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Brice is the oldest son of House Willum, but he was taken as a ward at age five by the Stormlands House Graben as a consequence of his family's defeat during the Siege at Storm's End. Although he was naturally a charming and thoughtful child, growing up in a house of strangers, coupled with a near death in the Irongarde Hills, marked him with a moodiness he's carried into adulthood. Lord Waltyr Graben treated Brice with care, however, and anchored the boy through his adolescence.

Following Lord Waltyr's recent death, Brice takes his adulthood, along with ambitions for himself and his own House, more seriously, even as he feels more uncertain about his future than ever. His attachment to Lord Waltyr has engendered a strong loyalty to House Graben itself, however, and continues to serve as his anchor. Brice is a handsome man with with sandy blond hair and slate colored eyes. His force of personality and charisma draw many to him, but his unpredictable moods can isolate just as easily. His early experiences as a ward in a house of former enemies have also made him watchful and guarded about his true feelings and intentions.

Rumors & Tendencies

There are a variety of local rumors about Brice:

  • When he was 9, Brice was lost in the Irongarde Hills while on a hunt. A fierce storm rolled across the the hills, preventing any immediate search efforts. After several days, Brice was feared dead, but a search party finally found the boy tucked in the nook of a hill, muddied and wild-eyed. He was never the same afterward, prone to unpredictable moods and flashes of wildness. Brice never speaks of that time, but the servants at Marrowmont whisper that he suffers from night terrors during any storm and is often seen wandering the grounds of Marrowmont on storm-filled nights.
  • As a child, Brice was fast friends with Alwyn Wachstrom while the boy was fostered at Marrowmont. Alwyn is now the young Lord of House Wachstrom, and Brice has developed a love of sailing from visits to Rivergard, often passing time aboard Lord Wachstrom's ships with Alwyn himself in attendance. A Wachstrom vessel is usually anchored near Wayman's Rest when Brice is in town.
  • Since Lord Waltyr Graben's death, Brice has spent more time in Wayman's Rest overseeing the operations of Kraymun's Tower and the Wayman's Rest Inn itself. His appearances are so regular, in fact, that the tower has set aside a room for him jokingly called "The Ward's Rookery."
  • Brice has tried to establish several herb patches in the hills around Marrowmont with seeds gifted from his House's estates. However, he doesn't seem to have an aptitude for the endeavor; the patches invariably grow wild and out of control under Brice's hand. Despite Brice's frustration, the servants have found the patches quite productive as long as they're willing to work through the tangles.


  • Agility - 3
  • Animal Handling - 2
  • Athletics - 2
  • Awareness - 5; Empathy 2b
  • Cunning - 4; Logic 1b
  • Deception - 3
  • Endurance - 3
  • Fighting - 2
  • Healing - 1
  • Language - 3
  • Knowledge - 2
  • Marksmanship - 5; Bows 3b
  • Persuasion - 5; Bargain 1b, Convince 1b
  • Status - 4; Stewardship 1b
  • Stealth - 2
  • Survival - 2
  • Thievery - 2; -1D
  • Warfare - 2
  • Will - 5

Intrigue & Combat

In his final days, Lord Waltyr Graben gifted Brice with Heartstrum, commissioned specifically for his Ward. Brice has trained exhaustively with longswords, House Willum's favored weapon, with little advancement in skill, but on the hunt, he demonstrated an aptitude for bows gone largely ignored. Heartstrum is carved from heart of weirwood from the Marchwater Godswood with a black leather and silver grip. Its bow string is rumored to be dragon sinew. Lord Graben's final words to Brice were, "Don't strive to become who you think you should be, grow into who you already are."

  • Intrigue Defense: 12 (Awareness+Cunning+Status)
  • Composure: 13 (Will Ranks x3)
  • Combat Defense: 8 (Agility+Athletics+Awareness+Defensive Bonus-Armor Penalty)
  • Health: 9 (Endurance Ranks x3)
  • Armor: Scale
  • Armor Rating: 6
  • Armor Penalty: 3
  • Weapons
    • Heartstrum (Superior Longbow): Test 3+1b+1, Damage 5, Keywords: Long Range, Piercing 1, Two-handed, Unwieldy
    • Longsword: Test 2, Damage 3
    • Dagger: Test 2, Damage 1, Keywords: Defensive +1, Off-hand +1


  • Heir (House Willum): You are the heir to the lordship of your house.
  • Blood of the Andals (Persuasion): Whenever you test Persuasion, you may re-roll a single die. You must take the result of the second roll, even if it's worse than the first. In addition, once per day, you may add +2 to the result of any one test.
  • Attractive: Whenever you roll a Persuasion test, you may re-roll a number of 1s equal to half your Persuasion rank.
  • Lucky: Once per day you may re-roll a single test. You take the better of the two results.
  • Head for Numbers:

Drawbacks & Flaws

  • Ward: You take a -1D on all Persuasion tests with both your birth and foster Houses; each assumes that you speak from a position of favoring the other, and is therefore less likely to heed what you have to say. Additionally, should your birth House take any kind of overt action against your foster House, you may be slain in retribution.
  • Flaw (Thievery): You take a -1D on all tests involving Thievery.
  • Impulsive: Decrease your Composure by 2.
  • Fear (Storms): When in the presence of storms, you take a -1D on all tests. Each round on your turn, roll 1d6. On a 6, you overcome your fear and lose this penalty for the duration of the encounter.


Possessions: X


  • For each scene that you submit to the Narrator that is brought into play, you gain one Destiny Point. This can go above your normal allotment of Destiny Points, but these can only be spent, not burnt. Submit such scenes to the Narrator by email, please.
  • You may also use Destiny Points to "buy in" a character into a scene, editing the scene so that it includes the character.


  • Expand the influence and domains of House Graben within the Stormlands to give better opportunity for individual members of the House to have autonomy and reward. (Brice)
  • Brice to accept and develop his innate abilities and gifts instead of forcing himself into the roles House Graben or House Willum expects him to fulfill. (Josh)
  • Game of Weddings: All nobles of Houses Brice supports to marry advantageously, primarily himself, Emeryk, and Lady Isalaine. (Brice)
  • Restore Silver Lake to House Willum and rebuild Wyrmgrave. (Brice)


Earned: 0xp+0gl
  • Session 0.0.13:

Spent: 0xp+0gl; Unspent: 0xp+0gl