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Astoria High School

Dana Redmond
Senior; Trailjumpers
Something of a country girl, Dana lives on a farm with her parents and siblings in Miles Crossing, across the river from Astoria. When she was younger, she was somewhat of a target of the more popular girls, but that's largely fallen by the wayside. She and Omar are good friends, and he introduced her and Kraig when he was a sophomore and they were juniors.

Common Locations: Astoria High School, her Greenwood home
Kraig Tillman
Senior; Trailjumpers
Thrown off the track team for fighting, Kraig is a quiet and somber young man who only really smiles when he and Dana are together. He works a part-time job at Ardorman's Fine Books where he helps with the stockroom. His best friend is Omar, who introduced him to parkour.

Common Locations: Astoria High School, his City Center home
Omar Chandler
Junior; Trailjumpers
Gender-queer, bisexual, and athletic, Omar knows he stands out in his school. He has an easy time making friends, however, particularly with other outcasts, and it was he who introduced Dana and Kraig. Omar hopes to leave Astoria behind as soon as he is old enough to do so. He is hoping to attend university somewhere in Europe.

Common Locations: Astoria High School, his Alameda WestLex apartment

Gunner's Gym

Timothy Gruber
Dock Worker, MMA Fighter
One of Gunnar's students who has gone on to learn MMA skills and even compete to some degree in some of the small-time MMA circuits. His victories have gained Gunnar some business in the form of those wanting MMA training, however, and he's employed Timothy part-time as a result. Timothy has a daughter but is estranged from her mother, Rebecca.

Common Locations: Gunner's Gym, his Alameda WestLex apartment.