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Species: Droid • Career: Soldier • Specializations: Medic, Assassin
Motivations: Connections (Political) - Argadis Mundafar

Morality: Artificial • Emotional Strength: xx • Emotional Weaknesses: xx
Duty: Personnel Rank 2 (23)

Brawn 2 Agility 4 Intellect 3
Cunning 2 Willpower 1 Presence 1
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Astrogation (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) 1*
Charm (Prs) 0 Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Will) 0
Computers (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Cool (Prs) 0
Coordination (Agl) 0 Spacer2.jpg Deception (Cun) 0
Discipline (Will) 0 Spacer2.jpg Leadership (Prs) 0
Mechanics (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int) 2*
Negotiation (Prs) 0 Spacer2.jpg Perception (Cun) 0
Pilot:Planetary (Agl) 0 Spacer2.jpg Pilot:Space (Agl) 0
Resilience (Brn) 0* Spacer2.jpg Skullduggery (Cun) 0*
Stealth (Agl) 0* Spacer2.jpg Streetwise (Cun) 0
Survival (Cun) 0* Spacer2.jpg Vigilance (Will) 1*
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) 1* Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl) 0
Lightsaber (Brn) 0 Spacer2.jpg Melee (Brn) 2*
Ranged:Light (Agl) 4* Spacer2.jpg Ranged:Heavy (Agl) 1*
Knowledge Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Core Worlds (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Education (Int) 0
Lore (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Outer Rim (Int) 0
Underworld (Int) 0 Spacer2.jpg Warfare (Int) 0*
Xenology (Int) 1* Spacer2.jpg
Soldier (Medic): Surgeon 1
Bounty Hunter (Assassin): Grit 1, Precise Aim 1, Dodge 1
The Force
Force Rating: LOL
Force Powers: Get Outta Here
Soak: 4 • Armor: 0
Ranged Defense: 0 • Melee Defense: 0
Wound Threshold: 12 • Strain Threshold: 12
SoroSuub X30 Lancer Precision Blast Pistol
Experience Points
Earned: 25 (Racial 175• PreGame 55 • Current Game 10)
Spent Experience
25 (Unspent: 0)


AB-4 is an advanced version of the more common M3 medical droid, developed by SoroSuub Corporation. Although the AB series has rarely been seen in service, limited mainly to Sullust and other places where SoroSuub's influence is felt, they are a recognizable version of the M3 series. AB-4 herself is unique even among her series, however. Her datacore was migrated from an EW-3 midwife droid, previously designated EW-3Y, found to have faulty programming that gave her a low opinion of most biologicals' survivability. EW-3Y had also been known as Tanby, due to the EW-3's alternate designation, the Chroon-Tan B-Machine. Tanby joined the Rebellion as the property of Padme Amidala, whom she attended through a period of illness. Tanby spent many years in service to the Rebellion following Padme's recovery.

Padme's disappearance prompted the Rebel Alliance to order Tanby's services. Her databanks retained detailed medical scans that could be useful in searching for her. However, the Rebels deemed Tanby too fragile to engage in such a dangerous manner. They enlisted the notorious droid-using insurgent Argadis Mundafar to increase Tanby's durability.

After examining the droid, Mundafar realized that he could take advantage of the quirks in Tanby's programming for one of his pet projects: the development of an AB series droid equipped to end life as easily as preserve it. He transferred Tanby's datacore to an AB chassis modified for heavy combat and refined her programming, resulting in AB-4. Argadis took care to hide AB-4's combat capability, presenting her as just another droid of her series.

As a member of the Rebel Alliance, Mundafar built AB-4 to support dangerous Rebel missions while maintaining a low profile in Empire-controlled territory. Mundafar regards AB-4 as his greatest creation to date, affectionately referring to her as Abby. However, Abby is new to her programming and not fully aware of the extent to which Mundafar's tampering may have changed her. Only field operations will fully reveal her new capabilities.

Weapons & Gear

Integrated Gear

  • Forearm-mounted (right) stimpack injector (5 doses)
  • Suite of medical tools and equipment equivalent to a physician's kit (+1 Boost-die.png to medicine checks, 1 free stimpack use per scene)
  • Forearm-mounted (left) datapad
  • Head-mounted Long Range Commlink
  • Macro Binoculars
  • 2 Concealed Holsters in the small of the back
  • Customizable Armor (Rng Def 1, Soak 3, Integrated Repair System, Superior)
  • Jet Pack - While in use, pilot is considered a vehicle (Silhouette 1 • Speed 2 • Handling 0 • System Strain 3) piloted with Piloting (Planetary)
  • Sound Dampener (Add Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to attempts to hear what is going on within the area)

Separate Gear

  • SoroSuub X30 Lancer Precision Blast Pistol (Dmg 5, Rng Long, Enc 1, Crit 4, HP 3, Accurate 2, Piercing 2, Custom Grip (Accuracy Upgrade), Paired)
  • Kezi Ray (Dmg 6, Rng Long, Enc 1, Crit 3, HP 3, Disorient 1, Paired)

Experience Expenditures

Racial Experience: 175 XP
Pregame XP: 55 XP
Gained XP: 145 XP

  • +1 Brawn: 20 XP
  • +3 Agility: 90 XP
  • +2 Intellect: 50 XP
  • +1 Cunning: 20 XP
  • Specialization (Assassin): 15 XP
  • Ranged (Light) 3: 25 XP
  • Melee 2: 10 XP

Game Play

  • Assassin Talent (Grit): 5 XP
  • Assassin Talent (Precise Aim): 10 XP
  • Assassin Talent (Dodge): 5 XP
  • Medic Talent (Surgeon): 5 XP
  • Medic Talent (Bacta Specialist): 10 XP
  • Medic Talent (Stimpack Specialization): 10 XP
  • Medic Talent (Stim Application): 15 XP
  • Ranged-Light 4: 20 XP
  • Assassin Talent (Stalker): 20 XP
  • Assassin Talent (Sniper Shot): 20 XP
  • Assassin Talent (Deadly Accuracy-Ranged Light): 25 XP


Argadis Mundafar
Droid Engineer
Argadis was always a trouble-maker when it came to droids, even from an absurdly young age. As he grew older, it seemed like his droid-doctoring and various schemes involving droids would probably either get him imprisoned or killed. Fortunately for him and the Rebellion, he found his way into a small cell in a Mid Rim world. The commander of that outfit noticed his skills, and it wasn't long before he was providing the Rebel High Command with cracks, refits, specialized adaptations, and other unique tasks when it came to droids.