Shattered Covenant Quest List

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Active Quests

  • Delfin - Investigate the silence from Lord Floshin's estate

Nearly Complete

  • Find dirt on Lady Belinda Anteos of the Sword Coast Traders Bank to apply pressure for her to release funds to help the refugees in Daggerford. Dirt found, blackmail status unknown
  • Harpers - Where are the slaves being taken? Suspect Serpent Kingdom of Najara or the Underdark. Try to take a hobgoblin alive for questioning. Hobgoblin dead. Slavers being directed by a Red Wizard of Thay at Bonehill.

Offered Quests

  • Emerald Enclave from Brevanne - Check on dryads in the woods. Black Branch north of Daggerford (done), Warden's Wood (done), Elf Wood, Gerd Trees, the Ghostlight Wood near the Lizard Marsh. There is a young green dragon in the Blight Wood.
  • Bounty board in Daggerford at the barracks
    • Bullywug Tongues - Bullywugs in the Lizard Marsh. Area around Vantage has toothy bullywugs. Baroness Cromm offering 10 gp/tongue
    • Grave Robber of Gillian's Hill - Graves being dug up. May Creek and Fiveleagues also hit. 180 gp bounty
    • Thorn Beast of Union - Thorny beast terrorizing Union, Vantage, and Potter. 50 gp by Baroness Cromm
    • Marsh Hag - Green hag in Lizard Marsh killed the wife of Rock Island's reeve. 100 gp bounty from Baroness, plus 150 gp bounty from reeve if wedding ring is returned.
    • The Heart - Lt. of Stag Lord preying on merchant caravans. 200 gp bounty dead or alive.

Possible Quest Hooks

  • Odd jobs in Daggerford
  • What is up with the Duchess?

Gossipy Shit

  • Follow the river east of Warden to the Crag. Some are deep enough to lead to the Underdark.
  • Just before the Delimbyr empties into the Lizard Marsh, there is an old wizard's tower on a rocky island that's never been raided.
  • To the north of the hills east of Daggerford is a haunted monastery. It was cursed, and all their treasure was left behind.
  • In the hills north of Warden, there's an old dwarven mine.
  • Old Kings Hill is crowned by the ruins of ancient city Delimbyran. It is a terrible place, but adventurers find treasures there.


  • Tend to the Mud Creek refugees at the werebear den.
  • Zhentarim - Check on Dowager Blackwood out at the manor near Mud Creek. Find out what happened to her missing troops, deal with the pyrophobic giant harassing her estate. Quel offered a retainer position at the manor for his services.
  • Stillwater - Scout the giant camps near town