Magistrates of Waterdeep

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Colloquially referred to as "Black Robes," the magistrates are the judiciaries who try and judge criminal cases in violations of the Laws of Waterdeep. There are a little over thirty of the Magistrates at any given time, and most days they are arranged at the Common Courts at Castle Waterdeep as well as at the gates of the city (where they are each accompanied by a half-dozen City Guard for their protection).

Magistrates are empowered to pass immediate judgment on any criminals brought directly to them, and frequently do so when the Watch drags apprehended criminals and at least a trio of witnesses. If there is any hesitation at all, those apprehended are ordered into the Castle's gaol systems for an indepth inquiry in the Common Courts within a few days time.

Magistrates have a reputation as forthright and inquisitive, and for good reason: any one of the Masked Lords could be watching them work at any given moment. Those magistrates not up to the task of their duties soon find themselves relieved of them, and others are easily appointed by Lords' decree.


Yasolos Iluther
One of the so-called "black robes", Yasolos is a well-respected magistrate. He has a reputation for being somewhat humorless and dreadfully literal, with a distrust of clever wordplay and flourished language. He is extremely well-learned in matters of the law, and respected by his fellow magistrates, even when they find him severe and humorless.
  • Ceraster Cassalanter: Magistrate. Ceraster of House Cassalanter has served as a Magistrate for Waterdeep for several decades now, and is easily one of the most respected among them. He is careful to recuse himself from any cases that involve the nobles of Waterdeep at all, neatly sidestepping accusations of either favoritism or using his temporal power to strike at House rivals.

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