Lora Brovik

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Scion of Heimdall


Heimdall, always seeking out new eyes & ears in prominent places took an interest in the ambitious US Senator Colin Brovik. One night when Mr. Brovik was working late at the office, Heimdall took on his form and visited Lana Brovik. Lora was conceived, but Mrs. Brovik died during labor and almost took her daughter to the grave with her.

Mr. Brovik raised her, never knowing that she was not of his own blood. He later remarried, giving her a step-mother, Grace, who usually ignored her, two classically wicked step-sisters named Phoebe and Juliet and later a half-brother, Miles, whom she adores. She also has a Scottish terrier named Ludwig von Barkbark.

Thus far in Lora's life she has not done anything in particular that anyone would call divine. A short (5' 1") nerdy girl who has always excelled in school, she was never very popular and her greatest gift was often going unnoticed save for when someone popular suddenly needed to copy her homework. The daughter of a wealthy US Senator she was rather pampered at home and received an education in many things other children would not have had access to, nor most would have wanted (politics, marksmanship, intrigue from observation).

Lora was a marvel with a camera and in high school journalism and proved to be talented at getting exactly the right shot for everything, finding the perfect spot and getting in and out of places that would prove difficult if not impossible for others and she possessed an inner fire for justice and would set her sights on exposing corruption and injustice in her photos and writing. This furthered her unpopularity amongst those who enjoyed the corruption she had heralded herself an enemy of. Some of those who took notice nicknamed her Squirrel. She has expressed interest in majoring in photography and journalism in college. Her hero, though fictional, is April Oneal.

With recent events, Lora is no longer entirely sure what she wants in life anymore. She has been given great power and definitely wishes to use it for good and to protect others, but at the same time she doesn't want to draw her danger down upon the heads of others. She still seeks to finish her education, something she has always felt was very important, but now instead of seeking a career in professional journalism, she's found herself a professional...super hero? And not a very efficient or valorous one. Instead of working for vague concepts of justice, she instead works for an odd organization that she isn't entire sure of what they symbolize. But she cannot deny that the Naos Group offers her a home, some protection, income, contacts, assets, companionship and some goals when she would otherwise have little to none of this on her own running from Project Gladius and who knows who or what else. She clings to the organization in order to keep afloat in this new world she has found herself mired in. If the Group proves to be as noble and well intentioned as she hopes they truly are, then she will have found herself a new home. As for her fellow Naos employed scion "coworkers"...she's not entirely sure what to think of them, but time will tell.

Lora currently has a little school girl crush on Riley.


  • Calling: novice investigative photographer; Nature: Visionary; Pantheon: Norse; Patron: Heimdall
  • Attributes: Str 2, Dex 4, Sta 3; Cha 2, Man 3, App 2; Per 4, Int 3, Wits 4
  • Abilities: Academics 2, Animal Ken 2, Art (X) X, Athletics 2, Awareness 3, Brawl X, Command 1, Control (cars) 1, Craft (electronics) 1, Empathy 2, Fortitude 1, Integrity 2, Investigation 3, Larceny 3, Marksmanship 4, Medicine X, Melee X, Occult X, Politics 2, Presence 1, Science (X) X, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Thrown X
  • Birthrights: Creature 3, Relic 4
  • Epic Attributes & Knacks: E-Dex 3, E-Per 2, E-Int 1, E-Wit 2; Untouchable Opponent, Trick Shooter, Subliminal Warning, Social Chameleon, Perfect Memory, Instant Investigator, Predatory Focus, Roll With It
  • Purviews & Boons: Animal 1 (Animal Communication - canines), Sun 1 (Penetrating Glare), Guardian 1 (Vigil Brand), Guardian 3 (Ward), Moon 1 (Smoking Mirror), Jotunblut 1 (Beastial Endowment)
  • Willpower: 7; Virtues: Courage 1, Endurance 3, Expression 1, Loyalty 4
  • Legend: 4; Legend Points: 16
  • Join Battle: 7+2 epic; Soak: 3B/2L/0A* (Armor: +2B/+2L, Mob X, Fat X); Dodge DV: [9 or 13 if using Untouchable Opponent]; Move: 8; Dash: 18; Jump: 3 yds vertical, 6 yds. Horizontal; Lift: 220
  • Attacks: Stór Silakeppur (Spd 5, Acc 0, Dam +5L, DV n/a, Rng 50, Clip 7), club (Spd 5, Acc 0, Dam +3B, DV 0, Rng n/a, Clip n/a)
  • Health Levels: -0 / -1 / -1 / -2 / -2 / -4 / Inc.
  • Languages Known: English, German, Old Norse
  • Other Notes: Lora has three Relics, as follows:
    • úlfur söngur, the "wolf song" is an ancient Viking war horn that was a gift used by the mortal allies of the great wolf Sverð Vígtönn in elder times. When Sverð passed into legend, the horn was given to Heimdall for safekeeping until Sverð was needed again in the mortal world. The horn grants the ability to tap into special powers dealing with the animal realm. When blown the horn will summon forth the descendant of Sverð and awakens and channels his ancient spirit within, transforming his descendant into the great wolf of old to aid a worthy bearer of the horn.
    • Stór Silakeppur, "big slugger", is a desert eagle with a 14" non-tapering barrel crafted by a clan of dwarves in Minnesota loyal to Heimdall. The gun is highly decorated with dwarven etchings and stamped with the clan logo. The gun has a somewhat hidden holster built into the side of the camera bag that was also crafted for Lora's use. The gun also grants the bearer the power to channel latent powers derived from the realm of the sun.
    • Fjárhald Auga, the "guardians eye", is a magnificently dwarven crafted camera constructed of a mysterious substance (dwarven secret) that seems neither stone, glass nor metal, but some sort of combination of the three and is also stamped with the dwarven clan logo. The camera is packed with a whole variety of functions including the miraculous ability to transfer captured images directly to any image rendering electronics device of photo-ready paper or film within its vicinity. The camera was given to her along with a camera bag that was designed to hold the camera as well as the Stór Silakeppur gun. The bearer of the camera is also empowered with the ability to channel any innate guardian powers.
    • Tao Tie Mask, a white mask that Lora claimed as a reward for the defeat of the Tao Tie. The mask grants access to the Moon purview.
    • Runic Remington, not quite sure what this does yet. Lora claimed this as a reward for the defeat of the Heirs of Hyboria in Germany.

Vigil Branded

  • Sambethe Fatemi
  • Miles Brovik
  • Brandt Hammerich (RIP)
  • Aiden Connor
  • Jonathan Davies
  • Chiyoko
  • Vladimir Norstrov
  • Riley Bannon
  • Paradise Heights
  • Zoe Parker

Jotunblut Bound

  • Ludwig von Barkbark

Experience Points

Earned: 61
  • Pregame: 5
  • Pilot - The Recruitment
    • Session 1: 10
  • Ep. 1 - First Mission
    • Session 1: 5
    • Session 2: 5
    • End of Episode 1: 5
    • Episode 1 Report: 1
  • Ep. 2 - The Dead Walk
    • Session 1: 5
    • Session 2: 5
    • Session 3: 5
    • Session 4: 5
    • End of Episode 2: 5
  • Ep. 3 - Hyborean Vengeance
    • Session 1: 5

Spent: 61; Unspent: 0

  • Legend 3 to Legend 4 (24 xp)
  • Ward - Guardian III (12 xp)
  • E.Dex 2 to E.Dex 3 (10 xp)
  • Smoking Mirror - Moon I (5 xp)
  • Athletics 1 to 2 (2 xp)
  • Fortitude 0 to 1 (3 xp)
  • Marksmanship 3 to 4 (5 xp)