D&D Next Battle Exhaustion

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Because this campaign does not assume people who are long-experienced with violent and physically stressful situations, I am using a rule to represent the exhaustion and soreness that most people experience from such situations.

PC Exhaustion Thresholds

Exhaustion Threshold

  • A character's "Exhaustion Threshold" is equal to 2 + his Character Level + Constitution Modifier.
  • Dwarves gain a +1 bonus to this rating.

Exhaustion Checks

  • After a battle, compare the number of rounds the combat lasted to the character's Exhaustion Threshold.
    • If the time spent in combat is below the Exhaustion Threshold, no check for Exhaustion is necessary.
    • If the time spent in combat is equal to or above the Exhaustion Threshold, that character must make a Constitution check (DC 10) or gain a level of Exhaustion (see "091913 DM Guidelines" pg11 for the sidebar detailing the levels of Exhaustion).
    • If the time spent in combat is double or more of the Exhaustion Threshold, the DC is 15. If it is triple or more, it is 20. Etc.
  • This check is only made after the combat ends. It is assumed fear for life and adrenaline keep the character going during the encounter.

Beyond Combat

  • Other tense, demanding and physical situations - such as highspeed chases - may force a similar check.