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"That's so Raven." - Disney Show Title


My name is Wilhelm Otto Eberhardt, although as a child I was nicknamed Pigeon; you are what you eat after all, though my Grandmother calls me by my middle name, Otto, which was my Grandfather's name. I chose the runner name "The Mogul" for myself, but due to a different definition of the word I wasn't aware of at the time, I was instead renamed "Bump" by my peers. The nickname stuck by the time I had started making a name for myself, so I've grudgingly accepted it.

My Mother, Daniela Sosa was born in Chile, but my Grandparents had moved to Seattle when she was very young. My Father, Jörg Eberhardt moved to Seattle from Germany per the demand of my grandmother, a bossy and unreasonable Gyðja of the Norns, whose visits are a testimony of suffering & annoyance, wherein I'm forced to sleep on the floor because she gets my "bed" (which is actually an old couch we found). My Grandmother loathes my Mother, considering her a weak link in our superior race. My Mother in turn seems fully intent to murder my Grandmother with kindness - I think Grandmother would be more impressed if she'd try and do it with an axe instead. My parents met at the bar where they both worked. My Mother had worked there for years as waitress and my Father had been hired on as a bouncer. I've never gotten a very clear account of the whole story from either of them, but from what I do know, there was some drama with the bar owner, who apparently was somewhat possessive of my mom, and the entire event had ended in both of them losing their jobs, my fathers impressive collection of knife scars and new management having assumed possession of the bar from the late owner.

I have two sisters, Astrid & Nina, and three brothers, Dolf, Matthäus & Heiner; all ogres (my father had always boasted that the Eberhardt bloodline was strong, creepy-grandmother would nod & say it is rightly so because we are the chosen people - true to his boast, we all inherited the curse of my father's bloodline as well; photosensitivity). I was the last of the litter, and considered the runt given that I'm the shortest member of my family.

I currently still live at home with my parents and sister Astrid. Just temporarily of course, until I've got a few successful runs under my belt enough to buy my own place.

I took a great interest in the fashion industry at a young age. I would often get in trouble for having cut up some of my clothes and reassemble them in my pursuit of becoming a famous designer. I didn't really grasp the concept of our lot in life at the time. I was proud of some cleverly stitched together rags. They were not fashion, well not the kind I was dazzled by. I was a SINless outcast living in the Redmond Barrens, an oddity to even our ork neighbors. This resulted in a teen period of angst that would come to an abrupt end when I was visited by The Raven.

I think I was hiding out behind our home at night, composing some poorly written, depressive poem about how nobody understood me when I noticed that the night sounds had suddenly gone silent; no bugs, no street noises, nothing. I looked up and saw that all the buildings and fences around me were populated with ravens; all quietly staring down at me. One of them seemed much larger in my mind than it had any right to be in reality; the fence should have been buckling under its weight. It "spoke" to me, then it took flight and dove towards me and raked my mind and my soul with it's talons... Then the ravens were gone, as if it were a dream, but I knew it was real. I could feel the mark the Raven upon my being. And forever more I would hear it's voice in it's special part of my mind and in my dreams. This resulted in a rather dramatic change in my disposition towards the world and my life. My grandmother was staying with us at the time, and she knew the moment I walked back into our home it had happened, muttering "It's about time." I was snatched up and my magical education began. By night I would study under her and by day as I slept, Raven would continue my lessons.

I have developed a fondness for the nightlife; bars, nightclubs and 24-hour cafe's. I enjoy networking, being around and socializing with people, but I rarely make any true connections to them. Most of them are just a means to an end, if I'm going to somehow break into the fashion industry, my designs must be seen. I have very few people that I'd call friends. I'm close to my family, but that's mainly because of that family bond and familiarity. I'm somewhat fond of a talismonger named Mama Sylvie of whom I'm a patron, but our relationship is mainly just business. There is a journalist named Devin Cargyle that I met a couple years back at a nighclub. She was investigating a story, I helped her out and we kept in contact afterwards. Devin is fantastic, gorgeous, smart, talented & listens to my advice on how she should style her hair. We get along very well, and have shared dinners and provided favors back and forth a number of times for each other.

My romantic life is pretty vacant. I had a girlfriend when I was 12 years old, a little ork girl with pigtails, for about three hours until a bully dropped me down a sewer maintenance hatch (a much more pleasant way to say manhole). By the time I reemerged, she was one of the bully's new girlfriends. I also had a boyfriend for about a month a couple years ago. He was very tall, although nearly everyone who is not a dwarf is very tall to me. He eventually informed me that I was far too clingy, wasn't doing anything with my life and that I was fat. Gee...really? I'd never have noticed that last bit. Thanks. I admit I don't get much in the way of exercise, as in none at all, but I'm still an ogre - it's in the genes. My Dad is "fit" for our kind and he could probably swallow a toddler whole & provide comfortable room for three in his gut while they were being digested. Which is also probably the reason most people, especially those with children, give us a wide berth. The reputation that ogres eat people isn't as prevalent here as it is from where Dad moved from, but often enough people see us & assume we're eating their pets or neighbors when they're not looking. It doesn't help that my Grandmother used to steal their pets as snacks when she'd visit.

Technology and I are not friends. Apparently this is yet another part of Dad's weird family legacy; Grandmother has it, Dad has it, and both my sister Astrid and brother Dolf are afflicted with "it". Tech simply hates us. Sometimes it just wont turn on, or works wrong when it does. Astrid got it worst of all, I've seen tech literally burn out and start smoking just from her picking it up. This is frustrating given the wonders of the technological world out there waiting to be enjoyed; but they're hard to enjoy when your AR glasses' imagelink goes black, sending you walking into a wall or your fake SIN stops working just as you walk into a checkpoint. I've had two taxi engines die on me when I hopped into them, in one instance while I was fleeing from the aforementioned checkpoint security guards. So annoying!

I eventually decided that I needed to take some drastic steps if I was every going to break out of the life I'd lived so far. And to do that I needed money. I decided that I was in possession of some very useful skills that if put to good use, could earn a good deal of nuyen; more than if I continued to rely on legal means. So I decided to become a shadowrunner. And thus, The Mogul was born. And then was quickly buried alive by Bump. /shakes head/


Wilhelm is short, even for an ogre, standing at 5' 4" in height with a stocky, flabby frame and large gut, weighing in around 220 lbs. He has the pronounced lower jaw and large mouth of his bloodline and the large jutting lower canines and pointed ears like all orks. He has light tan skin and sports a patchy sandy blond beard with a long tuft of goatee from his chin and his fathers' bright, piercing blue eyes. He shaves what little hair he still has, having started to go bald in his early teens. He has a number of Nordic tattoos, several of which are raven-themed, and several readily visible piercings in his ears, septum & lower lip. He is always wearing a variety of jewelry and clothes of his design, almost all of which has a considerable amount of purple in them.

Character Record

Metatype: ogre (ork metavariant); Ethnicity: German/Chile; Age: 22; Sex: male; Height: 5' 4"; Weight: 220 lbs.;

Street Cred: 0; Notoriety: 0;

  • Attributes: Body 4, Agility 3, Reaction 2, Strength 3, Charisma 5, Intuition 3, Logic 2, Willpower 5, Edge 1, Essence 6, Magic 5, Initiative 5, Astral Initiative 6
  • Skills: Conjuring Group (Banishing (MA), Binding (MA), Summoning (MA)) 4, Counterspelling (MA) 5, Ritual Spellcasting (MA) 2, Spellcasting (MA) 5, Assensing (IN) 1, Astral Combat (WI) 1, Dodge 1 (??), Con 2 (CH), Etiquette 1 (CH), Leadership 1 (CH), Negotiation 2 (CH)
  • Specialties: Spellcasting (Manipulation spells)
  • Knowledges: Magical Theory 2, Safe Houses 2, Fashion 2, Spirits 3, Local Area Knowledge 2
  • Languages: English (native), Orzet 2, Japanese 2
  • Positive Qualities: Magician (shaman), Astral Chameleon, Focused Concentration (rank 2), Mentor Spirit (Raven), Low-light Vision, Ogre Stomach, First Impression
  • Negative Qualities: Gremlins (rank 2), Couch Potato (infirm), Mild Sunlight Allergy
  • Physical Damage Track: 10 boxes
  • Stud Damage Track: 11 boxes
  • Attacks
    • Staff: Damage Str/2+2
  • Armor
    • Lined Coat: Ballistic 6, Impact 4, +4 fire resistance rating, -2 concealment modifier
  • Nuyen: 6,851
  • Carried Possessions: Erika Elite commlink (w/Isis Orb OS; Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3), Customized Collar Sony Emperor comlink w/ Renraku Ichi OS (response 2, signal 3, system 2, firewall 2), contact lenses (r4) w/ imagelink, earbuds (r1), neural-net, fake SIN (r2), fake license (r4), credstick,
    • Foci: Sustaining Focus Rating 2
  • Athletic Measurements
    • Walking Rate (m/turn): x
    • Running Rate (m/turn): x
    • Swimming Rate (m/turn): x
    • Lift w/out test (kg): x
    • Overhead Lift w/out test (kg): x


    • Stunbolt (Combat); (Direct/Single Target) Type: M • Range: LOS • Damage: S • Duration: I • DV: (F ÷ 2) – 1
    • Stunball (Combat); (Direct, Area) Type: M • Range: LOS (A) • Damage: S • Duration: I • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 1
      • These spells channel magical energy directly into the target, causing Stun damage. They are often referred to as “sleep” spells because they can render targets unconscious.
    • Flamethrower (Combat); (Indirect, Elemental/Single Target) Type: P • Range: LOS • Damage: P • Duration: I • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 3
      • These spells create an explosion of flames that flash into existence and scorch the target(s). These spells deal Fire damage (p. 164). These flames burn out after striking the target, but their secondary effects may ignite flammable materials that will continue to burn after the spell is exhausted.
    • Heal (Health); Type: M • Range: T • Duration: P • DV: (Damage Value) – 2
      • Heal repairs physical injuries. It heals a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to the spell’s hits from the Spellcasting Test. Hits can also be used to reduce the base time for the spell to become permanent; each hit spent this way shaves off 1 Combat Turn (hits can be split between healing and reducing time as the caster desires). A character can only be magically healed once for any single set of injuries.
    • Control Emotions (Manipulation); (Mental/Single Target) Type: M • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2)
      • The target feels an overwhelming emotion chosen by the spellcaster (such as love, hate, fear, joy, sorrow, and so forth). The target believes the emotion wholeheartedly, but not mindlessly. A target who acts in accordance with the emotion (for example, fighting while filled with anger or hate) suffers no penalty. If the target takes action not relevant to the emotion (trying to drive while laughing hysterically), she suffers a –2 dice pool modifier for the distraction. The caster may switch emotions with a Simple Action.
    • Influence (Manipulation); (Mental) Type: M • Range: LOS • Duration: P • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 1
      • This spell implants a single suggestion in the victim’s mind, like a powerful post-hypnotic command. The subject will carry out this suggestion as if it were her own idea and it will then fade. If confronted with the wrongness of the suggestion, the subject can make a Willpower Test to overcome it as described under Mental Manipulations, p. 210. The caster can also withdraw the suggestion at any time.
    • Shapechange (Manipulation); (Physical) Type: P • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 2
      • Shapechange transforms a voluntary subject into a normal (non-paranormal) critter, though the subject retains human consciousness. The subject can only assume the form of a critter whose base Body rating is 2 points greater or less than her own. Consult the Critters section, p. 292, for the subject’s Physical attributes while in critter form. Add 1 to the critter’s Base attribute Ratings for every hit the caster generates. Her Mental attributes remain unchanged. This spell does not transform clothing and equipment. Magicians in critter form can still cast spells, but cannot perform other tasks requiring speech.
    • Alter Memory (Manipulation); (Mental) Type: M • Range: LOS • Duration: P • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 2
      • This spell allows the caster to add, alter, or erase a single memory. The net hits scored by the caster determine how detailed and complex the affected memory can be. Every (Force) months—or anytime a character is presented with evidence that the memory is false (gamemaster’s discretion)—the victim may roll a Willpower (only) Test; each hit reduces the hits on the caster’s original Spellcasting Test. If the spellcaster’s net hits are reduced to 0, the spell no longer affects the target and the memory returns.
    • Deflection (Manipulation); (Physical) Type: P • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 1
      • Deflection protects the target by turning aside ranged combat attacks. Every hit scored gives the target a +1 dice pool modifier for defending against ranged physical attacks. The effects of this spell are subtle enough to be discounted as a missed shot or poor aim (at least at first).
    • Fashion (Manipulation); (Physical) Type: P • Range: T • Duration: P • DV: (F ÷ 2)
      • This spell instantly tailors clothing, transforming garments into any fashion the caster wishes. The hits measure the degree of style in the tailoring. The spell cannot change clothing’s protective value, only its cut, color, pattern, and fit. The weight of the clothing does not change, and it must cover approximately the same amount of area (a jump suit can’t be converted into a bikini). The caster must touch the clothing.
    • Increase Reflexes (Health); Type: P • Range: T • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 2
      • This spell increases the reflexes (Initiative and Initiative Passes) of a voluntary subject. Each level of increase adds +1 Initiative and +1 Initiative Pass. The caster must achieve a certain threshold for each level:
      • Threshold 2: +1 Initiative, + 1 Initiative Pass
      • Threshold 3: +2 Initiative, + 2 Initiative Passes
      • Threshold 4 (max.): +3 Initiative, + 3 Initiative Passes
      • A character can only be affected by a single Increase Reflexes spell at a time; the maximum IPs any character can have is 4.


  • Mama Sylvie: Mama Sylvie is a cigar-smoking dwarf of Caribbean extraction, and is pleasantly rotund. She wears her frizzy hair pulled and pinned back with a dozen different barettes and clips, and the whole covered with a white headcloth. Likewise, she wears immaculately white skirts and sleeveless tops.
    Mama Sylvie is a talismonger who found her way to the Plastic Jungle many years ago as a young mambo seeking to understand why Le Gran Bois, the great forest loa would lead her to the heart of the Barrens. She settled in and has become the defacto healer and care-taker of the Plastic Jungles in her own way. She has staked a claim to a large swathe of area she uses as a garden and enchanting workshop, filled with all manner of impressive plant and animal life. (loyalty 2, connection 3)
  • Devin Cargyle: Devin grew up in Redmond, living with her mother who fled an abusive wageslave husband to the Barrens. She fell in love with the glitz and glamour of Touristville when she was fifteen, and obsessed over it. She took up blogging about its trends and basically came to live there, providing an insider's point of view. As a result, her writing took off, and she eventually began to sell her articles and vlog entries to a variety of publication sites.
    Devin is now an up-and-coming young fashion journalist, and considered the foremost expert on the party life of Touristville. Nobody is as "in" as she is with the chic freaks of the district, and that's the way she likes it. For her part, she doesn't pretend to be anything but someone in love with its charms, and that rich, infectious adoration comes through in her reporting, making her a fan favorite. She has begun to expand her offerings into other chic, shadowy nightlife areas of Seattle as well. (loyalty 4, connection 3)


Description goes here.

  • Comfort: Low (+2);
  • Entertainment: Squatter (+1);
  • Necessities: Low (+2);
  • Neighborhood: Street (0);
  • Security: Low (+2);
    • Perfect Roommate (+2);
    • Friendly Neighbors (+1);
    • Workplace (+1);
    • Crash Pad (-1);
    • Green Plan (-1);
    • Living with Parents (-2);
  • Total LP: 7 = 1,100 +30% (parents+sister) = 1,430 -20% (ogres) = 1,144/4 = 286/month
  • Other Lifestyle Notes:
    • Shamanic Lodge: Force 1
    • Rent: 1 month pre-paid


Total Earned: 20

    • 6.12.12 Session: 5
    • 6.19.12 Session: 3
    • 6.26.12 Session: 4
    • 7.6.12 Session: 8

Spent: 5; Unspent: 15

    • Purchased spell formulae (Increase Reflexes) for 500ny +5 karma