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The Heralds of Faerûn
Common Descriptors: Inquisitive, neutral, political
Primary Classes: Bards, clerics, fighters, paladins, rangers
Alignments: LN (primary), LG, LN, LE, NG, N
Herald's Hall: A hidden keep said to be on an island in a black mirror-calm lake called Swordsmere, rumors have placed the Herald's Hall variously in Athkatla, Murann, Eshpurta, Baldur's Gate, and Beregost, among other places.
The Herald's Holdfast: A fortified compound in the Moonwood near Silverymoon, the ancient archive of the Heralds, and headquarters for Old Night.
Vigilant: Rank 1. Vigilants are those who watch for the local Titled Herald. They are often salt-of-the-earth types, in positions to see everything in all walks of life, and to report to the Herald what they find. Those with an eye for important details and a sense of discretion may be approached about joining the ranks of the Heralds properly as an apprentice.

Herald's Apprentice: Rank 3. The apprentice is always bound to the local Titled Herald. In addition to continuing observation of their environs (a task that never truly ends for heralds), they receive training in blazons and laws of heraldry, in history and law.
Titled Herald: Rank 10. When one of the Heraldic Offices is vacated - whether by death or promotion - the High Heralds look to the apprentices of that office, and choose the best of them to assume the responsibilities of the office. This office comes with a coat of arms, a physical token of that office, and a title. As far as the local authorities and legal offices are concerned, the local Titled Herald is the final authority in all matters involving the heralds. While there are offices above them, they are not authorities to whom other can appeal. This puts the Titled Herald in a position of some power and influence, although those given to temptation and corruption are usually weeded out by then, and even Titled Heralds are subject to the appraisal of their peers and superiors.
Senior Herald: Rank 25. Senior heralds who act as the apprentices to the High Heralds, Heralds of this rank are fit to hold one of the offices of Herald Pursuivant or one of the Tabards offices, though such appointment is not guaranteed.
High Herald: Rank 50. One of the five High Heralds who govern the operation and administrate the traditions of the Heralds of Faerûn. There are five High Heralds, known by traditional heraldic titles: Unicorn, Black Vizor, Crescentcoat, Old Night, and Red Dragon).

“We are they who remember, and who judge in accordance with that memory.”
An order that trains and supports the heralds of all the Realms, responsible for registering heraldry properly, recording the goings-on of high and low, and adjudicating questions of propriety and law brought to them.


Across the Realms, the Heralds seem to be functionaries in the various courts and governments of its myriad lands, described by colorful titles passed from one Herald to the next in a given region. They act as criers and announcers, as sages who specialize in history and heraldry, and as masters of the local political ebb and flow. In this, they largely blend into the mass of other bureaucrats and courtiers.

Those in the know, however, are aware that each such Herald is part of a subtle network of Heralds trained to watch and gather information, to record the passage of history, and to carefully curate the blossoming of civilization. For each Titled Herald, there is a network of apprentices and dutiful spies who watch and report. And in turn, each Titled Herald is part of a larger network whose observations are collected by a small body of senior Heralds who work together to form the "big picture" of events in Faerûn.

Goals and Philosophy

The Heralds are a largely beneficent organization - it was not that long ago, in the grand scheme of things, that they were Harpers. But where Harpers are quintessential meddlers, Heralds are beholden to watch and advise in the development of nations and politics. Naturally, this is an ideal, to which each Herald hew in varying degrees.

Heralds are expected, above all things, to do the following:

  • Watch and record historical events. Heralds are expected to keep journals and send reports to their superiors at minimum of once a year, and ideally once a season.
  • Act to educate folk in the advance of history, delivering important news to those who can see that it is properly disseminated, and delivering such news as they receive it to local lords, courts, and temples.
  • Keep a careful record of all heraldry employed in a given area, and to report the advent of new heraldry to the office of Old Night. This responsibility extends to being the office with whom such registrations take place.


On the local level, Heralds are benign in their efforts. They gather information about important people and groups and their doings, and they pass them up the "chain". When new signs or banners or shields come out for display, a Herald knows about it within a day or two, and ascertains the right of the individual to use it - and if they don't have it, makes a point of discreetly approaching them about the necessity for changing it in accordance with local laws and traditions. Heralds also act in official capacity as criers at social events, announcing those who arrive, and as judges at events from friendly tourneys to duels and trials by combat. Heralds are often sought out by newcomers to an area for advice on the power players, the factions, and the intrigues in play, as well.

Quests undertaken by agents of the Heralds might include the following:

  • Seek out old lineage information from the ruins of a noble's ancient holding.
  • Uncover the intrigues that endanger the political balance in an area, and report them to the High Heralds.
  • Act as mediator between two warring factions, attempting to broker peace between them.

Perks & Titles

Heralds in good standing might receive the following benefits:

Vigilant (Rank 1)

Prerequisite: Heralds renown 1+

  • Access to Heralds: Being one of the Vigilant comes with some minor perks - most notably knowledge of and a relationship with the local Herald, who is often willing to provide lore, history, and even local knowledge that might be of help to the Vigilant. Heralds often have quite a bit of social pull, as well. In return, the Vigilant keeps the Herald informed of what they see and hear.
  • Small Coin: Those who act to keep the Heralds informed are compensated for their efforts, receiving an allotment of 1gp per week at renown 1, and increasing to 3gp per week at renown 2.

Herald's Apprentice (Rank 2)

Prerequisite: Rank 2 and Heralds renown 3+

  • Apprenticeship: Those who become apprentices have distinct access to the Herald, and are in active and open training. This grants the apprentice increased access to the Herald, secret intelligence not shared before, and the goodwill of those who wish to remain on the Herald's good side, including local nobles and government figures, as well as groups like the Harpers.
  • Apprentice's Wage: An apprentice Herald has so much of his time taken up that he receives a small stipend, to the tune of 1gp per day that goes only toward covering living expenses. This increases to 2gp at Rank 6.
  • Lore Training: Renown 4+. Upon achieving this rank, the training an apprentice Herald has undertaken pays off. He gains proficiency with the History Skill. If he already has this proficiency, he may instead choose to gain proficiency in one of his class Skills.
  • Historian: Renown 8+ The apprentice Herald's grasp of the finest aspects of history and law has sharpened with their focused training. Gain the Historian feat.

Herald (Rank 3)

Prerequisite: Rank 2 and Heralds renown 10+

  • Heraldic Title: Upon achieving Rank 10, the Herald is invested with one of the Heraldic Titled Offices of the Heralds, becoming the chief herald of his office's area. In addition to the various rights and responsibilities, the registration of heraldry and the largess of the local government ensures that the Herald is capable of supporting himself in a Comfortable Lifestyle at no cost to him. Finally, nearly all Titled offices come with at least one piece of magical regalia symbolic of the office's history and powers.

Office: Heraldic Title

Each of the Heraldic Offices is given a coat of arms and a title that adheres to a local tradition.

  • Altumbel & Aglarond: Green Targe (Spandeliyon)
  • Amn: Sable (Crimmor), Stars (Athkatla), Swanmantle (Eshpurta), Tallboots (Murann), Thorn Tree (Riatavin)
  • Chondath: Bronzespur (Arrabar)
  • Cormanthor: Moonsilver (Elventree)
  • Cormyr: Cormyrean Heralds are given the titles of the settlement, thus: Arabel, Dhedluk, Espar, Eveningstar, High Horn, Hilp, Immersea, Marsember, Suzail, Tilverton, Tyrluk, Waymoot, Wheloon
  • The Dalelands: Bright Shield (Essembra)
  • The Dragon Coast: Flailchains (Westgate), Purple Halberd (Elversult), Sundazzle (Teziir)
  • Moonsea: Shimmaree (Hillsfar)
  • The North: Bucklebar (Luskan), Dark Stag (Silverymoon), Diadar (Amphail), Falconfree (Waterdeep), Gold Saddle (Yartar), Hawkfeather (Sundabar), Jhalvar (Mirabar), Silver Scales (Neverwinter)
  • Sembia: Curved Sword (Saerloon), Lazalar (Ordulin)
  • Nimbral: Durlance (Nimsur), Fyrefelen (Ormen), Hoathal (Sombor), Lyaparce (Bromtor), Mhanrued (Esdul), Ohndivur (Tethmor), Ramrath (Curstallyon), Skannajh (Rauthaven), Statharn (Nimith), Taerash (Suthhaven), Thuldroun (Arevar), Ulaunt (Vindal), plus Culree, Honthallow, Maunthar, Vorlmaer (wandering within Nimbral)
  • Tethyr: Blue Velvet (Ithmong), Shining Helm (Saradush), Swordswreath (Zazesspur)
  • Vilhon Reach: Bloodbanner (Hlath), Dragonplume (Nimpeth), Lone Tree (Ormath)
  • The Western Heartlands: Narlhelm (Baldur’s Gate), Drawn Dagger (Hill’s Edge), High Bow (Secomber), Ironflower (Elturel), Morningstar (Berdusk), Oakenstaff (Iriaebor), Red Sword (Beregost)

Senior Herald (Rank 4)

Prerequisite: Rank 3 and Heralds renown 25+

  • Heraldic Title: Unless offered one of the titles granted only to Senior Heralds (Herald Pursuivant or Sun & Moon Tabard), the Herald continues to serve within their Titled Office. The respect they earn from their fellows and the local government, as well as gifts received for their aid to those seeking the Herald's advice, is sufficient to allow the Senior Herald to live a Wealthy lifestyle.

Herald Pursuivant (Title)

Senior heralds whose worth to the Heralds as a body has transcended management of a local office, the Heralds Pursuivant are all apprentices to the High Heralds. Their service may shift among the various High Heralds from year to year, though all of them are expected to act in the best interest of the Heralds as a body, rather than fostering individual allegiances. Heralds Pursuivants are traveling envoys and messengers, agents nonpareil of the Heralds, many of whom utilize the tactics and techniques of high espionage in their missions. When not employed in such a capacity, they endeavor to master the various skills required of their rank and foster ambition to one day hold one of the High Herald titles.

Sun & Moon Tabards (Title)

Just before a Shieldmeet, two of the most-renowned Heralds Pursuivant are appointed to the so-called "Sun and Moon Tabards," or just "the Tabards." These specialty offices are held from Shieldmeet to Shieldmeet, a span of four years, during which the heralds in question are under the tutelage and supervision of Old Night. It is expected that every genuine candidate for position of High Herald will hold each of these titles at least once; many occupy them multiple times.

  • Green Shield: Green Shield attends to the rituals, diplomacy, and security of the Heralds' Round, a court held each Shieldmeet to publicly render decisions on festival dates and disputes over issues such as legitimacy, inheritance, geneaology, and blazonry. Green Shield's insignia is a featureless forest green shield, and a rod of office that takes the form of a scepter capped with miniature shields on both ends.
  • Gauntlet: Gauntlet endeavors to keep track of the locations, strength, performance, and current allegiances of all militia, mercenary companies, adventuring bands, and standing armies. They share this information only with other heralds. Gauntlet is also bound to see that any established war codes or codes of honor are maintained by those in areas that have them, and that those who violate them are publicly revealed as having done so. Gauntlet's sign of office is a massive, ancient gauntlet of gleaming steel.

High Herald (Rank 5)

Prerequisite: Rank 4 and Heralds renown 50+ There are only five High Heralds at any time, though there are often many candidates among the Heralds Pursuivant. Each of the High Heralds is one of the leaders of their order, and it is their combined will - often uncovered through long-running debates - that sets precedent for not just the traditions of the Heralds, but how many laws of inheritance, legitimacy, genealogy, and blazonry will be judged.

  • Unicorn: The most highly ranked of the High Heralds. Unicorn's decree has precedence in matters of judgment (though abuses are overruled by unanimous quorum of the other four). Unicorn has first right to adjudge and cry all single combats, and all ceremonial or ritual contests where creatures other than great cats or horses and their kin are used. Unicorn has keeping of the black rod known as the Rod of the Heralds as his insignia.
  • Old Night: This office is responsible for two primary tasks: the training of senior heralds and the maintenance of the Herald's Holdfast, the great repository where all the lore that comes across any Herald's attention eventually ends up, carefully cataloged and collated. Old Night is reclusive, and the rod of office given as his insignia is a gnarled walking-stick of bronze, its current shape the result of crumpling down a shield of bronze.
  • Black Vizor: An office that assumes travel and communication, Black Vizor is intricately invested in current politics, keeping track of intrigues, changing attitudes, treaties, and the shifting balances of power. His symbol of office is an immense magical black full-visor helm, and a massive matching mace of over four feet in length.
  • Crescentcoat: Crescentcoat's work is hard and constant, as the office is responsible for exploring and researching every issue brought before the High Heralds and presenting them to the body for debate, as well as the training of local Heralds. When a Heraldic Office on the local level is newly filled, that herald is likely to earn a visit from Crescentcoat, who stays for however many weeks or months necessary to ensure the new herald is well-trained and prepared to do their work. Crescentcoat bears an ivory rod of ancient make as their sigil of office, as well as a tabard covered with interlocking crescent moons worked in cloth-of-silver.
  • Red Dragon: This office has the traditional role of "devil's advocate," responsible for challenging tradition to ensure that it still serves as the best way of doing things. As a result, Red Dragon usually has a reputation as a shit-stirrer and firebrand among the High Heralds. Outside of their august company, Red Dragon plays an important diplomatic role in arranged marriages among nobility, who often seek their aid when finding a fit spouse for one of their scions has proven difficult. Red Dragon also has the traditional duty of escorting supplicants in rituals of attaining or receiving a title, position, or honor, though this is traditionally handed off to the local herald in their place. Red Dragon's icon of office is a rod of fine wood topped by a carved dragon's head, its jaws wide and roaring.

Important Members

High Heralds

  • Merlon Alurneth: Unicorn. Unicorn is based out of Swordsmere, though about half the time he is found traveling. An archmage of no small skill, Merlon is known to have trained with the Vangerdahast "Thunderspells" Aeiulvana of Cormyr in his youth some eighty years ago, and certainly seems to have absorbed some of his old master's prickly nature. He is also quite clearly accustomed to leadership, both on and off the battlefield.
  • Tarthilmor Aerasume: Old Night. Formerly of the Silveraen Spellguard, Tarthilmor is one of the Brothers Aerasume, the half-elf sons of Alustriel of Silverymoon. It has many a year since Tarthimor has returned to Silverymoon, and he has become something of a recluse in the Herald's Holdfast. He has even turned away requests that he take a Herald Pursuivant, to the consternation of the other High Heralds.
  • Wienna Baendeir: Black Vizor. Rarely seen at Black Helm Tower near Daggerford, in the North, Wienna is a paladin of Waukeen, who frequently defends merchant caravans and travelers from predations of monsters and raiders while she is out traveling. The sight of her riding to the rescue atop her golden steed Scales-Balancer, has been the relief of many a folk throughout the Western Heartlands.
  • Flasko Turbridge: Crescentcoat. From Moonrise Towers, the fortified compound west of Elturel on the banks of the River Chionthar, the experienced merchant and wanderer Turbridge brings a wealth of practical experience. The charming halfling is good at dealing with anyone, from the most exalted noble to the meanest commoner, and no one is spared his cheerfully cutting observations should they warrant them. Indeed, not even his fellow High Heralds are spared the edge of his tongue.
  • Maunmouk: Red Dragon. Maunmouk is the first dragonborn to serve as a High Herald, and occasionally jokes that his scales are black, given his title. Based out of Dragonrise Keep, a fortified compound south of Easting, near the headwaters of the stream that becomes the southern feeder of the River Chionthar, Maunmouk is the first to question the decisions of the High Heralds and to call precedent and tradition into question when they seem to fail to measure up to common sense. Despite this, the experienced warrior is very highly regarded by his fellow High Heralds.

Titled Heralds

  • Rusella Varandal: Rank 48 • Falconfree (Waterdeep). A dedicated Herald who has remained focus on her local responsibilities for most of her more than forty years of service as a Herald.

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