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Your Rookery has fled the prison of your heart, taking all of your wereraven powers and Traits with it. You lose your supernatural abilities, and do not regain them until you find the person your Rookery has possessed and force it back into yourself. This requires rendering the person so possessed unconscious or totally restrained, causing the "smoke" to flee their body. At that time, you may make a standard Rook-Crazed test against your Primal Urge as an opposed test. If you win, the Rookery returns to the cage of your heart where it belongs; if it wins, it successfully evades your control and flees to possess someone else.

While your Rookery is possessing someone else, it will take actions to harass and harangue you in accordance with its Rookery Archetype. Each such action that is successful grants it a point of Rage. The maximum amount of time the Rookery can stay free is a number of days equal to your (Primal Urge - Harmony), minimum one day.
Possible Sources: Succumbing to the Rook-Craze.
Resolution: Successfully reabsorbing the Rookery. In addition to the beat from this Resolution, also gain a Primal beat, as well as an amount of Essence equal to your Primal Urge.
Beats: n/a