Waterdhavian Gangs

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Dock Ward

  • Apprentices: Dock Ward. xxx
  • Blinders: Dock Ward. A gang that claims they get their name from some tactic or technique they employ to "blind the Eye," a reference to the Xanathar. They have a street reputation as having refused and even fought the Xanathar's agents before.
  • Bloody Bosuns: Dock Ward. xxx
  • Krakens: Dock Ward. xxx
  • Mootkings: Dock Ward (+ South Ward). x
  • Pressbow Boys: Dock Ward. A gang based out of the Pressbow neighborhood in the Dock Ward

South Ward

  • Black Scimitars: South Ward. xxx
  • Courtiers: South Ward. xxx

Castle Ward

  • Drunkard's Own: Castle Ward. xxx
  • Old Temple Crew: Castle Ward. xxx
  • Pinions: Castle Ward. xx
  • Squires: Castle Ward (+ Dock Ward and South Ward). A gang that has made as its headquarters the buildings at the feet of the Honorable Knight, one of the Walking Statues. Though they claim to have formed to protect their neighborhood from the predation of other gangs, they still take protection money and certain other gang rackets. They're certainly nowhere near as bad as most street gangs, however.

Trades Ward

  • Arulembar's Shields: Trades Ward + Castle Ward. A gang notorious for its pickpockets and burglars, the Shields ostensibly began as as group dedicated to protecting the folk in their originating neighborhood in the Trades Ward. Once the burly fighter Arulembar died twenty years ago, however, those who succeeded him found themselves with a small army of trained fighters, and a will to use it to go to war against other gangs. Though the Shields are distinctly a group of thieves, making most of their coin that way, the Shields also run protection rackets, kidnap-and-ransoms, and will hire out as bully-boys.
  • Auld Hornies: Trades Ward (+ South Ward). xxx
  • Griffins: Trades Ward (+ Sea Ward) Supposedly founded thirty years ago by a pair of bored nobles, the Griffins are a gang who focus their efforts on giving folk the illegal things they want, rather than victimizing folk. They deal drugs, fence, sell smuggled goods, and arrange for illegal gambling dens, all with the aim of thrilling rich folk and parting them from their coin. The Griffins maintain the northernmost territory of any other gang.
  • Redwatch: Trades Ward (+ South Ward). Hard pressed between the Squires and the Auld Hornies, the Redwatch is rapidly losing both territory and members to injury and defection. Even their allies, the Courtiers, seem to have abandoned them.
  • Adventurer's Quarter (Special Location): In the Trades Ward, only one neighborhood goes without being claimed by any gangs at all, and that is the Adventurer's Quarter. The various adventuring companies who make their homes there have made it very clear that they're not interested in what the gangs bring to a neighborhood, and have happily resorted to spell and steel to make that point. In the last thirty years, not only have the gangs accepted this, but they have come to regard the Quarter as neutral territory where they can meet one another without ambush, as no one wants to antagonize the Quarter's main residents.

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