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Identity: Secret • Affiliation: Cascading Justice • Base of Operations: None
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: American
Age: Uncertain • Gender: Female • Height: 5'7" • Weight: 115 lb
Eyes: Black • Hair: Various • Other Features: None
Origin: Mystical • Power Level: 10 (151 Points: Abilities 32, Defenses 10, Skills 11, Advantages 13, Powers 85)
Strength 0 Stamina 2
Agility 3 Dexterity 3
Fighting 2 Intellect 0
Awareness 2 Presence 4
Points: 32 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 5 3 0 8
Fortitude 1 2 0 3
Parry 3 2 0 5
Toughness - 2 5 2/7
Will 8 2 0 10
Points: 10 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 3 + 4 = +7

Unarmed: +8 (Damage 0, or Death Touch)
Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
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Points: 11 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: Defensive Roll 5, Improved Initiative 1
Fortune: None
General: Benefit (Library Membership - Agent) 2, Equipment 1 (Library Card 3, Magic Lens 1)
Skill: Attractive 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Languages 1 (English, Greek), Ritualist

Points: 13 (1pt per rank)
• Ghost Form (Death, 75pts): All powers are Linked
Incorporeal (Insubstantial, 4 ranks, No Action, Self; Incorporeal: pass through solid matter, Immunity to Physical and Energy Damage except Light)
Drifting Spirit (Flight, 1 ranks, Move Action, Self; 4 mph, 60 ft per round)
Hadean Leap (Teleport, 2 ranks, Move Action, Self, Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Extended, Turnabout; Move 120 feet, carrying up to 50 lbs; Move 4 miles in 2 Move actions)
Death Touch (Affliction, 10 ranks, Standard Action, Touch Range, Cumulative, Progressive; Impaired > Disabled > Incapacitated; Resisted by Fortitude DC 20)
• Stygian Physiology (Death, 6pts): Immunity, 6 ranks, Permanent, Self, Immune to aging, disease, poison, starvation, thirst, all suffocation
• Unbinding Grave (Death, 4pts): Immortality, 2 ranks, Permanent, Self, Return to life after 1 week; burial in a field of asphodel flowers prevents return to life
Points: 85
Other Traits
Equipment:Library Card: Mystic communication with library
Magic Lens: Ranged Detect Magic (Acute, Analytical; Concentration, Distracting)
• Daughter of Hades: Asphodel is the daughter of Hades, meaning that she registers a such to magical inquiry into her nature. The enemies of Hades are also prone to coming after her, thinking she is connected to him in some way. She may also occasionally encounter supernatural effects that work against the dead, such as wards, that affect her as well.
• Flashbacks: When Asphodel is near someone who is dying, she often experiences the flashbacks of their lives lived alongside them, causing her to lose her action. This may also affect anyone she has used her Death Touch on.


All of Asphodel's powers derive from her semidivine nature.


Variable 3 21PP • Magic • Sustained
Known Effects:

  • Mystic Bolt: 2/r • Ranged Damage (magic)
  • Mystic Passage: 2/r • Teleport
  • Mystic Portal: 4/r • Teleport, Portal
  • Mystic Shield: 1/r • Protection, Sustained
  • Levitation: 2/r • Flight
  • Scrying: 4/r • Remote Sensing (Visual, Auditory, Mental)


Comprehend 2 (Spirits) 2PP • Death • Permanent • Self Asphodel is capable of seeing and communicating with ghosts and other incorporeal spiritual entities. This isn't something that she activates, but is a natural part of her abilities.

Stygian Physiology

Immunity 6 6PP • Death • Permanent • Self

  • Immunity to aging, disease, poison, starvation, thirst, and all suffocation

Asphodel's natural physiology does not rely on the normal processes of life. Of all normal human limitations, about the only one that remains to her is the need for sleep. She doesn't need to breathe (save to speak), and she has not aged a day since achieving her sixteenth birthday. She doesn't need to eat or drink, and she has yet to encounter the poison or disease that can even touch her.

Unbinding Grave

Immortality 1 • 2PP • Death • Permanent • Self

  • Return to life after 2 weeks
  • Burial in a field of asphodel flowers prevents return to life

Though when she dies her soul journeys into the Underworld, she does not pass the River Styx. Upon reaching its shores, Charon turns her back around toward the lands of the living, due to the standing orders he has from Hades himself. Asphodel has died a few times, and has taken to pausing to carry on a conversation with the ferryman before setting back. Upon her revival, her soul reanimates her body, rebuilding it from minute materials in the environment directly around where she died if necessary. Failing it, it finds some piece of her left in the world, even a simple lock of hair, and reconstitutes her body thereby. Asphodel has hidden locks of her hair around the West Coast to permit exactly that to happen.

Ghost Form

Linked Powers • 75PP • Death
Asphodel is capable of assuming a ghostly form, blurring partially out of sight and moving through the air like a wisp. In this form she can blink out of one place, quickly traversing the Underworld, and reappearing elsewhere. Her touch strikes the vitality of the living, bringing them closer to - or even past - the brink of dying. In this form, she has access to the following powers:

  • Incorporeal: Insubstatial 4 • No Action • Self
    • Become incorporeal, passing through solid matter
    • Gain Immunity to Physical and Energy damage except for Light Descriptor sources
  • Drifting Spirit: Flight 1 • Move Action • Self
    • 4mph, 60ft per round
  • Hadean Leap: Teleport 2 • Move Action • Self
    • Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Extended, Turnabout
    •  Teleport 120ft carrying up to 50lbs
    • Teleport up to 4 miles by using 2 Move actions
  • Death Touch: Affliction 10 • Standard Action • Close Range • Cumulative, Progressive
    • Impaired > Disabled > Dying
    • Resisted by Fortitude DC 20
  • Shrieking Ghosts: Affliction 8 • Standard Action • Burst Area • Cumulative Progressive (Alternate to Death Touch)
    • Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated
    • Resisted by Will DC 18


  • Communicators: Private band radio communicator, with access to police band.

Ritual Library


Time: One hour per power point
Expertise (Magic) DC: 10 + power point cost

  • Can reduce rank of design time taking a -5 penalty to check per -1 time rank reduction


Time: 4 hours per power point
Expertise (Magic) DC: 10 + power point cost

  • Can reduce rank of design time taking a -5 penalty to check per -1 time rank reduction


  • Postcognition: Senses 4 (Postcognition) 1/rank + Remote Sensing 3 2/rank10 PP
    • A ritual that allows Asphodel to see into the past


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Power Points

Total: 151


  • Prologue: 1


  • Expertise (Magic) +2: 1