Dark Room Arcane Beats

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Mage Sight

  • Experience Peripheral Mage Sight: 1ab
  • Activate Active Mage Sight: 1ab
  • Study a Mystery using Focused Mage Sight: 1ab

Magical Formulae

  • Codify a praxis: 1ab


  • Cast a Compelling (•) spell: 1ab
  • Cast a Knowing (•) spell: 1ab
  • Cast an Unveiling (•) spell: 1ab

Using Spells

  • Cast an improvised instant spell: 1ab
  • Cast a praxis ritual or instant spell: 1ab

Spell Improvement

  • Spend Reaches when casting a spell: 1ab


  • The Time-Clouder: 1ab
  • The Antechamber: 2ab
  • The Dark Tower Doors: 1ab