Thuro of the Clan Thunderhelm

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Thuro of the Clan Thunderhelm

The Cliff Notes of Thuro's Life

Thuro was born & raised in Caer Stormhold. Father was a metalsmith, mother was a runethane wizard. Apprenticed & educated by the runethanes. Felt that they did not have enough to offer, wanted more knowledge, more secrets, more power; the usual vices of a young & rising wizard. Lured away to Everwatch by a transient halfling wizard and disciple of Tiamat, named Pi-chi, using his lust for power and his pathetic crush on her to string him along. Ultimately Thuro found himself robbed blind, dumped and homeless in Everwatch, far away from home and his very disappointed parents. Thuro began to work with the scholars of Ioun as a librarian assistant and scribe, spending any free time available reading anything and everything he could get his hands on in the library. In time Thuro yet again lost his senses to the attention of a lovely lady, a young dwarven warrior named Persika. He left the sages of Everwatch behind and relocated to Steelhame without looking back as Persika spun visions of riches, great caches of lost lore, adventure, romance, power & fame. Instead he found himself doing some odd mundane jobs, mostly as a blacksmith's assistant, to support them as his girlfriend spent her time in the taverns "looking for work". Then she never came home. Thuro was told by the barkeep at her favorite tavern that she had been spending a great deal of time with a mercenary leader, whom she seemed to be very familiar and personal with. When the mercenary troupe had left, she left with them. Thuro drank himself stupid and became a regular at <insert tavern name here>. The barkeep, Olut and a mangy dog he took in & fed that he named Fish Breath became his only friends.


But he was not content with this life. He wanted more. He needed more. The runethanes did not have what he needed, nor the sages of Ioun, and working the forge by day and drinking every night at the pub definitely did not itch that scratch either. Instead it only made it worse. And in time it became unbearable. One night, during a drunken stupor, he held counsel with Fish Breath, who was very attentive to his psychological needs. He was a wizard...Thuro, not the dog, trained by the great runethanes of Caer Stormhold, studied amongst the scholars of Ioun in Everwatch. Arcane secrets burned in his mind and he craved for nothing more than to expand upon this knowledge. This mundane life was not his destiny. He was meant for so much more and his power was being wasted. Taking Fish Breath's advice, Thuro quit his job the next day. No more mundane work. No more pretty faces to distract him. It was time for him to either claim his fate or be claimed by it.