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The Gem of the North
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Castle Ward

  • The Font of Knowledge: Temple to Oghma. Founded in 1368 DR, with expansive patronage by House Estelmer, the Font of Knowledge houses the largest library in Waterdeep, and most of the North (save Silverymoon), an archive which is open to the public (with the gentle guidance of the temple's clergy-sages). The church has strong ties to Houses Estelmer and Majarra, as well as to the Scriveners, Scribes, & Clerks Guild.
  • The Halls of Justice: Temple to Tyr. A busy place popular with many magistrates, Watch, Guard, and city bureaucrats, the Halls of Justice are a towering edifice divided among several groups: the temple tradition of the Halls, the Holy Order of the Knights of Samular, and the Order of the Even-Handed. While they are divided on specific tenets and traditions, they are a unified front in the accomplishment of Tyr's principles.
  • The House of Two Hands: Monastery to Tyr. A monastery whose fighter-monks seek to uphold goodness and order in the world, leading half of them to be away from the monastery at any given time, doing good works.
  • The Pantheon Temple of the Seldarine: Temple to the Seldarine (Elven Gods). When elven clergy of the Seldarine approached the Masked Lords to ask for permission to establish a Pantheon temple to their gods, it was considered a coup for relations between Waterdeep and the elven peoples. Waterdeep has always had an extensive elven population, and is indeed the site where the Grey Ships of Evermeet come at Midsummer to carry away those elves who tire of Faerûn and seek to return to elven lands. When that permission was quickly given, the elves asked for an allotment of property right in the middle of a busy and crowded Castle Ward neighborhood, shocking the Lords. Even when pressed, the elves would not explain their choice; so without further ado, the grant was given. The Pantheon Temple is a tall, dour structure of gleaming white stone flecked with silver, but has within it a garden and long walking galleries between the shrines to the elven deities.
  • The Spires of Morning: Temple to Lathander. A walled garden compound with eight beautiful gilded towers that reflect Lathander's dawn.
  • Unicorn Hall: Temple to Lurue. A courtyard behind an outer wall, with a variety of outbuildings around the green swathe.

Sea Ward

  • The Chapel of the Divine Right: Shrine to Siamorphe. A chapel that is part of the Assumbar villa, but open to the public, it mostly sees other nobles as its reverents.
  • The House of Inspired Hands: Temple to Gond. An enterprising temple to Gond that frequently abounds with new and noisy inventions of its faithful.
  • The Tower of Luck: Temple to Tymora. The second largest temple in Waterdeep is a large walled tower, its clergy funneling its weighty resources into improving the complex and undermining the city of Arabel's claim as the center for Tymoran worship.
  • The House of Wonder: Temple to Mystra. The ornate tower for the faithful of Mystra with her holy symbol in mosaics on the courtyard, with the tower rising from the center of the starburst.
  • The Shrines of Nature: Shrines to Mielikki and Silvanus. A walled and forested complex that holds unpretentious "shrines" the size of some small temples to Mielikki (called "The Lady's Hands") and Silvanus (called "the Fathergrove").
  • The House of Heroes: Temple to Tempus. The largest of the temples in the city is dedicated to Tempus, the Lord of Battle, and attracts spectators and combatants alike from the nearby Field of Triumph.
  • The House of the Moon: Temple to Selune. A silver-gilded temple of fine white and blue stone, the House of the Moon was the oldest temple in Waterdeep, but the Spellplague wrecked it almost in its entirety. In the years since, it has been rebuilt over the original foundations, with additional towers, giving it a taller silhouette in the Waterdehavian skyline.
  • The Temple of Beauty: Temple to Sune. A lavish temple of red marble, with gold and silver accents with many statues of the goddess and her most comely worshippers throughout the history of the faith. The structure is a combination temple and pleasure dome, soaring above the neighboring noble villas, with tall towers and a central open-air ballroom that hosts revels many nights of the year.

North Ward

  • Holyhands House: Interdenominational Temple. Formerly the villa of House Maernos, Holyhands now acts as a temple for non-human faiths, per the bequest of the last Maernos patriarch in 1372 DR. With the founding of the Seldarine temple, Holyhands now caters mostly to the dwarven, gnomish, and halfling pantheons, with a scattering of other shrines as well.
  • Hospice of St. Laupsenn: Charity Mission of Ilmater.

Trades Ward

  • Monastery of the Sun Soul: Monastery to Amaunator, Lathander, Selûne.

South Ward

  • Helm's Hall: Orphanage (Helm). This historic stone building was constructed nearly two centuries ago to care for the orphans and widows of deceased adventurers. Helm’s Hall is supported financially by a number of temples, noble houses, and retired adventurers, while priests of Helm tend to the day to day management and administration of services. Many of the children ten and older are either apprenticed or working with the Lamplighters Guild at night, and they receive training during the day so that they will be able to ply a trade before leaving Helm’s Hall at age 15.
  • Vault of Glory: Temple to Waukeen. A large temple not quite fifty years old, one of Open Lord Dagult Neverember's first acts as Open Lord was to call for the founding of a Waukeenar temple, to honor the goddess in hopes that her favor might return Waterdeep to prosperity and safety. Lord Dagult arranged a competition between the noble Houses and the Guilds to pay for the temple, resulting in the erection of a truly opulent fane to her glory.

Dock Ward

Deepwater Harbor

  • The Queenspire: Temple to Umberlee. A towering spire rising out of the harbor, the Queenspire is the temple to Umberlee. Its lower levels are entirely submerged in the seawater, catering to merfolk and tritons who revere the ocean goddess.

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