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Khamphong "Rose" King
Virtue: Good Samaritan • Vice: Rebellious • Aspirations: *Understand the Greenhouse, Raid Aegis Kai Doru Compound, *Rescue Alie and Nancy, *Learn about Mage Society
Path: Thyrsus • Order: x • Legacy: None • Cabal: x • Obsessions: Spirit map of Portland, Understand my Destiny
Intelligence 3, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 1, Crafts 1, Medicine 4 (Veterinary), Occult 3, Science 1
Physical: Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 4 (Knife; Spear; Staff)
Social: Animal Ken 3 (Wild), Empathy 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1
Mental: Area of Expertise (Knife; Spear; Staff), Favored Weapon (Dad's Ka-bar) (••), Holistic Awareness (•), Language (Vietnamese) (•), Language (French) (•), Object Fetishism (•)
Combat: Armed Defense (•••••), Defensive Combat (Weaponry •), Spear and Bayonet (•••), Staff Fighting (••••)
Awakened: Destiny (•••), Familiar (••), Fetish: Snowdrop (••), (High Speech (•), Occultation (•), Shadow Name (••), The Dark Room (•)
Health: 9, Willpower: 5, Wisdom: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 7 (Armor: 0), Initiative: 6
Mana: 10 • Yantras: 2 • Ritual Interval: 3 Hours • Arcana Limits: 3/2 • Paradox: 1 • Combined Spells: 1
Obsessions: 1
Arcana: Life 2, Prime 2, Spirit 2
Rotes: 0
Praxes: Speak with Beasts (Life 1), Sacred Geometry (Prime 1)
Magical Tools: x
Counterspell: Life & Spirit
Improved Pattern Restoration: Heal bashing damage by spending 1 mana or lethal damage by spending 2. May scour Physical Attribute ratings without lowering derived Traits as a result.
Life Armor: Add half [Life] to armor and Defense. Use higher of Wits and Dexterity as Defense.
Terror of the Huntress
Effects: The prey tremble, giving away their hiding places when the shadow of the Huntress falls over them. Those affected by this Tilt lose the 10-Again effect on their Stealth tests.
Cause: Being in Rose's vicinity when she casts a spell, and having a Resolve lower than the nimbus' Power.
End: End of scene.
• Spend 1 Mana to activate Immediate Nimbus (roll Gnosis for Strength)
• Spend 1 Mana to deliberately place Signature Nimbus on person, place, or object.
Mage Sight
Primal Sight: Detect life signs and how injured someone is with a glance, and can detect the presence of toxins, diseases, and Personal Tilts. Detect Gauntlet strength, presence and nature of Resonance Conditions, sources of Essence, and highlights manifested spirits and related phenomena.
Peripheral: Always Active. Automatic sensory awareness of supernatural phenomena.
Active: Reflexive Action. Perceive Ruling Arcana phenomena for [Gnosis] minutes or one scene (1 Willpower); -2 to non-magic rolls while active. Instant Action. Spend 1 Mana/Arcanum to add a Common or Inferior Arcanum.
Focused: Used to engage in Scrutiny and Revelation of Mysteries.
Ruling Arcanum:
Other Abilities
Pattern Restoration: 3 Mana to heal 1B or 1L or 1 Mental Condition or 1 Physical Tilt
Pattern Scouring: Physical Attribute -1 or 1 resistant Lethal to gain 3 Mana
Current Conditions


Age: 28
Khamphong was born to a Vietnamese mother, and an American father in 1957. Her father was part of the Military Assistance Advisory Group, who were sent as the first wave of American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict in 1955. He was to train the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, as well as relieve the French of their military involvement in the area, as they had to be out of Vietnam in the following year, as per the Geneva Conference.

Downtime Life

  • 1976: Events of Maple Shade, begins to investigate the disappearance of her father. Discovers he basically abandoned the family. Rose begins to work with Aegis kai Doru, and Shirley joins the hunt as well.
  • 1977: Lori files for divorce after Rose finds out about her husband. She begins to go attend temple again with Mary. Rose and Shirley begin to travel further afield on the West Coast, hunting for the Aegis. They maintain a cover identity as a punk band.
  • 1978: Holly marries a good Vietnamese boy from temple, and a huge wedding is thrown, to Grandmother's delight. Holly moves in with him and is rarely heard from.
  • 1979: Lori meets Leonard "Lennie" Marfield at temple and the two begin dating, much to Rose's horror. Huntress - the band and team of hunters - is formed.
  • 1980: Lori and Lennie marry. Grandmother dies. Shortly thereafter, Mt. St. Helens erupts. Tammy disappears shortly thereafter, though she calls from LA, where she is pursuing modeling and acting. Lisa moves in with Viv for a short period of time, who helps her enroll in an art university in San Francisco.
  • 1981: x
  • 1982: Tammy moves to Reno and establishes herself as an entertainer and entrepreneur.
  • 1983: x
  • 1984: x



  • Virtue: Good Samaritan. Regain all spent Willpower when you stop everything you're doing to help someone else in their time of need, to the possible detriment of yourself.
  • Vice: Rebellious. Regain one spent Willpower when you take an action in direct opposition of what you're told to do.
  • Aspirations:
  • Integrity: 7
  • Breaking Points:
    • What is the worst thing your character has personally done?
    • What is the worst thing your character can imagine themselves doing?
    • What is the worst thing your character has experienced that someone else has done?
    • What has your character forgotten?
    • What is the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to your character?


  • Possessions
    • 1969 Black Subaru Sambar Van
  • Armor
    • SCA Heavy Fighting Armor (Rat 3/2, Str 3, Defense -2, Spd -3) [Torso, Arms]
    • Helmet (Rat 2/1, -1 to sight- and hearing-based Perception rolls.) [Head]
    • Riot Gear (3/5, Str 2, Def -2, Spd -1) [Torso, Arms, Legs]
  • Weapons
    • SCA Heavy Fighting Spear (Dam +1, Init -1, Str 2, Size 4) [Knockdown, Reach, Two-Handed]
    • SCA Heavy Fighting Sword (Dam +2, Init -2, Str 2, Size 2) [Stun]
    • Spear (Dam +2, Init -2, Str 2, Size 4) [Reach, Two-Handed]
    • Large Shield (Dam +2, Init -4, Str 3, Size 3) [Concealed]
    • Dad's Ka-Bar (Dam +1, Init -1, Str 1, Size 2) [Enhance: Crafts or Survival]
  • The Caller's Wand: Path Tool. A wand wrought of kassiterum, in the shape of spiralling vines. +1 Path Tool Yantra, +2 on summoning spells. Touching an ephemeral entity with it causes the loss of 1 Essence.
  • The Puffball Stone: Grimoire ••. A rough stone covered with small puffball fungi. When eaten, causes hallucinogenic experience that inflicts the Insensate Tilt for one hour (except that you can take spellcasting actions). The trip reveals the four rotes contained within this "grimoire" – in order to benefit from spellcasting rotes, must be tripping. If you ever spend Merits on purchasing the grimoire, you can use this drug without gaining the Insensate Tilt, and in fact being high while using it counts as a +1 environmental Yantra. Produces one dose per day, maxing out at 8 doses; a harvested dose lasts 24 hours before going bad. Rotes: Body Control (Life •• + Survival), Mutable Mask (Life •• + Empathy), Many Faces (Life ••• + Athletics), Transform Life (Life ••• + Medicine)
  • Griefwort: Healing Herb. A unique plant that functions well for healing both mundane and magical. A character is treated as though they had the Holistic Awareness Merit if they have any doses of griefwort, and characters with that Merit may use a dose of griefwort to gain a +2 equipment bonus to Medicine checks with it. It may also be used as a +2 sacrament Yantra for spells that heal or strengthen the physical body in some way. The patch of griefwort has up to 12 doses at a time, regaining 1d10 doses per week; a harvested dose lasts one week before going bad.
  • The Font Tree: Locus •. A tree that seems to have grown up around a spring of water, forming a pool in the "well" in the trunk. This is a one-dot locus with a Vibrance Resonance, generating 3 Essence per day.
  • Other Notes:


  • Snowdrop (••): An ancient weapon wielded by Vietnamese Buddhist sages who fought witches and shapeshifters. Like the snowdrop that hides beneath the snow, waiting to pop up to herald the spring, this blade hides itself from those seeking it. Snowdrop has been a familial relic in Rose's mother's family for generations.
    • The Hidden Blossom: Those who are not looking for a weapon explicitly simply miss seeing it entirely, their gaze passing over it. If someone is actively searching for the blade (visually or by a pat-down), it inflicts a -3 penalty to their attempts to do so.
    • The Blossom in Spring: Though it seems to be a slightly strange spade-headed dagger most of the time, like the snowdrop popping up through the snow, this blade's wooden hilt can be commanded to extend into a full spear! Spend 1 Willpower to turn it from a knife into a spear. Use the normal traits for each.


  • xxx

Merit Details

  • Retainer (••••): Shirley Slaughter (Street Kid)
  • Area of Expertise (Spear)
  • Language (Vietnamese): Character can speak, read, and write in Vietnamese.
  • Language (French): Character can speak, read, and write in French
  • Weapon and Shield
    • Shield Bash (•): Your character slams her shield into an oncoming opponent, disrupting his attack. When Dodging add her shield’s Size to her pool. If she reduces an opponent’s attack successes to 0 then any additional successes inflict bashing damage.
    • Boar's Snout (••): Your character throws everything into a forward charge, trusting in her shield to protect her. Using a weapon and shield, your character can all-out attack and retain her shield’s Size bonus to Defense for the turn. If this maneuver is used the same turn by other allies with shields, then add an additional +1 to Defense for each.
    • Pin Weapon (•••): Your character uses her shield to trap an opponent’s weapon. If an opponent misses a melee attack against your character he is automatically disarmed.
    • Tortoise Shell (••••): Your character knows how to position herself so that she’s completely protected by her shield. When using a shield she is considered behind cover with Durability equal to the shield’s size plus one for each shield-wielding ally in her immediate vicinity.
  • Spear and Bayonet
    • Firm Footing (•): Your character braces herself with her weapon to skewer a charging opponent. Any opponent attempting an all-out or charge attack against your character takes her weapon’s damage automatically before he makes his attack roll. Armor subtracts from this, but then will not apply to any attacks your character makes in the same turn.
    • Keep at Bay (••): Your character can threaten an opponent with her weapon to prevent maneuvering. Choose an opponent with a shorter weapon; if that opponent takes any action other than backing away or Dodging he loses his Defense against your character’s next attack.
    • Strike and Develop (•••): Your character stabs an opponent with her weapon then turns the blade before removing it, leaving a more grisly wound. Attacks made with her weapon that inflict lethal damage causes the victim to bleed out, causing one point of lethal damage for a number of turns equal to her successes on the attack roll. Subsequent attacks can add to the total number of turns but never cause more than one point of lethal damage per turn in bleeding to the victim. She loses her Defense any turn she uses this maneuver. Drawback: Spend a point of Willpower to activate this maneuver.
  • Phalanx Fighter: Your character is trained to wield a spear alongside a shield. She does not increase her spear’s Strength requirement for using it one-handed as long as she’s also using a shield. She can use a spear for any Weapon and Shield maneuvers.

XXX (Familiar)

Sabrefang (Kuk Uhur) (Rank 1 Nature Spirit)


Choir of Animals, Cats Descant
Attributes: Power 3 • Finesse 3 • Resistance 2
Essence: 10 • Corpus: 6 • Willpower: 5 • Initiative: 5 • Defense: 3 • Speed: 16 • Size: 4
Ban: Cannot enter the lair of another apex predator.
Bane: Teeth and claws of natural predators

  • Contact: Must spend 1 WP and make a Power + Resistance roll, at a -[Rank] penalty.
  • Solidity: Solid while spirit is in Twilight
  • Touch: Inflicts 1A while Materialized, and causes Materialized Condition to end. If non-Materialized, inflicts 1L. Inflicts 1L if Fetter touches bane.
  • Weapon: If employed as a weapon, inflicts aggravated for Materialized, or lethal otherwise.

Combat: Power + Finesse to attack • Inflict bashing damage

  • Twilight: May only attack and be attacked by other spirits.
  • Corpus Loss to Lethal or Aggravated: If Essence remains, dissolves and enters hibernation in a Conditioned location. If no Essence remains, it is destroyed.

Influence: Hunting •

  • 1 Essence • Roll Power + Finesse • Add to Defense, make an emotion stronger, or add Rank to Health or Structure for individuals connected to them.


  • Discorporate: No cost. Spirit can discorporate as though it had lost all Corpus.
  • Familiar: No cost. Spirit is bonded to a mage, preventing Essence bleed. Spirit and mage have a Connected Sympathetic link, may use one another's senses with a reflexive action (casting magic through those senses requires a Reach for remote viewing but not Sympathetic Range Attainment), and can pass Mana and Essence between them (Essence > Mana loses 1 point in exchange). If discorporated, entity will reform in a location bearing the mage's Signature Nimbus.
  • Reaching: Spirit only • 1 Essence • Power + Finesse (- Gauntlet). Spirit applies the Reaching Condition to itself.


  • Animal Control (R): 1 Essence; Power + Finesse – target’s Resolve. Spirit exerts control over an animal for the rest of the scene; may exert control over up to [Finesse] animals at once, activating this Numen for each animal.
  • Camouflage: 1 Essence. Spirit blends with background as long as it remains still; those trying to spot the spirit receive a penalty equal to Finesse.
  • Seek (R): 1–2 Essence; Finesse. Spirit detects an event or thing directly related to its influence. This is at a range of two miles, or twenty miles if it spends 2 Essence at activation.

Friends and Family

Lori King
  • Mom - Lan (Lori) King
  • Dad - Captain Walter King
Cpt. Walter King
  • Grandma Minh Chau (Mary) Pham
Mary Pham
  • Aunt Hoang (Holly) Pham
Holly Pham
  • Aunt Trang (Tammy) Pham
Tammy Pham
  • Aunt Linh (Lisa) Pham
Lisa Pham
  • Tenille is an orange Eurasier. Also a she.


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 1
Unspent Experiences: 0
Spent Experiences: 8
Experiences Earned
Arcane Experiences
• Current Arcane Beats: 1
• Unspent Arcane Experiences: 0
• Spent: 10


Apartment B14

A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Money: xxx
  • Clothing & Jewelry: xxx
  • Communication: xxx
  • Food: xxx
  • Housing: xxx
  • Days: xxx
  • Evenings: xxx


  • 0 skill points held in reserve
  • 0 merit points held in reserve