    • In return for providing workers, the Darburl insist that he send one of his children to join their ranks, to make sure that he makes good on his deals with them. He sends Pyrvaris, giving him a suit of obsidian glass scale armor, an ancestral relic of Clan Trueforger.
    • Later that year, Pyrvaris accidentally sets fire to the Blackwood while in Daggerford Vale, endangering the forest and his Darburl companion, Ahkeron Darkfell.

Important Individuals

Nalric Trueforger
Your husband is a pleasant fellow, unlike many of his Wyrmslayer kin. He was somewhat unsure about adding Oelyn to your marriage, but the two have become fast friends since. He is a weaponsmith, and has been taking lessons from your Uncle Terovis.
Oelyn Trueforger
Your wife and childhood friend escaped what she'd always seen as the throttling of her family. Although your clan weren't sure how to take her addition to your family, she has won over Thorja's respect – which is the key to acceptance in the Trueforgers. She and Nalric have also become fast friends. She has also been learning fighting skills from Thorja, earning her mother-in-law's grudging respect.
Dalbin Trueforger
Though preferring to work in the foundries or in his own brewery, Dalbin is also very capable in going to Gauntlgrym's defense, and commands a small portion of the great citadel's armed forces. Your father tends toward quiet stoicism, without much to say. He is very fond of his wife's outspokenness, and nearly always backs her position.
Thorja Trueforger
Originally a daul of Clan Foehammer, Thorja is a warrior born and bred. While Dalbin tends to the citadel's defenses, Thorja is in command of the clan's forces. She is loud and outspoken, although never cruel. Thorja has the spark of greatness, many feel, although exactly what that looks like is anyone's guess.
Doratia Trueforger
Older Sister (51 years)
Your older sister has eschewed any involvement in the family mines, focusing instead on a career in the military. She commands a unit of Gauntlegrym's infantry, and stands to rise high in service to the citadel. She is orderly and precise, given to doing things the "right way" from the start. This has put her at odds with you before (notably the time she told the humans looking for you where you and Oelyn had gone that summer), but the two of you seem to be on better terms these days.
Oviz Trueforger
Younger Sister (32 years)
In contrast to Doratia, Oviz focuses all her time and efforts on helping your father manage the Trueforger mines. She doesn't have much of a fighter's skill to her, but she is a better than average business woman. When she comes of age, it is generally agreed she will likely end up taking over managing the clan's mines on a day-to-day basis.
Valdin Trueforger
Younger Brother (25 years)
The youngest of Dalbin and Thorja's children, Valdin was injured when the Trueforger mines collapsed. He has become somewhat embittered by his injury, and retreats into drink (much to his father's sadness and his mother's contempt).
Terovis Trueforger
Uncle • Master Flamekeeper of Gauntlgrym
The older brother of Dalbin, Terovis is a cleric of Moradin and the Flamekeeper of Gauntlgrym, responsible for monitoring and overseeing the great forge and the primordial power which it contains.