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Street Urchin

You grew up on the streets, fighting for your survival. Perhaps you spent your whole life there, one of the hordes of street children, or you may have simply found yourself there for a few years after some tragedy, but your formative years were spent coming to know the cobblestones, sewers and rooftops of your home city like few others do. Some run in gangs, banding together to help one another survive and run bigger cons and schemes, while others are inveterate loners looking out only for themselves.

Trait: City Knowledge

You know many secrets about your city that others do not. These are always things relevant to the underbelly of your city where you lived - the best places to hide out from the law, the best ways to get around without being seen, who the reputable fences, back-alley sawbones and peddlers of illicit goods are and what territory belongs to which gangs and criminal syndicates.


  • Skills: Perception, Stealth, plus either Deception or Intimidation
  • Tools: Disguise kit, thieves' kit


One of your choice


Ball bearings (100), blanket, caltrops, 10 pieces of chalk, common clothes, disguise kit, pouch, hempen rope (50'), signal whistle, thieves' tools, simple piece of jewelry (20 gp, ill-gotten goods), 8 sp, 5 cp