Edward Thackery

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Edward Thackery
Virtue: Loyalty • Vice: Isolation • Aspirations: x
Path: AcanthusOrder: Guardians of the VeilLegacy: None • Cabal: None • Obsessions: x
Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 2 (History), Crafts 1, Investigation 0, Medicine 1, Occult 2, Science 2 (Biology)
Physical: Athletics 3 (Swimming), Brawl 1, Drive 1, Firearms 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Social: Animal Ken 3, Empathy 1, Expression 1, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 0
Mental: Professional Training (Naturalist) 2, Multilingual(Hindi, Swahili) 1, Trained Observer 1
Physical: Fighting Style(Falconry) 4
Social: Resources 2, Allies 3 (Thackery Family)
Combat: {{{CombatMerits}}}
Awakened: High Speech 1, Guardians of the Veil Status 1
Health: 8, Willpower: 6, Wisdom: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 5 (Armor: 0), Initiative: 5
Mana: 10/1 • Yantras: 2 • Ritual Interval: 3 hours • Arcana Limits: 3/2 • Paradox: 1 • Combined Spells: 1
Obsessions: 1
Arcana: Fate 3, Life 1, Space 1, Time 1
Rotes: Investigation, Stealth, Subterfuge

xxx (Exceptional Luck, Fate ••; ???)
Survival of the Fittest (Heightened Senses, Life •; Survival)
xxx (Correspondence, Space •; ???);
Praxes: Speak with Beasts(Life •)
Magical Tools: Brass Binoculars that see the strands of fate

{{{NimbusTilt}}}• Spend 1 Mana to activate Immediate Nimbus (roll Gnosis for Strength)
• Spend 1 Mana to deliberately place Signature Nimbus on person, place, or object.
Mage Sight
Peripheral: Always Active. Automatic sensory awareness of supernatural phenomena.
Active: Reflexive Action. Perceive Ruling Arcana phenomena for [Gnosis] minutes or one scene (1 Willpower); -2 to non-magic rolls while active. Instant Action. Spend 1 Mana/Arcanum to add a Common or Inferior Arcanum.
Focused: Used to engage in Scrutiny and Revelation of Mysteries.
Ruling Arcanum: None
Attainments: None
Yantras: None
Oblations: None
Other Abilities
Pattern Restoration: 3 Mana to heal 1B or 1L or 1 Mental Condition or 1 Physical Tilt
Pattern Scouring: Physical Attribute -1 or 1 resistant Lethal to gain 3 Mana
Current Conditions
Briars-Lost, Informed (Magister Thornybone), Informed (Greenjack London), Bonded, Nearsighted, Day Job, Wanton


Born: xxx





  • Virtue: Loyalty: xxx. Regain Willpower when xxx.
  • Vice: Isolation: xxx. Regain Willpower when xxx.


  • Take care of your family
  • Meet a Fae
  • Befriend and observe Dr. Elliott and report back to Black Sara
  • Find Angelica and Norton
  • Free The Dreamer


  • Gold Eyed Folk: Requirements: Fate •
    • You see them sometimes. You were but a child when you first saw her, a merry lady of the middle class, her hair pinned back with shiny baubles, a smile on her happy face. When she looked at you, her dark brown eyes flashed for an instant – just for a moment! – and you saw the golden eyes she hid beneath them.
    • You've encountered them a time or two since, but more so since you're Awakening. Not even a full dozen times, but enough to know that they're out there. They all seem merry and perhaps a little madcap, almost with a joy too effusive to belong in this world.
    • Oh, and one other thing. After your Awakening, you realized that you were one of them.
    • Since you Awakened, you're sure of it. Only they seem to know something you don't. More than that, they seem to talk about you to one another…and to other people. Folk just seem to almost know you, purely by accident, like you're a famous person whose face they can't quite place. Even if they never figure it out (it's on the tip of their tongue, surely!), they still treat you well.
    • One thing is for certain. You know they're watching you, and they're wandering about you. And they're circling you and those you love, getting closer and closer. The day is coming when they will come to speak with you, and you somehow know that if you don't know more about them when that happens, they shall have the upper hand in your dealings.
    • Something tells you that is the last thing you want.
    • For You To Do: Describe the first time someone treated you as a famous person, even if they couldn't quite figure out what they knew you from.
    • Traits: Gain the Striking Looks (•) Merit. Though others cannot directly see the gleaming gold eyes that you perceive for yourself in the mirror, they certainly react to them, in a way they never reacted to you before. You may increase this with Experiences if you wish. When someone notices your golden eyes, you gain the Wanton Condition.


  • Possessions: x
  • Weapons:
    • Bonded Falcon named Cerridwen

Merit Details

  • Resources 2
  • Professional Training (Naturalist) - 2
    • Asset Skills: Contacts, Survival
    • Contacts: British Museums, Royal Geographical Society
  • Fighting Style Falconry 4
  • Allies 3 (Thackery Family)
  • Multilingual(Hindi, Swahili) -1
  • Trained Observer - 1

Friends and Family



  • Money: x
  • Clothing & Jewelry: x
  • Food: x
  • Hobbies & Distractions: x
  • Housing: x
  • Days: x
  • Evenings: x


Character Experiences
Current Beats: 0
Unspent Experiences: 3
Spent Experiences: 28
Experiences Earned
Arcane Experiences
• Current Arcane Beats: 3
• Unspent Arcane Experiences: 1
• Spent: 2