Dark Room Timeline

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  • Events of Maple Shade.
  • Rose begins to work with Aegis kai Doru, and Shirley joins her. Managing to track down her father, Rose confronts him on a military base in Japan, and he states he had to choose the task force over his family.
  • Matthew and Lucas move out of the Maple Shade.


  • Rose and Shirley begin hunting along the West Coast, posing as punk musicians while hunting for the Aegis. Rose's mother files for divorce after Rose tells her about finding him. She then begins to attend temple again.
  • Carol moves into Ben Pardo's apartment with him, and continues hunting with Harry and the occasional help from Viv.


  • Rose's aunt Holly marries a man from the temple, and becomes wrapped up in her new family.
  • Carol continues to hide her hunting from Ben. Ben proposes to her.
  • Viv manages to finally track down her son, who is living on the street and an addict. She largely gives up hunting to care for him.


  • Rose and Shirley team up with other punk musician hunters, forming an all-female punk band called "Huntress." Rose's mother Lori meets Lennie Marfield at temple, and begins dating.
  • Carol and Ben are married. Patrick Meeks dies just days before the wedding.
  • Viv's son finally gets some sobriety under his belt, and goes to work for Harry at his mechanic shop.


  • Rose's mother and Lennie marry. Grandmother dies shortly before St. Helens eruption. Aunt Tammy disappears thereafter, and Lisa moves in with Viv.
  • Mount St. Helens erupts
  • Carol gains national recognition for her coverage and writing about the eruption.
  • Viv welcomes Rose's aunt Lisa into her home, and helps her enroll in an art university in San Francisco. Viv's son also enrolls in local university, and meets a girl that he begins dating.


  • Viv dies of lung cancer after her son relapses and disappears, leaving behind a pregnant fiancee. Vivian's funeral is held; Rose, Carol, Harry, and Lucas all show up. Matthew sends flowers from Italy.
  • Carol's father Buck Grayson dies in July, and the supernatural is involved in such a way that even Ben can't help but notice. He confronts Carol for the truth, and she leaves him, believing he is safer not knowing the truth or being near her. She moves back into the Grayson family home.


  • Carol moves to Chicago, accepting a job at the Chicago Tribune and leaving behind any interaction with the supernatural world to focus on her career as a journalist.
  • Rose's aunt Tammy moves to Reno and establishes herself as an entertainer and entrepreneur.




  • Harry has increasing problems with Alie's behavior, and Nancy seems convinced she is possessed. One day Harry is called home from work, and finds the house totally empty. Someone black bags him and carts him away to a concrete facility where he can watch his daughter Alie suffer from the strange bouts of possession. The ghost of Natalie appears to him, and he disappears from the facility.
  • Carol returns home from a media event to find Ben trying to get in touch with her about the disappearance of Harry and his family. This triggers a strange series of visions for her.
  • Rose is killed while on a hunt in central California, slain by a werewolf.
  • The Dark Room Awakening