Dueling in Waterdeep

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  • Duels are no longer legal within Waterdeep.

Former Waterdhavian Laws for Dueling

  • The wearing of weapons is allowed in the city, as is using them in clear self-defense, but duels are allowed only in specific places (such as the various open courtyards in the southern part of the City), and must be marshalled by an officer of the Watch or a Magister.
  • A duel must be for reasons of a specific, unprovoked injury, allowed by the Magister; simply killing citizens because you covet their money or don't like their faces is not sanctioned.
  • Lords, Magisters, Guard and Watch members, and Heralds (even visiting ones) are exempt from challenges, and the Lords usually forbid any duellings involving the heads of the Guilds, noble houses or priesthoods, too, although rank-and-file members of all of these organizations can and do duel, sometimes with great enthusiasm.
  • Duels are seldom to the death; more often, they are to yield or first blood, whichever first occurs; and clerics usually attend to heal (upon payment of temple donations) the loser, and sometimes the winner too.