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Legal Name: Paul Mason Raith
Metatype: Dwarf, Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 31, Sex: Male, Height: 4' 2", Weight: 200 lbs.
Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 1, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 14, Total Karma: 14
Primary Lifestyle:
Nuyen: ¥8,814
Licenses: Carry & Possession (combat axe)
Other Identities:
Combat Info
Armor: 14 (Armor Jacket (AR 12+4 Fire Resistance) +Mystic Armor 2)
Melee: Combat Axe*, Telescoping Staff*
Condition Monitors Physical: Stun: Overflow:
Body: 7, Agility: 6, Reaction: 4 (5), Strength: 7
Willpower: 6, Logic: 2, Intuition: 3, Charisma: 2
Edge: 2, Essence: 6, Magic: 6, Resonance: -
Initiative: 8+2d6, Matrix Initiative: -, Astral Initiative: -
Composure: 8, Judge Intentions: 4, Memory: 7, Lift/Carry: 105/70 kg (232/154 lbs), Movement: Walk 12, Run 24, Sprint +1m/hit
Physical Limit: 9, MentalLimit: 5, SocialLimit: 6
Active Skills:
Body: Free-Fall 1,
Agility: Blaces 6 (axes+2), Escape Artist 1, Gymnastics 2 (parkour+2), Sneaking 3 (urban+2), Throwing Weapons 3 (blades+2),
Strength: Running 1,
Willpower: Survival 1,
Logic: Computer 1, First Aid 1, Industrial Mechanic 1,
Intuition: Perception 1,
Charisma: Animal Handling 2 (dogs+2)
Knowledge Skills: Architecture 2 (commercial+2), Gaming 1, History 1, Matrix Games 1, Parazoology 2, Underworld 1
Languages: English (N), Japanese 1
Positive: Guts, High Pain Tolerance I, Mentor Spirit (Dog), Resistance to Pathogens & Toxins, The Beast's Way, Thermographic Vision, Toughness, Will to Live I
Negative Qualities: Code of Honor (Warrior's Code), SINner (National), Uncouth, Dimmer Bulb 1
Adept Powers: Animal Empathy 1, Strength Boost 1, Body Boost 1, Agility Boost 1, Berserk, Combat Sense 2, Elemental Weapon (electricity), Enhanced Accuracy (skill; axe), Hang Time 1, Improved Reflexes 1, Improved Sense (Dog), Mystic Armor 2, Traceless Walk, Wall Running
Arhana Suri (Ex-girlfriend; Stripper 3/3)
Wally (ID-Manufacturer 2/3)
Commlink or Cyberdeck


Born: November 24, 2044 in Seattle, WA.

Paul is a welder working for Lois & Charming Commercial HVAC Systems, a Seattle company owned by a dwarven family commune. His family doubles as his coworkers and supervisors, who he also lives with, sleeps with, shares his income with - always living beneath their constant scrutiny, judgement and criticism - but he also shares in their support, mighty family meals, hopes, dreams and overwhelming love.

Paul is adopted. His parents had been killed by a group of anti-metahuman activists during a peaceful equality march. His mother had died at the hospital, but they were able to rescue her unborn child. Paul was adopted by the corporate entity of Lois & Charming rather than any individual - just as they continue to adopted a handful of other dwarven orphans. He was encouraged to keep his family name if they wished instead of adopting the Charming name. The Raith's were human, but well known in the meta-human community as avid equal-rights activists, so Paul chose to honor their memory and sacrifice in this manner.

Having been adopted by the family business, Paul has never had any sort of traditional parental figures, instead having grown up with a plethora of aunts, uncles and cousins, all of them also employees of Lois & Charming, surrounding him in far too close of a proximity anytime he was home. He sleeps on the bottom bunk in a small room he shares with three others. Personal space was a mythological thing - and not the sort that had awoken in the new age.

Paul has always been a general disappointment to the family; not particularly bright, unmotivated, promiscuous, lacking in ambition and possessive, where instead he should share everything with the family like everyone else. Regardless of his faults, he is loved and he loves them in return. Even though this is not the life he wants for himself, he is dedicated and loyal to his family, as they have proven time and time again to have what they believe to be his best interests at heart.

Paul's love for his family has spawned a schism that he has yet to figure out a way to reconcile. He wants a better life, but he cannot conceive of a world where his family is not a solid part of it. He was initially lured into the shadows as a means to earn this better life he craved, to save up and get his own space - one where he didn't have to share everything, where he could make his own life decisions, ignore dishes on his dish night or just be able to fuck someone in his own bed. But...his family needs him. Or he needs them. If he left, it would change everything - the whole dynamic. He's seen it before - someone moves out, and they just become an outsider. Not on purpose, not out of spite, but they're not there in the thick of things, "in it" with everyone else as part of the whole. The relationship changes, and they become...less family and more coworker. They usually leave entirely after a while. Paul continues to save up his earnings from his illicit nighttime activities, but isn't sure what to do with it. He cannot give it to his family, improve all of their lot, because they would never accept it, disapproving of how he had earned it - they would be ashamed of him and they would likely blame themselves for failing him.
Paul and Arc - they struggle to figure out who each other is and how they might be able to coexist amiably as one person.

Paul has managed to keep his magical awakening a secret from his family. He began to manifest his abilities when he was a teenager, but was approached by a dog spirit shortly after he began to manifest the changes. He could never see his secret mentor, but he could sense her - he could feel her fur beneath his hand when he reached out for her, he could see her in the eyes of other dogs he met on the street and he could sense the wisdom that she sought to pass on to him. He's never understood magic. Two of his cousins are mages. He's looked at their books filled with gibberish and attempted to shoot lightning bolts out of the funny objects they wave about with no success. His mentor taught him how to tap into his power, not through spells or trinkets, but how to manifest it into his fist, into his feet - how to draw the power of the world into his lungs and breathe it in like others do air.
He chose to keep it a secret from his family as a means of dodging greater responsibility. Anyone in the family that has manifested magical talents is required to train and educate themselves so that they can better use their skills for earning. Paul doesn't want more responsibility, he wants less. It has taken him years to build up his fortress of lethargic unreliability in the family. He takes great pride in the fact that he receives high praise for when he actually manages to show up at work at all.

Arc on the other hand is eager to jump into action. He loves the thrill of running the shadows and the companionship he feels with those around him. He is dedicated to the mission at hand and seeks to see it through to its completion. This is the life he craves, and the rewards he is showered in - for what? Not for routine or boring welding work, straining to deciphering practically arcane schematics for complicated air ducts, or because of a timecard chained around his neck - he's rewarded for cracking heads, knocking down doors and looking awesome while doing it. And he doesn't even have to clean up his messes. Best. Job. Ever.

Combat Gear


  • Armor Jacket: AR 12 +4 Fire Resistance


  • Combat Axe (Weapon Focus; Tracker, Weapon Personality)
  • Telescoping Staff

Lifestyle & Identity


  • Carried: AR Gloves, Comlink, Certified Credstick (standard), Fake SIN, Miniwelder (x2 fuel canisters), Sim Module, Trodes
  • Stored:


  • Welding Grunt for Lois & Charming Commercial HVAC Systems: Duck yellow coverall with his name and the company logo on display. Boots, gloves, tool belt, etc.
  • Paul: Jeans, hoodie & baseball cap (trodes) with hiking boots (because Seattle).
  • Arc: Black cargo pants, black shirt, black armored jacket, black beanie (trodes), gloves (also black) and heavy black combat boots.


  • Paul Mason Raith:
    • Licenses:
    • Credit: 414
  • Philip Moss Lawry: This is the fake SIN that Paul uses as "Arc" when he is performing less than legal activities. This one is relatively new after he was forced to ditch Mr. Brody Lloyd Vaughn, after it had become tied to a disastrous mission involving packs of loosed cyber-enhanced animals rampaging through town, a handful of murdered lab technicians and a terrible building fire (Best. Mission. Ever!!).
    • Licenses: Carry & Possession (combat axe)
    • Credit: 3,400

Family, Friends, Allies & Contacts

The Loyal Pooch
Laika is a German shepherd that Arc had rescued during one of his first runs from a lab performing cybernetic experimentation on animals. Most animals were being used for simple data smuggling, though Laika had been embedded with a datajack and simrig in an attempt to manufacture animal controlled drones. She had been hooked into the Matrix as they analyzed readings in an attempt to create an interface with her animal consciousness. Laika was successfully projected into the Matrix for about four seconds before her mind was scorched.

She was being taken to an incinerator along with several other failed experiments when the runners encountered the unfortunate lab tech. Arc and Laika bonded immediately. Her name was "Subject 84", but Arc named her Laika after the first dog in space, seeing as she was likely the first dog in cyberspace.
Laika's headgear is essentially ornamental now as any function it once had was fried. She has the occasional memory blackout and tends to be a bit on the twitchy side in laboratory settings, but otherwise she recuperated nicely from the trauma.

Arc arhanasuri.jpg
Arhana Suri
The Stripper Ex-girlfriend
Ahrana is both the star performer and part owner of a little faux-classy strip club called <insert name here>. She and Paul have been friends since they were teenagers. Ahrana is a human born to dwarven parents, though where other children in the community tended to shun her, Paul saw the amazing girl in spite of her race (although he always claims it's because he met her breasts before he'd ever met her face and that it was love at first sight). The two of them dated off and on for years, mostly out of convenience and much to the disapproval of Paul's family, but she decided to put an end to their unstable romance after she caught Paul sleeping with her brother Nazir. Despite Paul's infidelity and having broken her brothers heart when he ended their relationship (when Nazir caught him sleeping with someone else), Arhana and Paul have remained friends through the years. She has an idea of what he's been getting up to at nights these days, but prefers to stay on the periphery of that scene, thinking it to be in both their best interests - but she is happy to take his money and perform introductions and provide private space for Paul to conduct business meetings.
Paul often says that she's too good or too pretty for him. She always agrees with him.