Guildhalls of Waterdeep

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The Gem of the North
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Castle Ward

  • The House of Gems: Jewellers Guild
  • The Map House: Surveyors', Map and Chart-Makers Guild
  • Fellowship Hall: Fellowship of Innkeepers. The headquarters of the Fellowship of Innkeepers that operates as a member-only inn one night a tenday.
  • The Master Baker's Hall: Bakers' Guild
  • Tower of the Order: Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors. A three-story stone tower surrounded by a fence of sparkling green lights that coalesce into Azuth's and Mystra's symbols, with the hand of Azuth over the tower door rumored to watch the tower and fire magic at any intruders.
  • Guildhall of the Order: Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen
  • Pewterer’s Guildhall: Pewterers & Casters Guild
  • House of Fine Carvers: Fine Carvers Guild. The slate-roofed wooden base of the Fine Carvers Guild, easily found on the High Road with its frieze of carved animals and people, including Ahghairon and other First Lords.
  • The Market Hall: Farmers and Grocers Guild

Sea Ward

  • None

North Ward

  • House of Crystal: Guild of Glass-Blowers, Glaziers & Speculum-Makers. A window-heavy building known as being a source of fine crystal balls and mirrors.
  • House of Healing: The Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians. This guildhall functions as an emergency hospital, potion shop and minor school for student physicians.

Trades Ward

  • The Citadel of the Arrow: Fellowship of Bowyers & Fletchers
  • Costumer’s Hall: Order of Master Taylors, Glovers & Mercers. Little more than an overstocked shop of costumes and props, with meeting rooms in the upper floors.
  • House of Song: Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers & Choristers.
  • Office of the League: League of Basketmakers & Wickerworkers
  • House of Cleanliness: Launderers's Guild
  • The Old Guildhall: Cellarers and Plumbers Guild
  • The Zoarstar: Scriveners, Scribes & Clerks Guild. An ever-busy site which enjoys a constant crowd outside its windows looking in at displayed maps and charts, including a constantly-displayed map of Waterdeep, including a helpful red glass-headed pin to mark where the Zoarstar is in the city.
  • House of Textiles: Most Excellent Order of Weavers & Dyers
  • The Guild Paddock: Stablemasters' & Farriers' Guild
  • Cobblers & Corvisers: Cobblers' & Corvisers' Guild
  • House of Light: Chandlers' & Lamplighters Guild. A constantly bright row house, complete with a huge four-foot candle out front that is lit at night. It is one of the brightest spots in the ward at night is easily found by the smell of lemony-scented wax.
  • Stationers’ Hall: Stationers' Guild
  • Wheel Hall: Wheelwrights' Guild

South Ward

  • The Stone House: Carpenters', Roofers' & Plasterers' Guild. An easily spotted eyesore, thanks to the garish styles and materials used in its construction.
  • House of Good Spirits: Vintners' Distillers' & Brewers Guild. A brewery, winery and inn noted for its wide variety of liquors and strong drink from across the Realms. Its specialty is Waterdhavian zzar, and it serves as the guildhouse for the Vintners' Guild as well.
  • Coach & Wagon Hall: Wagonmakers' & Coach Builders' Guild
  • Saddlers’ Hall: Saddlers' & Harness-Makers' Guild
  • Builder’s' Hall: Guild of Stonecutters & Masons. A lavishly crafted and tended stone building with a row of statues around the front.
  • The Road House: Fellowship of Carters & Coachmen
  • Metalmasters’ Hall: Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers. A gray granite blockhouse with a smoky forge dominating one entire end of the building.

Dock Ward

  • The Butcher’s Guildhall: Guild of Butchers. A recently renovated timber-frame two-story guild house with an available cold cellar for the guild members' overstock.
  • League Hall: League of Skinners & Tanners. A large tannery with an upper-level tavern for the business of the League.
  • Mariner’s Hall: Master Mariners' Guild. A lavish two-story wattle-and-daub building just off the Way of the Dragon that puts up many a visiting ship's captain during and after guild business.
  • Waterman’s Hall: Guild of Watermen. A boat- and warehouse that serves as their headquarters, the boathouse for their skiffs and ferries, and storage for any all flotsam and jetsam found while keeping the harbor clear.
  • Seaswealth Hall: Fishmongers' Fellowship
  • Full Sails Tavern: Most Diligent League of Sailmakers & Cordwainers
  • Cooper’s Rest: Coopers' Guild
  • Shipper’s Hall: Fellowship of Salters, Packers & Joiners
  • Muleskull Tavern: Dungsweepers' Guild
  • Shipwright’s House: Order of Master Shipwrights
  • The Metal House of Wonders: Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths & Finesmiths. This guild hall is quite distinctive, with its metal roof.
  • Jester's Clubhouse: Jesters' Guild
  • The Pavilion of Paving Stones: Loyal Order of Street Laborers

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