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By definition, all chases are extended tests.

Target Numbers

  • Determine number of successes to allow each party to either catch the quarry or evade capture entirely.
  • Target Number: 5 + Chase Modifiers


  • Who Has It?: One character has the Edge, generally allowing them to set the terms of the chase.
    • At the beginning of the chase, make a Wits or Dexterity check, paired with a Skill appropriate to the environment.
    • Whoever scores the most net successes has the Edge for a number of rounds equal to their net successes.
    • At the end of that time, another roll to determine who has the Edge is made again.
  • Having the Edge: At the beginning of every round, the character with the Edge gets to choose which Skill is used to make the Chase check for that round.
    • Character may use other Skills instead, but they gain a -1 cumulative penalty to the roll, and lose the 10-agains quality on that check.
    • The Storyteller may alter or veto the dice pool chosen by the Edge to keep it appropriate to the narrative at the time.
    • The one with the Edge may also choose the penalties for failure for that turn; examples:
      • Lose one accumulated success;
      • Suffer a Tilt appropriate to situation;
      • Suffer 2 bashing damage; or
      • Suffer 1 lethal damage
  • Seizing the Edge: Players that do not have the Edge may spend Willpower to reduce the remaining duration of the Edge as a reflexive action on their turn.
    • If it is reduced to 0, Edge is re-determined on the next turn, and the player who spent the Willpower to reduce the duration to 0 gains 9-Agains on that roll.

Pursuit & Evasion Checks

  • Intervals: Chase occurs in rounds with an interval of between thirty seconds and one minute.
  • Dice Pool: Determined by Edge.
  • Modifiers: Storyteller determines modifiers for environment, usually identical to that used for Chase Modifiers on Target Numbers.
  • Action: Instant
  • Check Order: Character with the Edge makes first check; then, each character in order of descending Speed makes their checks.


  • Dramatic Failure: Suffer the terms of failure, as well as a Condition; or dropping out of chase entirely. (Gain a Beat.)
  • Failure: Suffer terms of failure (set by Edge holder).
  • Success: Successes are added to running total.
  • Exceptional Success: Successes are added to running total. Additionally, you may choose one participant in the Chase to receive the effects of a failed roll, no matter their actual roll results for this turn.
  • The first one to score their TN achieves their goal.
    • If that goal is to evade chasers, they get away.
    • If that goal is to catch up to someone, they close and may take an immediate instant action.