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Devoted (Downtime)
You are focused on your family, friendships or romances; Dedicated Beats apply to Traits associated with the interests pursued by those groups in your life. For each week of downtime (to a maximum number equal to your Willpower), you may take one use of a Devoted Benefit. For each such instance taken, one future beat becomes a Dedicated Beat when it is awarded.
Emotional Security (Benefit): Spend one instance of a Devoted Benefit as though it were a point of Willpower.
Well Regarded (Benefit): Improve your Impression by one step when beginning a Social Maneuver.
Familial Warmth (Benefit): When including the target of a Social Maneuver in some time with your friends or family, automatically open one Door.
Possible Sources: Spend one month in active interaction with friends, family and loved ones.
Resolution: Go one week without time for important relationships. You lose any unused Devoted Benefits when you resolve this Condition, but Dedicated Beats must still be spent on Devoted Traits.
Beats: n/a