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Chanda Aziva
Species: Togruta • Career: Colonist • Specializations: Performer • Marauder
Motivation: Freedom, Status • Obligations: Fame: 5 • Nemesis: 5 • Morality: 44
Credits: 2580
Brawn 4 (5) Agility 2 Intellect 2
Cunning 3 Willpower 2 Presence 2
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Astrogation (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) -
Charm (Prs) 2* Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Will) -*
Computers (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Cool (Prs) -
Coordination (Agl) 1* Spacer2.jpg Deception (Cun) 3*
Discipline (Will) 1* Spacer2.jpg Leadership (Prs) 2*
Mechanics (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int) -
Negotiation (Prs) 2* Spacer2.jpg Perception (Cun) 1*
Pilot:Planetary (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Pilot:Space (Agl) -
Resilience (Brn) 1* Spacer2.jpg Skullduggery (Cun) -
Stealth (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Streetwise (Cun) -*
Survival (Cun) -* Spacer2.jpg Vigilance (Will) -
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl) -
Lightsaber (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Melee (Brn) 3*
Ranged:Light (Agl) - Spacer2.jpg Ranged:Heavy (Agl) -
Knowledge Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Core Worlds (Int) -* Spacer2.jpg Education (Int) -*
Lore (Int) -* Spacer2.jpg Outer Rim (Int) -
Underworld (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Warfare (Int) -
Xenology (Int) - Spacer2.jpg
Performer: Convincing Demeanor 1, Distracting Behavior 1, Dodge 1 (2), Natural Athlete, Second Wind 1, Smooth Talker (Deception) 1, Toughened 1
Marauder: Feral Strength 2, Frenzied Attack 1, Heroic Fortitude, Toughened 2
Force Sensitive Exile: Convincing Demeanor 1, Insight, Sense Danger, Uncanny Senses 1
Equipment: Dodge +1, Quick Draw
The Force
Force Rating: 2
Force Powers: Enhance: Basic (Athletics), Control (Force Leap), Range
Influence: Basic (Strain), Magnitude 2, Control (Social Enhancer)
Soak: 4 (5) • Armor: Armored Clothing (Def 1 • Soak 1 • 50cr • Enc 3 • HP 1 • Rare 6), Courtesan's Garb (3 HP; Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to rolls searching for weapons • Boost-die.png to rolls to performances and attempts to get attention • Innate Talents: Quick Draw, Dodge)
Ranged Defense: 1 • Melee Defense: 1
Wound Threshold: 20 (22) • Strain Threshold: 12 (10)

Dual Wield: +Difficulty-die.png • Spend Advantage-result.png to strike with off-hand weapon plus benefit from off-hand Qualities.
Frenzied Attack: 1 Strain = Upgrade Melee attack once.

Vibro-Knife: Melee • Dam 5 (7) • Crit 1 • Pierce 2, Vicious 1 • Special: Only Advantage-result.png to activate off-hand weapon.
Blade-Breaker: Melee • Dam 4 (6) • Crit 4 • Defensive 2, Pierce 1, Sunder • Special: Only Advantage-result.png to activate off-hand weapon.
Punch Daggers (2): Melee • Dam 5 (7) • Crit 3 • Engaged • Pierce 1
Vibro-Swords (2): Melee • Dam 6 (8) • Crit 1 • Engaged • Accurate 1, Pierce 4, Vicious 1, Defensive 1 • Special: Only Advantage-result.png to activate off-hand weapon.
Molecular Stiletto (2): Melee • Dam 5 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Pierce 5, Vicious 1, Poison Reservoir (1)
Experience Points
Earned: 470 (Racial 100 • Current Game 385)
Spent Experience
470 (XP Remaining: 15)


  • Inara Sera, from Firefly
  • The Diva Plavalaguna, from Fifth Element
  • Sayuri, from Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Fiora Cavazza, from Assassin's Creed series
  • Sylvia, from Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • The Widow, from Into the Badlands


  • Sense Danger: Once per session, remove Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png from any 1 check.
  • Insight: Perception and Discipline become career skills.
  • Street Smarts: Remove Setback-die.png per rank from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.


  • Natural Athlete: Once per session, may reroll any 1 Athletics or Coordination check.
  • Uncanny Senses: Rank 2. Add (Rank) Boost-die.png to all Perception checks.


  • Convincing Demeanor: Rank 2. Remove one Setback-die.png per rank from Deception or Skullduggery checks.
  • Distracting Behavior: Rank 1. Maneuver. Take up to (Cunning) Strain, and inflict one Disadvantage to (Strain) enemy checks until next turn. One Range Band per Rank; current range: Short.
  • Smooth Talker (Deception): Rank 1. When making Deception checks, spend Triumph-result.png to gain (Ranks) Successes.


  • Dodge: Rank 1 (2 w/Courtesan's Garb). Incidental. When targeted by a combat check, take up to (Ranks) Strain. Upgrade (Strain) Difficulty-die.png of attack to Challenge-die.png.
  • Feral Strength: Rank 2. Add (Rank) to damage of Melee or Brawl attacks.
  • Frenzied Attack: Rank 1. May take up to (Rank) Strain. For each Strain taken, upgrade Melee or Brawl attack once.
  • Heroic Fortitude: May spend 1 Destiny Point to ignore effects of Critical Injuries on Brawn or Agility checks until the end of the encounter.
  • Lethal Blows: +10 Critical
  • Quick Draw: Courtesan's Garb. May draw weapon as Incidental.
  • Second Wind: Rank 1. Incidental, 1/session. Use Second Wind incidental to recover (Second Wind) Strain.
  • Toughened: Rank 3. Gain +2 wound threshold per Rank.

Force Powers


  • Basic: Roll Enhance power check as part of an Athletics check. Spend EitherForce-result.png to gain Success-result.png or Advantage-result.png on the check.
  • Control: Take a Force Leap action. Make an Enhance power check; may spend EitherForce-result.png to jump to any location in Short range.
  • Range: Rank 1. Spend EitherForce-result.png to increase power's range bands equal to Range upgrades purchased.
  • Control: Use Basic ability with Coordination, Pilot (Planetary), Pilot (Space)
  • Control: Force Leap as Maneuver.


  • Basic: May spend EitherForce-result.png to stress the mind of one living target currently engaged with, inflicting 1 Strain.
  • Magnitude: Rank 2. Spend EitherForce-result.png to increase targets affected equal to Magnitude upgrades purchased.
  • Control: When making a Coercion, Charm, Deception, Leadership, or Negotiation check, may roll an Influence power check as part of dice pool. Spend EitherForce-result.png to gain Success-result.png or Advantage-result.png on the check.
  • Control: May make an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check, adding Force-die.png. If succeed on the check and spend EitherForce-result.png, may force the target to adopt an emotional state or believe something untrue, lasting for 1 round or 5 minutes.



  • Vibro-Knife: Melee • Dam +1 • Crit 1 • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 2/2 • 250cr ea • Rare 3 • Pierce 2, Vicious 1
    • Paired Weapon: HP 1, 300 cr; w/blade-breaker; reduce Advantage required to activate two-weapon hit by 1
    • Monomolecular Edge: HP 1, 1000cr; Crit -1; Mods: Pierce +1 0/2
  • Blade-Breaker: Melee • Dam +0 • Crit 4 • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 1/1 • 250cr • Rare 5 • Defensive 2, Pierce 1, Sunder*
    • Paired Weapon: HP 1, 300 cr; w/vibroknife; reduce Advantage required to activate two-weapon hit by 1
  • Punch Daggers (2): Melee • Dam +1 • Crit 3 • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 0/1 • 75cr • Rare 4 • Pierce 1
  • Vibro-Swords (2): Melee • Dam +2 • Crit 1 • Engaged • Enc 3/3 • HP 2/4 • 750cr • Rare 5 • Accurate 1, Pierce 4, Vicious 1, Defensive 1
    • Paired Weapon: HP 1, 300cr; w/vibroswords; reduce Advantage required to activate two-weapon hit by 1
    • Monomolecular Edge: HP 1, 1000cr; Crit -1; Mods: Pierce +1 2/2
    • Balanced Hilt: HP 2, 3000cr; Accurate +1; Accurate +1 0/1, Encumbrance -1 0/1
  • Molecular Stilettos (2): Melee • Dam +0 • Crit 2 • Engaged • Enc 1 • HP 1/1 • 500cr • Rare 5 • Pierce 5, Vicious 1
    • Poison Reservoirs: HP 1, 500cr; Holds 1 dose poison, Maneuver to douse weapon in poison; Mods: Add 1 Dose 0/4
    • Raquor Venom: Stamina (Resilience) test (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) • Staggered for 2 rounds if failed • Each Threat-result.png inflicts 2 Strain • Despair-result.png Immobilizes for 2 rounds.


  • Armored Clothing (outer; Soak 2)
  • Courtesan's Garb - Defense 0; Soak 0; Encumberance 2
    • Special - +1 Boost Die to performances or other rolls intended to draw attention
    • Special - Adds 2 Setback Dice to those searching her for weapons
    • Special - Innate Talents: Quick Draw and Dodge


  • Handheld Commlink
  • Anklet chimes (Boost to performances)
  • Modular Backpack + 3 Pouches (-3 plus -1 per additional pouch, max 3)


  • Silvery Cyberarm (Brawn +1)

Wishlist Gear

  • Personal deflector shield (EoE p170 - 10,000 cr, Rarity 8)
  • Upgrade Punch Dagger with Monomolecular Edge (1000 cr, HP 1)
  • 2 Molecular Stilettos (Far Horizons p42 - 500 cr each, Rarity 5)
  • Thunderhead Portable Entertainment System (Far Horizons p47, Rarity 4)
  • SDMN Series Backup Droid (Far Horizons, 4000 cr, Rarity 5)
  • Shockboots (Fly Casual, 1250 cr, Rarity 5)
  • 2 Shift Coffers (Fly Casual p49, 2500 cr ea, Rarity 7)
  • Shadowcloak (Fly Casual p49, 2500 cr, Rarity 6-Restricted)


  • Satomis Brun: Dontal Station. Chanda's part-time manager, Satomis finds gigs for Chanda in exchange for a small cut of the gig fee. Satomis is a particularly sleazy human, and often uses his association with Chanda in order to up his own legitimacy. He's one of the few people she knows professionally who's never tried to wring intimate favors out of her, so she continues to work with him.
  • Arhargus the Knife: Dontal Station. A local twi'lek fixer, Arhargus has contacts with everyone in the underworld. Arhargus is a fan of hers, and has seen her fight, and has made it pretty clear that if she is ever after a little extra credit, she has only to come and see him. Arhargus is her usual connection for her spice supply, as well.
  • Vilia Domaxi: Dontal Station. A successful mid-level mob boss, Vilia is not only a fan of Chanda's, but has also asked about becoming her full-time patron. Vilia is a human woman, and often works as a go-between for bigger cartels: when the Hutts need something from the Crimson Corsairs, they talk to Vilia.
  • Joshen Ximarqis: Durall. Joshen is a young noble of Durall. When he first became an adult, he fled the structure and control of his family's life and came to Dontal Station, to live a wild life for a few weeks. While there, he fell in love with Chanda, and became her biggest fan. When he even went so far as to propose marriage to her, his family subtly approached her and offered her a pay-off to turn him down; she did so, and use the credit to buy herself a nice suite of rooms with an excellent space-view on Dontal Station. She still accepts his patronage on an occasional basis, appearing on his arm at parties and other social events, and Joshen's mother Diparea, has become somewhat fond of Chanda herself (especially after Chanda was so quick to agree to not marry Joshen). Joshen is quite busy in the middle echelons of Durall's political structure these days, but he makes time to come to the Station as often as he can to see her perform. They often spend those evenings together.
  • Administrator Bannar Ghat: Varies. Another of Chanda's fans is an administrator of the Imperial bureaucracy on Tinaan. Bannar is a human with a surly demeanor and wide waist, with a shaven head. He is usually accompanied by one or two junior bureaucrats, and a bodyguard. Though he rarely shows up to her performances, when he does, Chanda makes certain to lavish him with attention - something the establishment usually appreciates and rewards her with a fat bonus at the end of the night. After all, it's in everyone's best interests that the Empire remains happy.
  • Nin: Ryloth. A Twi'lek at the center of the spice trade, inheritor of B'aura B'aan's vast operation.
  • Gefnet: Mora. A Harch dealer in antiquities that is helping us find the trail of the Jedi master Shaak Ti. He may have also information on a Jedi Praxeum ship that is still in operation.



  • Is you character from the Durallian Sector?
    • She does not actually know. She was purchased as a slave from Dontal Station when she was four years of age, and has no memory of her life previous to that. She grew up in a house of courtesans on Durall, avidly training, and then was sold at the age of seventeen to Boss Gar'ginn of Dontal Station.
  • What does your character do for a living?
    • She is a performer. She is well-known as a courtesan, trained in many arts of performance and entertainment, from acting to pleasing conversation to song and dance. She works as a chanteuse (a singer) in various nightclubs and casinos on Dontal Station, working performance gigs while she makes a name for herself. Recently, she worked for a season at the Tala-Shurall Opera on Durall, as a second-line singer, but certainly acquired attention for her work there. She is an up-and-coming performer whom critics have nothing but great things to say about so far.
    • Chanda is also a courtesan, trained in a traditional style. She isn't a prostitute, and takes suggestions that she might be very badly. Patrons pay her for the pleasure of her company - she is a "social decoration," wooed by the rich and powerful to improve social engagements with her presence, adding beauty, grace, fine conversation, and even the occasional song to such events. Many courtesans end up taking on long-term patrons who keep them in rich style; in return, they act as their mistresses and constant social companions when it is needful.


  • Chanda was purchased as a young slave by the renowned Mother of Courtesans, the twi'lek named Illuminated Madyapasa and brought back to the Mother's household on Durall.
    • Madyapasa had enjoyed a lifetime of success, fame, and wealth as a courtesan, and retired to teach her arts to others.
    • She frequently purchased young slaves who showed potential, and Chanda was one such.
  • Chanda learned her arts well, and Mother sold her for an immense amount of coin to Boss Gar'ginn, a mid-level underworld crime figure on Dontal Station, in the Durallian Sector.
    • Chanda found service to Boss Gar'ginn demeaning. She'd been raised with great skills, but found that Mother Madyapasa's stories of the height of courtesan ship - with rich men vying for her favors and talent, her performances and company commanding thousands of credits at a time - were not what awaited her.
    • Boss Gar'ginn liked to dress her in mere ribbons of clothing, and kept her on a chain like a common dancing girl. He would even offer her to clients he wanted to impress, much to her horror.
    • So when a Sakiyan assassin fought his way past various guards into Gar'ginn's inner sanctum, only to find himself at the business end of the Boss's blaster, Chanda struck, snatching up Boss Gar'ginn's eating knife and plunging it into the base of his skull.
    • The Sakiyan finished Boss Gar'ginn off, and made her an offer: he'd get her to freedom if she helped him escape. So she did, hiding him in the chaos surrounding Boss Gar'ginn's death, and by the time anyone thought to look for and claim her for their own, she was long, long gone.
  • The Sakiyan - whose name was Vandras - kept her with him for a while, seeming to enjoy her company and talents, and she stayed, having nowhere else to go. He eventually began to teach her to fight, and she invited him to her bed.
    • They lived in his retreat on Socorro, and continued to train her.
    • In time, the two of them were an excellent team. She was the invisible half of the team, gathering intelligence or providing distractions while he did his work.
    • Unfortunately, Vandras was also fond of spice, and much of their leisure time together involved the two of them blissed out together, intoxicated beyond belief.
  • It was while they were in such a state that Vandras' enemies found them. They assumed she was simply some hired flesh and tossed her aside, too intoxicated to do anything while they murdered him. They departed, leaving her behind to mourn.
  • She has since returned to Dontal Station, and is building a name for herself there.
    • She routinely performs as a chanteuse in some of the casinos and nightclubs of the station.
    • She has also just completed a season singing as a secondary role in an opera on Durall itself, and is working to leverage that appearance into both greater fame and more influential patrons.

Living Quarters


Dontal Station Apartment

  • Foyer: A simple entryway, with seats on either side of the door, and walls decorated with art. A locked doorway leads to Deeleet's room, and an open doorway with Durallian-style pillars on either side of it leads to the salon.
  • Refreshers (R)
  • Salon: A place for social gatherings, with seating alongside the window that gazes out into space, another that looks out on the garden, and an area for standing and mingling below it. A door to the refresher is found here, as are pillared doorways to the dining room and the passageway to the gardens and Chanda's boudoir.
  • Deeleet's Room: A fair-sized room, with a private refresher. Storage space is built into the walls. xxx
  • Guest Room: A guest bedroom, with its own refresher and large window looking out of the station.
  • Dining: A dining room capable of seating a full dozen guests. Chanda and Deeleet usually eat from the autochef installed in the curved far wall of the room, or have food delivered from one of the station's dining establishments. An arched doorway leads to the salon, a public door leads to the refresher, and a locking door leads to the guest bedroom.
  • Gardens: Chanda's carefully tended biome garden, with ample seating against the curving station window, and a small founding in the middle. Glass looks in on the garden from the salon, Chanda's vanity, and her bathing chamber.
  • Chanda's Bedchamber: Extremely spacious, with plenty of room for private entertaining. The circular bed sits atop a marble dais, and there is gracious seating nearby as well. Chanda often uses the large empty space in the room to practice her art, using the mirrors against the curved wall of that portion of the room. The rest of the walls hold panels that can shift to provide all manner of lighting or even art. A door leads to the vanity, and another to the refresher, and an arched doorway leads to the bathing chamber.
  • Vanity: A space where Chanda keeps her wardrobe and cosmetics, as well as myriad other private things. A seat and vanity table abut the window that looks out onto the gardens, which can be shifted into a massive full-room height mirror for dressing.
  • Bathing: Another large chamber with a marble dais, this one has a tub with all the luxuries capable of holding multiple persons set into the dais. It also has seating along the large window that opens out into space.

Experience Expenditures

Racial Experience Spent: 100 XP

  • Marauder Specialization: 30 XP
  • +1 Brawn: 20 XP
  • +1 Melee: 10 XP
  • +1 Deception: 10 XP
  • Performer Tree:
    • Distracting Behavior: 5 XP
    • Smooth Talker (Deception): 5 XP
    • Convincing Demeanor: 5 XP
  • Marauder Tree:
    • Frenzied Attack: 5 XP
    • Feral Strength: 5 XP
    • Toughened: 5 XP

Arc One - Experience Spent: 160 XP

  • +1 Melee: 15 XP
  • Feral Strength 2: 10 XP
  • Dodge 1: 10 XP
  • Deception 3: 15 XP
  • Natural Athlete 1: 15 XP
  • Second Wind 1: 15 XP
  • Force Sensitive Exile Career: 30 XP
  • Influence Force Power (Basic): 10 XP
  • Influence Magnitude: 5 XP
  • Influence Control (Social Skills): 10 XP
  • Uncanny Senses: 5 XP
  • Convincing Demeanor: 10 XP
  • Enhance Force Power (Basic): 10 XP

Arc Two - Experience Spent: 85 XP

  • Enhance (Control - Force Leap): 10 XP
  • Negotiation 2: 10 XP
  • Influence (Magnitude): 5 XP
  • Toughened: 20 XP
  • Dedication (Strength +1): 25 XP
  • Enhance (Range): 10 XP
  • Resilience 1: 5 XP

Arc Three - Experience Spent: 75 XP

  • Sense Danger: 15 XP
  • Insight: 5 XP
  • Discipline 1: 5 XP
  • Influence Control (Mind Trick): 10 XP
  • Street Smarts 1: 20 xp
  • Uncanny Senses 2: 20 xp
  • Force Rating: 25xp
  • Leadership 1: 5xp
  • Leadership 2: 10xp
  • Dedication (Brawn): 25xp
  • Enhance, Control x3: 15xp
  • Enhance, Control (Leap Maneuver): 10xp
  • Lethal Blows: 5xp