Brown Fox

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Brown Fox
Identity: Gwendolyn Marcella Hollingberry • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: {{{Base}}}
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: {{{Nationality}}}
Age: 12 • Gender: Female • Height: 4' • Weight: 100 lbs.
Eyes:Hair: Auburn • Other Features: {{{OtherFeatures}}}
Origin: Fae • Power Level: 8 (120 Points: Abilities , Defenses , Skills , Advantages , Powers )
Strength -1 Stamina 1
Agility 5 Dexterity 5
Fighting 2 Intellect 0
Awareness 4 Presence 2
Points: (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge {{{DodgeRanks}}} 5 {{{DodgeOther}}} {{{DodgeTotal}}}
Fortitude {{{FortitudeRanks}}} 1 {{{FortitudeOther}}} {{{FortitudeTotal}}}
Parry {{{ParryRanks}}} 2 {{{ParryOther}}} {{{ParryTotal}}}
Toughness - 1 {{{ToughnessOther}}} {{{ToughnessTotal}}}
Will {{{WillRanks}}} 4 {{{WillOther}}} {{{WillTotal}}}
Points: (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 5 + {{{InitiativeMods}}} = +{{{InitiativeTotal}}}


Skill Ranks Ability Other Total
{{{Skill1}}} {{{Skill1Ranks}}} {{{Skill1Ability}}} {{{Skill1Other}}} {{{Skill1Total}}}
{{{Skill2}}} {{{Skill2Ranks}}} {{{Skill2Ability}}} {{{Skill2Other}}} {{{Skill2Total}}}
{{{Skill3}}} {{{Skill3Ranks}}} {{{Skill3Ability}}} {{{Skill3Other}}} {{{Skill3Total}}}
{{{Skill4}}} {{{Skill4Ranks}}} {{{Skill4Ability}}} {{{Skill4Other}}} {{{Skill4Total}}}
{{{Skill5}}} {{{Skill5Ranks}}} {{{Skill5Ability}}} {{{Skill5Other}}} {{{Skill5Total}}}
{{{Skill6}}} {{{Skill6Ranks}}} {{{Skill6Ability}}} {{{Skill6Other}}} {{{Skill6Total}}}
{{{Skill7}}} {{{Skill7Ranks}}} {{{Skill7Ability}}} {{{Skill7Other}}} {{{Skill7Total}}}
{{{Skill8}}} {{{Skill8Ranks}}} {{{Skill8Ability}}} {{{Skill8Other}}} {{{Skill8Total}}}
{{{Skill9}}} {{{Skill9Ranks}}} {{{Skill9Ability}}} {{{Skill9Other}}} {{{Skill9Total}}}
{{{Skill10}}} {{{Skill10Ranks}}} {{{Skill10Ability}}} {{{Skill10Other}}} {{{Skill10Total}}}
{{{Skill11}}} {{{Skill11Ranks}}} {{{Skill11Ability}}} {{{Skill11Other}}} {{{Skill11Total}}}
{{{Skill12}}} {{{Skill12Ranks}}} {{{Skill12Ability}}} {{{Skill12Other}}} {{{Skill12Total}}}
{{{Skill13}}} {{{Skill13Ranks}}} {{{Skill13Ability}}} {{{Skill13Other}}} {{{Skill13Total}}}
{{{Skill14}}} {{{Skill14Ranks}}} {{{Skill14Ability}}} {{{Skill14Other}}} {{{Skill14Total}}}

Points: (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: {{{CombatAdvantages}}}
Fortune: {{{FortuneAdvantages}}}
General: {{{GeneralAdvantages}}}
Skill: {{{SkillAdvantages}}}

Points: (1pt per rank)
Affliction: +8 (+Progressive, Range, Area-Effect, Alternate Effect, Removable (easy); Effect: Sleep: 1) Fatigued, 2) Exhausted, 3) Asleep; Snare: 1) Hindered, 2) Immobile, 3) Paralyzed; Dazzled: 1) Impaired, 2) Disabled, 3) Unaware.), • Leaping: +6, • Comprehend:' +2 (Animals), • Feature:' +1 (Quick Change), • Shrinking:' +4 (Limited = fox form, Removable), • Senses: +5 (acute smell, ultra-hearing, accurate-hearing, low-light vision, tracking; Limited = fox form, Removable)
Other Traits
Equipment: • Bag of Trick, Fox Tail #2 (Lazy Dog ate #1).
Complications: Identity (secret), Responsibility (school), Relationship (parents), Age (child)

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." - an English-language pangram


The Hollingberry couple call me Gwendolyn Marcella Hollingberry. We pretend that they are my parents. My real parents were foxes, creatures of the between places. One twilight a faerie woman stole away a little girl from the Hollingberry couple. She needed a replacement, a changeling to leave in place of the child. My curiosity had lured me there to spy on the faerie. She caught me and tugged off my tails and bundled me up in the stolen girls clothes. Then she was gone and I had lost my tails. The Hollingberry couple could not see the difference between myself and their stolen child, but they knew in their hearts that I was a stranger to them. They have been good to me, though cold and estranged, only ever going through the motions of what is necessary and expected. Mrs. Hollingerrry even attended one of my class plays last year. She gazed up at the stage with haunted eyes, looking through me at the memory of the girl she had given birth to, not even fully realizing it. I feel bad for them. I know their daughter is gone now. She had been returned to their world, ancient and frail. They did not know the old crazy woman who came knocking on their door one rainy night, ranting about things that made no sense. She died there. The Hollingberry couple wept for this poor old thing, though they didn't understand why they did so. It was so very sad. I cried for them all too. They accidentally locked me outside in the rain that night after the ambulance took the old woman away. It's okay, though. I was seven. I was a big girl. I'd be okay.

I met Wallace when I was nine. The Hollingberry's barely noticed him. I think a year later, Mr. Hollingberry noted him, pat him and said "Good dog.", then resumed reading his newspaper. The Hillingberry's love reading newspapers. He used to be a normal dog, but he found one of my lost tails and ate it. This changed him, made him a faerie dog and bound our lives. He's really smart, but he's super grumpy. If everything was up to him, all we would ever do is sit at home, read and watch television. But I crave adventure! I want to relish in the outdoors, run and leap high under the moon and beneath the sun. I want to talk with the animals of the city and the wild, and we will share stories and laugh and laugh.

I found one of my tails last Summer. Wallace says he found it in the attic and tried to hide it from me. He says he was trying to protect me from the mischief in it, but I think he really just wanted to eat it too! When I wear my tail, I can be a fox again! And foxes know secrets that they only share with other foxes. So I learned new tricks from my cousins that lurked in the shadows just beyond the borders of the fields of men. They taught me how to craft sleep into a powder and how to weave creation into clever traps using twine.

I use these secrets against the bad people; people who harm animals and children, people who harm innocent mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. I am the Brown Fox and Wallace is the Lazy Dog; because he wants to stay home and be boring. We put them to sleep or trap them and Wallace calls the police to come and take them away, to throw them into jail forever.

The Hollingberry couple never notice when I'm gone. They never really notice me when I'm there. It's okay. I understand. I have Wallace. And the moon and sun and the secrets of foxes. I'll be okay. I'm twelve now. I'm a big girl. I'll be okay...


Brown Fox is a young girl of twelve with long auburn hair and blue-grey eyes. Brown Fox wears a headband with plush fox ears attached to it, face paint to give her more of a fox appearance, a mans smoking jacket over a floral shirt closed with a large bow tie she found in the attic. She wears a skirt made from the same material as her plush ears with a slit for her fox tail. The ensemble is completed with red tights with penny loafer shoes.


  • Affliction: 8 (Progressive, Range, Area-Effect, Alternate Effect, Removable (easy)); Sleep: 1) Fatigued, 2) Exhausted, 3) Asleep; Snare: 1) Hindered, 2) Immobile, 3) Paralyzed; Dazzled: 1) Impaired, 2) Disabled, 3) Unaware.
    • Brown Fox always carries her bag of tricks everywhere she goes. Inside is a variety of string, yarn, powders and poultices. Her faerie snares are created from weaving various cats cradle patterns with string or yarn and then releasing the magic to the desired location, crating the snare effect. Any sort of string will do, but it is required for the magic to take form. Her sleep darts are created by dipping the tips into specially prepared powders, though she can dip her claws in the powder as well or when in dire need, she can grab a handful and toss it into the air to affect multiple enemies at close quarters.
  • Leaping: 6
    • Leaping Speed: 4 (500' leaps, 30mph)
    • Foxes love to jump and leap and bound. Brown Fox has learned the secret of tapping into the fae realm in order to further enhance this power, allowing her to bound over rooftops. One day, she will jump over the moon and steal some of its cheese!
  • Comprehend: 2 (animals)
    • Brown Fox has always known the secret language of animals. All foxes do.
  • Feature: 1 (Quick Change)
    • Taking time to change back and forth from Gwen to Brown Fox was time consuming, until I met a púca in the woods. We played together and he taught me how to hide my costume in plain sight, so I can switch back and forth in an instant. I think he stole our mailbox, though.
  • Fox Shape
    • Shrinking: 4 (Limited = fox form, Removable)
    • Senses: 5 (Acute Smell, Ultra-Hearing, Accurate-Hearing, Low-light Vision, Tracking)(Limited = fox form, Removable)
    • Having been reunited with one of her stolen tails, Brown Fox is once again able to assume her natural form. If she is not wearing her tail or someone takes the time to figure out how to remove it, she once again loses her ability to change.


  • Uncanny Dodge: Not vulnerable when surprised or caught off-guard.
  • Defensive Roll (4): +1 active defense bonus to Toughness per rank (total 4).
  • Evasion (2): +5 circumstance bonus to avoid area-effects.
  • Move-By Action: Move both before and after your standard attack.
  • Quick Draw: Draw a weapon as a free action.
  • Instant Up: Stand from prone as a free action.
  • Sidekick (6): Gain a sidekick with (5x rank) power points (total 30).
    • Lazy Dog. Highly intelligent dog - big brotherly & protective of his ward. His name is Wallace & he despairs at being called "Lazy Dog", as he is anything but.


  • Motivation: Foxes are little heroes, but I'm a big girl, so it is my responsibility to be a big hero too. There are lots of bad people in the world who want to make it bad like them. It is the job of heroes to work together to put them in jail and throw away the keys so that the world can be good instead.
  • Identity: I am the Brown Fox. But sometimes I need to pretend to be just Gwen. Like when I'm in school. Shh. It's a super secret! Pinky swear you don't tell anyone.
  • Responsibility: I'm in the seventh grade. I should be in the eight grade, but Lazy Dog eats my homework. Don't listen to him deny it. He's lying!
  • Relationship: Mr. and Mrs. Hollingberry. I'm pretty sure they would eventually notice if I went missing. And they would be upset. I think they would. Wouldn't they?
  • Age: I'm twelves years old. I'm almost a teenager! Maybe then people will take me more seriously.

Friends & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Hollingberry: words go here


Lazy Dog

  • Abilities: STR 0, STA 2, AGL 1, DEX 0, FGT 0, INT 4, AWE 1, PRE 0
  • Advantages: Eidetic Memory, Contacts,
  • Skills: Investigation 4 (+8), Perception 2 (+3), Technology 2 (+6).
  • Powers: Senses 3 (Low-light Vision, Acute Olfactory, Tracking).
  • Offense: Init +1, Unarmed +0 (Damage x).
  • Defenses: Dodge 2, Parry 0, Fortitude 3, Toughness 4, Will 2.


  • Money: I used to get an allowance. Mr. & Mrs. Hollingberry seem to have forgotten about it, though for the past couple of years.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: I outgrew most of what the Hollingberry's bought me a few years ago. There are lots of fun clothes in the attic, though that belonged to Grandpa and Grandma Hollingberry and the Hollingberry kids. The only jewelry I own is a friendship bracelet Lazy Dog made for me. Well, okay, I made it for him for me. He has paws and can't braid string.
  • Housing: I have a bedroom on the second floor, though I've not been in there for a long time. I stay in my lair, "The Den" in the attic with Lazy Dog most of the time.
  • Transportation: I run and I leap! Wee!
  • Communication: I say things out loud.
  • Food: Ice cream! Pie! Cake! Candy! Yummy things! No vegetables! They're gross.
  • Days: Being a hero! And school.
  • Evenings: Being a hero! Until bedtime.

Power & Hero Points

Starting: 120p (Power Level 8)
Total Earned: 4pp
Spent: 0p; Unspent: 4p

Session 1, 08.22.14: 1pp

  • I'm invited to an important meeting with Mr. Big Company Man...also maybe the Mayor. I didn't pay attention. He's old and has a beard. The other heroes of the city are there and we reminisce about how several of us first met back when we saved the city last year. Empyria the star lady was there! She's SO PRETTY!!! I got her autograph. The flying, frowning leprechaun and the fire...tree...metal (!!??) Chinese man were there too. He gives us all jobs and a super cool club house.

Session 2, 09.19.14: 1pp

  • We attend the Mayor's party where he plans to turn the big reactor back on. The party is ruined by four evil villains who show up. We fight them, but they escape with the...battery? - to the reactor.

Session 3, 10.03.14: 1pp

  • We do some investigating, I talk to a really nice family of gophers and Empyria stays at the club house to do science. We figure out they went into the sewers. Iew. We look for them, but instead we find sinister ninjas! We fight and the good guys win!

Session 4, 10.24.14: 1pp

  • The ninjas cooperate...well, the ninjas that were still able to. I think a little too much justice happened on a couple of them. :\
    Empyria distracts the mean soldiers at the evil warehouses where the ninjas came from, and the rest of us sneak in - or try to. We need to work on our sneaking. Alarms go off and people start shooting and swording at us. Empyria rejoins the team and we manage to defeat our foes after a daring fight. Empyria is trying to get information out of a computer, but she can't - so Lazy Dog chimes in on the call and tells her what to do. He's so bossy! We get what we needed and we win the day!